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Winter Sunset at Glass Beach

Who needs loot from Santa with treasures like these?

We live close enough to get to Glass Beach by bike.  Having spent the remainder of the post-preschool afternoon playing with Santa's offerings, a bike ride was in order.  After second lunch, we were off.  Enjoying the cool air on our cheeks, looking both ways before we crossed Main Street.

As we rode down Elm, I told him how when I was a little girl the buildings and houses over to the right were not there.  Only a huge open field, back then.  I told him how in the springtime those brown and withered blackberry vines sprout juicy blackberries that are good for making pies and how once when I was 6, a friend's family dachshund had once dragged me some good ways at this precise spot.  (Referencing the old haul road which leads to the beach.)

He listens to my stories.  Sometimes I watch him comparing my stories to the landscape in front of him.  Other times, I see him glaze over as I remember doing when my parents would tell me stories.  And so it is.

The tide was low.  The sun was also low.  That beautiful glowing light.  We parked the bikes at the top of the hill and climbed down to the piles of glass and shells and ancient ocean-worn spark plugs.  His pants had no pockets so my jean pockets were the elected receptacles.  Remind me to bring something with bigger pockets next time.

The tide was low enough for actual tide pools.  Woo-hoo!  I touched an Anemone to show him what happens and when he shuttered told him not to worry, they don't have teeth.  He wanted to know how they ate their food without teeth.  We talked about what they do to crabs, spitting out the shells when they are done.

We found perfect Gumboot Chiton shell.  We were buzzing with excitement.  Did I mention my father used to take me tide pooling as a kid and it remains one of my sweetest childhood memories?  Well, let's just say it's exciting for me to take my own boy to the pools at low tide and introduce him to the Seastars, the Nudibranchs and the Cryptochiton stelleri.

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  1. D W February 10, 2011

    It is wonderful to see such priceless moments in life.. and this is one of them
    the smallest hands hold such priceless treasures.
    glass beach is a very fun place to collect smooth surfaced glass by the ocean side
    a nice picnic of organic wholesome foods by the sea side to boot.
    the beach is rather small where the glass is .. by the mill in fort bragg just west .
    its also fun to make sand candles too . it would be fun to add the glass and sand together for a candle base.
    go organic , raw, wild . with ur food and clothes always it is best
    for all humans and the planet.
    also a tip..
    lets remember the ones who seem to be for gotten the most.
    the elder people
    most of the time if u look around u , the ads, commericals , movies, are all based on youth. or young adults.
    the elder people seems to be so forgotten
    they are beautiful.. they are wise, they are loving and giving . they have a voice
    with wonders.. they have loads of encouragement for the youth. and wonderful
    ideas. that improve the quality of our lifes..
    hail hail.. to the elder humans .. you ve come a long way baby.. !
    and your all still spring chickens to me .. i need ur advice .. so please advise me
    the best nut to me is an old er nut. @ rocketmail dot com

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