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Posts published by “Scott M. Peterson”

Crypt Keepers

GALLFLIES are plentiful on planet Earth. There are about 800 species on this continent alone, and another 360 in Europe. They’re tiny critters, barely a…

The NonProfits of Mendocino County

THE NUMBER is 686. That’s how many registered nonprofits we have in Mendocino County today. One for every 127 people. As opposed to 2,975 in Sonoma County. One for every 166 people. All of theirs report revenue. All but six show assets. Where poverty is eleven percent. With all the nonprofits here, we should be kicking ass. But we’re not. 385 of our nonprofits — over half — report no revenue and no assets. Our economy ain’t doing so hot either. The poverty level here is nineteen percent.

Changing Horses

Fort Bragg is only ten miles from Mendocino as the crow flies. But a lot further by feel. Caspar bridge is like a Mason-Dixon line…