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Posts published by “Nikki Ausschnitt”

Slaughterhouse Blues

Petite Teton Farm, Yorkville — We're still here. The smoke has mostly cleared (at least it no longer looks dirty orange).  It's back up to…

Made in America?

Raising livestock in Northern California is a tough job. On top of one’s dependence upon the vagaries of the weather, the cost of feed and…

The Birth Of Cacha

We had a severe fright mid-month when Juan came running to us to report that Kayak, one of our yaks, had given birth. We were unaware that she was pregnant.

The Lost Coast Experience

The Lost Coast is a study in opposites. So what happened should have been no surprise. The early April day Steve and I started our…

Petit Teton

There was no plan, well, no real plan, when we bought land in the Anderson Valley. We didn’t “plan” to be farmers, to manage a small business, to have our family working with us, to go to market every week, to hire people, to build a kitchen. The reasons for the move were vague — the backyard in SF was small, my parents had recently died and left me some money, I became fascinated by the concepts of permaculture after I signed up for a CSA, and I had met Steve on a High Sierra backpack several years prior and we wanted to create something together that kept us outdoors and active.