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Measure AG Forum

[Aug 31]

Currently, Mendocino County does not have facilities for inpatient treatment of psychiatric and substance use disorders. People who need these services either don’t get them, or wind up in jail, or must be sent to hospitals several hours away - an ineffective system that is enormously costly to Mendocino County. In an effort to revive mental health services, over 4000 citizens, led by Sheriff Allman, petitioned to put an initiative, Measure AG, on the ballot this Nov. 8. The proposition will:

  • Temporarily raise sales tax 1/2 cent for five years to raise $20 million for new facilities that will provide crisis residential and psychiatric inpatient treatment, alcohol and drug treatment, and training for first responders and mental health professionals
  • Create a special fund for the money raised, and a commission of citizens and public officials to oversee its use
  • Develop facilities that serve all of Mendocino County with the services we need locally, creating jobs

I will be hosting a live call-in forum with Sheriff Allman, Sonya Nesch and more on August 31 at 6pm on

The live broadcast will be at:

and call-in phone is 964-0101.

Afterwards the show will be archived and comments can continue online. Please join the conversation with your questions and comments. For Naturally Mendocino, Skip Taube, POB 1833, Mendocino. 937-1437

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