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  1. Jim Updegraff May 28, 2016

    All most all of the hungriest people in the world are in Africa Which is experiencing the greatest uncontrolled population growth. The world does not have the ability to feed most of these people. They will die of starvation. As far as the fast food industry is concerned people that eat in them on a regular basis will eventually have serious health problems which can lead to an early death.

  2. BB Grace May 28, 2016

    The hungriest people in the world are hungry for power which consumes production.

    The world has the ability to feed far more people.

    Governments are what disable the ability for people to feed and provide for themselves.

    Have you been watching Venezuela? It’s interesting to see how solidarity works when comrades are going hungry because of the government they democratically chose.

    What a The Bern presidency looks like to me:

  3. LouisBedrock May 28, 2016

    Venezuela’s problems are historical legacies of the Spanish Conquistadors. Mucho of its land is owned by latifundistas and administered by caciques, its schools and health care system are controlled by the Catholic Church—Venezuela and Argentina may still have the law which mandates that their presidents must be Catholic: so sex education, birth control, abortion, and much needed population control is impossible to achieve.

    The United States flaunts the Monroe Doctrine to oppress and exploit the entire continent and the Caribbean. If a regional leader gets uppity, he may be killed like Chile’s Allende or Panama’s Omar Torrijos, or troops will be sent in as they have been in Brazil, Colombia, The Domincan Republic, El Salvador, or Guatemala.

    Leftist leaders made impressive gains in Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba, Uruguay, Argentina, and Bolivia, but embargos, covert operations, and military and economic support for the ruling classes by the United States have driven out many of these leaders. And plummeting prices for their main exports has not helped.

    Botanists, ecologists, zoologists and other scientists are in unanimous agreement that the ideal population for starship Earth is about two billion people and the ideal diet is a plant-based diet. However, forests are being razed, savannas plowed, swamps drained in order to grow soy to feed cows and pigs and make the owners of McDonald franchises rich.

    People are hungry because of capitalism, not socialism.

    BB Grace is an illiterate, bovinely stupid, abominably ignorant, graphorrhea afflicted old lady who posts long, tedious blocks of nonsense on subjects about which she knows nothing. She should stick to attending Bingo sessions at the place of worship of her choice or baking cupcakes for the homeless.

  4. Jim Updegraff May 28, 2016

    Dear BB Grace I was factoring in the anticipated population growth of over 2 billion in the a couple of decades plus climate change. You would be living in a fool’s paradise if you think the world can produce enough food for that anticipated growth.

    I certainly agree with Louis the RC Church is a culprit along with other churches in contributing to the population problem.

  5. BB Grace May 28, 2016

    You never mentioned the World Bank which is part of the UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development. In this wiki link, you will see ref to Africa, UN/ scientists (disputed by other scientists), and criticism for the World Bank from my economics guy, Mises, and someone you may relate to, Naomi Klein.

    Capitalism is the black market which is illegal.

    Crony capitalism is not capitalism but government protected mega businesses that wouldn’t exist if not by government subsides and control, even with force.

    Ever study economics?

    • LouisBedrock May 28, 2016

      Got that Jim and Zack?

  6. Jim Updegraff May 28, 2016

    BB Grace: Yes I studied economics – I went to U. C. Berkeley and my major was Finance and my minor was economics In my advanced economic classes there would be as few as 5 students in a class. I have 8 years at the college level. and 2 advanced degrees. Where did you get your degree in economics – At some low level RC college?

  7. BB Grace May 28, 2016

    Honestly Mr. Updegraff, that’s awesome you took all those economic classes. I guess it’s not just your brother’s name you forgot?

    Or are you saying that you learned to blame the Catholic Church in economic classes at Berkeley?

    Do you know what’s going on in Venezuela?

    Do you agree with Mr. Bedrock that the USA is responsible for the crash in Venezuela?

  8. Jim Updegraff May 28, 2016

    The only time I heard anything about the RC church and religion at Berkeley was in my philosophy classes.

    You should read about the treatment of Indians by the RC Church in the California Missions in the the book by Benjamin Madley – ‘An American Genocide – The United States and the California Indian Catastrophe’. – And despite what happened in the missions the RC church still made Father Junipero Serra a Saint.

    Yes, I agree with Louis about Venezuela and the other Central American countries. When my father was a young man he participated in a landing and seizure of a Central American country – when the Marines invaded a country there was usually a contingent of armed sailors that participated in the landing.

  9. BB Grace May 29, 2016

    You should see the the number of Native Americans who are Catholic! I know that many in the USA don’t think of Mexicans, Central or South Americans as being decendants of Native tribes, but most are and if not baptised as an infant, they know far more peple praying to Jesus and Our Lady of Guadalupe than Minerva.

    My own Native American blood lines span 4 centuries with my paternal grandparents and family buried near Fort Stevens, OR, which was like Fort Bragg, a Native American garrison established by the protestant Yankee Armies as they captured the lands owned by the Catholic Church.

    Ezra Carr’s “Granges of the Pacific Northwest” 1873, University CA, Berkeley explains how the Catholic Church owned the Pacific NW. He explains a lot more than that actually.

    Catholic Church stood by as Spain plundered gold and silver from the Americas, Sutter’s find wasn’t any find. It was robbery from Catholic mine.

    Still, to most natives the Church is kinder than the government, and why some countries insist on a Catholic president, as it enables them to commune spiritually having hope and faith the government will have compassion. RIP JFK.

    If I was a socialist; If I was Bernie, I would be talking about Venezuela because there are very important lessons. But the left is not talking about Venezuela whose crash happened for putting faith in the petrol dollar that collapsed because of the UN’s World Bank (1%) and their UN Agenda to enable a global government for their trade.

    At least Venezuelians have the Church because that’s where they go to eat, and help each other as the Venezuelian government bellies up.

  10. LouisBedrock May 29, 2016

    Spanish columnist Rosa Montero once wrote in her article on Spanish illiteracy–

    —it reminds us of the sad, old question of whether a country is ignorant because it’s Catholic or Catholic because it’s ignorant.

    I have a similar question: Has Fox News become successful because Americans are ignorant? Or are Americans ignorant because of Fox News?

    Try to read the rambling drivel in the prior post. Where does this person get her idea of reality? How can someone be so appallingly ignorant and not be ashamed of displaying this ignorance?

    My days of being a science teacher or any kind of teacher are over. I couldn’t educate Grace if I tried.

    I spend my time reading to better my own understanding of the world we inhabit. It’s an endless task.

    Nevertheless, when I read Grace’s idiotic comments, I realize with gratitude that I’ve come a long way.

  11. BB Grace May 29, 2016

    re: “I couldn’t educate Grace if I tried.”

    You have espressed appreciation to the AVA for the priveledge to freely express your ideas.

    You choose to use your priveledge to insult or attack the imploding RCC rather than use what you learned to explain what’s happening in Venezuela.

    If I was a commrad in Venezuela I’d deem your solidary worthless.

  12. Jim Updegraff May 29, 2016

    Question for BB Grace: Did the big Bang need the presence of a God? (Louis, you explain to her what was the big Bang, you might throw in a discussion about. parallel universes.)

    • LouisBedrock May 29, 2016


      I don’t think she’d understand parallel construction in grammar.
      I’m out of here.
      Have a good holiday Jim.
      Zack too.

      I will not be displaying any flags.

    • BB Grace May 29, 2016

      That would depend on the philosophy of the culture, for example, Big Bang could be an explaination for some petrolglyphs, or the personifications of Greek Gods, and past cosmic transgresions with Saturn, Mars.

      What I like most about Big Bang is how it makes science an art. What I like least is that it keeps NASA flush.

  13. Jim Updegraff May 29, 2016

    BBG: Oh my, you do live in a one dimensional world.

    Oh yes, how do you explain that 1/3 of the people baptized or so over the last 25 years in the RRC or so no longer are affiliated with the RCC.

    I read a report that 26,000 RCC parishes no longer have a priest. – seems few men these days want to enter the priesthood. Too bad the misogynists who run the RCC do not want to ordain women. You would make a good priest – toe the line and ask no questions.

    I’m signing off for the day.

    • LouisBedrock May 30, 2016

      BB has no capacity for complexity, profundity, or nuance.
      She gleans a few factoids from Wikipedia, The Jerusalem Post, and other ludicrous sources, repeats them and believes she is engaged in a meaningful exchange of ideas.

      That’s why I refer to her as an imbecile, an idiot, and a clown.
      That’s why I refuse to address her directly.
      There’s no there there.

  14. BB Grace May 29, 2016

    My perspective: Vatican is a UN State so they must comply with UN Agenda and that means what once stood as “rocks” must be removed, for the world to move into the future as a whole, not divided by religion or politics (for many one in the same).

    My favorite reason is Pope Ratzinger was introduced to an ET and why he is the only Pope in all history to go into retirement.

    I believe it won’t be long and we’ll be seeing a new Calendar. Hey now.

  15. David Lilker May 29, 2016

    At the risk of being called mean things by Louis, I disagree with his analysis of Venezuela’s woes. Whether one expouses capitalism or socialism, one expects some level of competence on the part of the government. Simply put, Venezuela’s economy has been spectacularly mismanaged for years. Things were better under Chavez, but even with years of high oil prices, the government has been running a deficit since 2006. The decline in the price of oil has merely hastened their collapse. They are now facing chronic shortages of food and medicine, as well as the increasing likelihood of a Weimar Republic style hyperinflation. Not sure how you can pin this on the legacy of the Conquistadors.

    • BB Grace May 30, 2016

      I appreciate your perspective Mr. Lilker. As I read your post I “felt” the pain you discribe very well the Venezuelians are suffering. It’s sombering to see videos and read reports. USA closed it’s embassy so there’s no escaping to the USA for them.

    • LouisBedrock May 30, 2016

      No reason to call you names: you’ve never insulted me.

      We simply disagree.

      If you will forgive me for being pedantic, I’d recommend reading de las Casas, Galeano’s THE OPEN VEINS OF LATIN AMERICA, and David Stannard’s AMERICAN HOLOCAUST.

      Have a peaceful Memorial Day.

  16. David Lilker May 31, 2016

    Thank you for the recomendations. I read American Holocaust something like twenty years back. Galeano’s book managed to escape my notice, but I will put it on my ever- growing list. My books are my most prized possesions, so I forgive your pedantry.

  17. BB Grace June 1, 2016

    Ryan Mallett–Outtrim’s excuses don’t add up. He wants credit for the Chavez years to say Socilaism didn’t FAIL: From wiki

    “The Chávez government’s initial policies were moderate, capitalist and centre-left, having much in common with those of contemporary Latin American leftists like Brazil’s president Lula da Silva.[167][168] Chávez initially believed that capitalism was still a valid economic model for Venezuela, but only Rhenish capitalism, not the US-supported neoliberalism of former governments.[169] He followed the economic guidelines recommended by the International Monetary Fund and continued to encourage foreign corporations to invest in Venezuela,[170] even visiting the New York Stock Exchange in the United States in an attempt to convince wealthy investors to do so.[171][172]”

    There’s your economic credit for Chaves and socialism.

    International Monetary Fund.. Hmmm. Anything to do with the World Bank and G7 and why the dollar was being used.. or maybe oil?

    Venezuela is collapsing because “Chavez wasn’t socialist enough by Maduro (the crime boss) who gives you the priveldge to see real socialism, as you have many past examples, and you offer up BS because it’s on CP.

    Ryan Mallett–Outtrim’s “Black Market”.. that’s capitalism and what folks do when the government, Maduro the Socialist, takes over everything by FORCE.

  18. Nate Collins June 5, 2016

    Jim Updegraff, musings about population control are the the telltale markers of an educated pompous ass. May you be personally granted austerity for your righteous opinions.

    • LouisBedrock June 5, 2016

      Your cheap hit and run ad hominem attack is the marker of someone incapable of constructing a convincing, documented counterargument.

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