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AV Grange Mart

People have been asking if the AV Grange Mart will again be in operation this winter.  The answer is YES.  Several interested vendors have come together to make it happen.

The AV Grange Mart is a winter farmers’ market that began last year to fill the gap when the Boonville Farmers’ Market is not in operation.  It is a combined project of the AV Grange and the AV Foodshed Group.  It is a chance for anyone to sell their product as long as it is homegrown or handmade.

Last year we had a variety of products from produce, eggs, goat cheese, fish and bakery to herbal skin care, herbal health care and crafts.  Most vendors are from the valley, but some come from inland, as well as the coast.  The stall fees of 7.5% of gross sales go to the Anderson Valley Grange for the use of the facility.

One thing that makes it difficult for some people to remember is that it is on Sundays instead of Saturdays, like Boonville market.  As a reminder, there is a round Grange Mart sign now hanging under the AV Grange sign.  The time is one hour later than last year – 1 pm to 3pm.

The Grange Mart should be bigger and better in its second year.  Hope to see you there – Sundays 1 – 3 at the Philo Grange.  For more info you can call 895-2949.

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