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Mendocino County Today: Tuesday, Mar 29, 2016

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FOR YEARS, we've been denouncing Jack Silver as a scammer and his phony environmental front, River Watch, as a scam. Which he is, and which it is. So when Silver hit Fort Bragg, Solid Waste of Willits and the County with one of his patented shakedown letters — pay me or I'll sue you for water quality violations — we assumed the three entities named by Silver were as innocent as fresh snow. Silver said the named parties had not properly prevented run off at the Caspar Dump, hence uncontrolled pollutants were escaping the combination dump and transfer station. Silver lives off allegations that are only marginally founded in fact, or purely technical, suggesting that various towns and entities, all of them well-insured, are deliberately fouling water.

A READER SETS US STRAIGHT on Caspar: "A while ago in one of your columns you said 'everything possible was done at Caspar tranfers/dump' to prevent toxic run-off. Not true. The County used harbor dredgings, at that time with much more metals from boat and bridge paint than now and sandy besides, to cover the place. This was to save money. Clay is what should have been used. It seals and doesn't blow away or run off. Maybe Will Parrish could dig into this, no pun intended. You may (rightfully) not favor 'River Watch,' but that does not mean County/Caspar site are not guilty as charged!!"

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ODD HULLABALOO at the Elementary School last week. One teacher thought another teacher, this one a substitute, not only smelled like booze but was behaving strangely. Police were called. The school lurched into a partial lockdown, whatever that means. The upshot? The guy wasn't drunk, hadn't been drinking and is at least as sane as any other adult on the premises.

SCHOOL SUPE Michelle Hutchins promptly explained:

"A Partial Lockdown is what we often call a 'soft lockdown'. Schools use this safety protocol when a threat is off campus that could come onto the campus or when we need to ensure the privacy of staff or student for multiple reasons. When a school is in a soft lockdown, instruction continues while teachers close their blinds, lock their doors and keep the kids inside. If students need to leave a classroom, they are escorted. This was the first time the elementary school used this safety protocol and as a District we learned a lot. I am very proud of all the staff and students in how they handled the situation that day. That is all I can legally comment on."

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FOR A SMALL high school about the size of ours here in Boonville, Mendocino certainly offers a broad variety of after school sports, including track and field and lacrosse. I doubt there's much interest in lacrosse among our student body, but I'll bet we have some dynamite distance runners who could simply show up as walk-ons and do well in County track meets. (I'd like to time the amazing Cesar Soto over a mile.) Surely there's an old track star out there in the hills who could volunteer to coach high school track.

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MSP pal, photographer Derek Magdalik of "Fotomendo," got some great shots of the guy who jumped off the Albion Bridge Saturday night.


This was the MSP post last night on the incident:


MSP just arrived home to find this message sent @ 7:40 pm from a viewer (Edie): "Medical needed at the Albion bridge. Staging required. A male has possibly jumped off the bridge - Bravo response."

We have the scanner on now (7:43 pm) and a Sheriff unit is down in the campground checking the north end of the bridge.

At 7:46 pm, the sheriff unit in the campground talked to campers who reported they saw "a subject in a helmet jump off the bridge with a parachute."

Medical units responding to the scene canceled @ 7:47pm.

(Courtesy, MendocinoSportsPlus)

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Spencer Brewer and Ed Reinhart are incredible performers. They wowed us with great playing and a fun repartee between songs. These two have known one another for 30 odd years and have done stage plays on piano playing. The first play was "Don't shoot the Piano Player" written by Lanny Cotler. Spencer is a gifted composer. His music is very diverse and intriguing. Ed is a remarkable boogie woogie man, a strong singer and a lively pokey entertainer. They delivered 2 hours of enchantment ending on a duet of Great Balls of Fire. Yow!

On another note: We watched a great biography on Vincent Van Gogh on KQED. I did not realize that Vincent was bipolar. We have this malady in our family but it appears in range from mild to strong. I get the depression part once in a while per vitamin deficiency and have learn to do a multi to get those Vitamin Bs that are precursors to the brain chemicals involved. The response to taking the vitamins is quick but the feeling of lackluster depression is nasty.

To those of us who have this, the depression component is very serious. The tendency to self-destruction stole Vincent at 37 years of age is not uncommon. Depression is very disconcerting. It leaves a person extremely dysfunctional and frustrated. Vincent was clearly a very driven artist, and had to contend with the lack of drive that depression creates. Imagine being so depressed you cannot motivate yourself to do what you love.

That is a big facet in the devastation of depression. Then there is the impact on loved ones. In our house, it was one parent severely challenged. Children do not understand why their parent cries or locks themselves away.

Depression creates more victims. It creates secondary misunderstandings. After several years of this, and lots of treatment, a psychologist tried Lithium with my parent and it worked. Our beloved parent was back, content!

I suppose the bottomline here is simple: Understand that these disorders are biochemical, genetic malfunctions that can be treated. The impacted person wants to be functional and that is the crux of their destructive tendencies. You have to get the victim in for diagnosis and treatment. By the way, check out that film interpretation of the life of Van Gogh. He was a remarkable artist and the film interpretation does a great job of showing the whole Vincent.

Greg Krouse, Philo

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Hello AVA:

Wishing you well on this Monday a.m. I'm wondering what you would think of my offering to do a weekly column on the merits and means of personal peacefulness reflecting outwardly? I'd call it Instruments of Peace (Manifesting Outwardly). If you think it's worth pursuing I could send along a sample of some of the secular writings I did for the Dalai Lama Foundation, and/or some I'd propose to do for the AVA. By the way, thanks for printing the materials I sent advertising the two groups. They went well. Also the Grange is willing to sponsor/support our ongoing meetings as is River's Bend. I'm hoping the Vets and the Clinic will do the same. Give my regards to the fam.

Gregory (Sims)


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On Monday, March 28, 2016, at approximately 9:45 AM, Highway Patrol officers were dispatched to a report of an ATV crash with injuries on McNab Ranch Road south of Ukiah. The collision occurred on private property at 3271 McNab Ranch Road. Upon arrival officers determined that William Jensen, 54, of Willits, was driving a 2012 Yamaha ATV southbound on a private gravel road traveling at approximately 10 mph. While driving down a steep descent in the road, for an unknown reason Mr. Jensen veered to the right and collided with a dirt embankment. This caused the ATV's rights side to lift off the ground and eject the rear passenger, an 11-year-old male juvenile. After the passenger was ejected the ATV continued down the steep road and overturned onto Mr. Jensen. A coworker of Mr. Jensen who was following a short distance behind the incident saw the collision and lifted the ATV off of Mr. Jensen and assisted him and his passenger. The coworker called 911 and requested an ambulance. Mr. Jensen was transported to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital by Reach air ambulance due to having suffered major injuries. The juvenile passenger was transported by ground ambulance to Ukiah Valley medical center with minor injuries and was later released. Alcohol does not appear to be a factor in his collision, however it is still under investigation. Neither party was wearing a helmet during the incident.

— CHP Press Release

* * *


Mendocino College (1000 Hensley Creek Road in Ukiah, California)
Date of Incident: Wednesday, 03-30-2016
Time: 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

On Wednesday March 30, 2016 the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office will be hosting an Active Threat training exercise at Mendocino College (1000 Hensley Creek Road in Ukiah, California) in partnership with the college and various Mendocino County public safety agencies. The training exercise will take place from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM and access to the college campus will be restricted to authorized persons participating in the training exercise for safety reasons due to simulated gun fire and explosions. The public should remain aware that simulated gun fire and explosions will be used during this training exercise. There will also be a heavy presence of public safety personnel and vehicles on the college campus during this training exercise. For the past several months Mendocino County law enforcement agencies have participated in one day training sessions to update their skills in responding to Active Threat situations. This training exercise at the Mendocino College campus in Ukiah will be used to test and evaluate those who have attended any of the previous one day training sessions. A follow up press release will be disseminated sometime after the conclusion of the training exercise. Any inquiry regarding the Mendocino College training exercise can be directed to Sheriff’s Captain Greg L. Van Patten at or by calling 707-463-4083.

* * *

JOHN SAKOWICZ WRITES: The word should get out — in order to vote in the June 7 Democratic primary, people need to be registered by May 23 as "No Party Preference" (or Democrat). This is what is required for Greens, Libertarians, and Independents to support Bernie Sanders. Voter registration forms are at the Post Office or at the County Assessor/Clerk/Registrar of Voter's Office.

ELS COOPERRIDER ADDS: But if they are not registered Democrat (but NPP; no party preference) they MUST ASK FOR A DEMOCRAT BALLOT! If they don't do that, they will NOT be able to vote in the Democratic primary!

* * *



I do agree with your last weeks Off The Record secondary advice to Thom Hartman to consider "liberal dialogue, maybe an invite to join him on air to explain why he feels free to lob lungers on white passersby." But I find your knee jerk initial reaction to "knock (the offending black man) on his racist ass" as quite Donald Trumpian.

From my perspective, being a somewhat pink white guy who has walked myriad times past homeless black congregants without being spit on, it was the $400 jacket that took the hit and that makes it an economic issue. If I was without roof or bed and relegated to clothe myself from the free box with stained and tattered goods I might be inclined in a knee jerk moment to spit on the haughty maybe arrogant guy sashaying past in a $400 jacket with pants, shoes and watch to match. Certainly disgusting bad manners are not to be condoned but dialogue is always better advice than fists.

David Severn


* * *


Sunday, April 10, 7 p.m. The Independent Eye’s Theatre Ensemble’s puppet play, King Lear. Caspar Community Center. $15/advance available at Harvest Market, Tangents in Ft. Bragg, Out of This World, Mendocino, and at Brown Paper Tickets. $20/door. Not recommended for under 14.

— Jamie Roberts


KZYX presents The Independent Eye Theatre Ensemble’s version of William Shakespeare’s King Lear. Played out within the confines of an aluminum cage, King Lear and The Fool are accompanied by twenty-eight life-sized hand and finger puppets operated by Conrad Bishop and Elizabeth Fuller. This stunning two-person take on King Lear puts an ingenious spin on The Bard’s tragic tale of power and distorted love. The show is at the Caspar Community Center, Sunday, April 10th at 7p.m. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door and can be purchased at Out Of This World in Mendocino, Harvest Market in Fort Bragg, and at Brown Paper Tickets:

This performance is not recommended for children under 14.

* * *


On March 26, 2016 Mendocino County Sheriff Deputies were dispatched to a residence in the 23000 block of N. Highway 1, Fort Bragg, regarding a residential burglary. The victim told deputies that she believes her cousin, Joshua Bell, may be responsible for the burglary. Deputies subsequently contacted Bell in Fort Bragg. Deputies developed probable cause to believe that Bell committed the burglary and he was arrested without incident. Bell was also found to be in possession of a controlled substance, possessed for sale. It was also determined Bell was on Mendocino County Court Probation and he was also arrested for violating the terms of his probation. Bell was booked into the Mendocino County Jail for the above listed charges where he was held on $55,000 bail.

* * *

"CANCER RESOURCES" Presentation at the Garcia Grange this Thursday, March 31 at 2pm Guest speaker Carla Jupiter, representative for Mendocino County's Cancer Resources Center, will discuss resources available for cancer patients along the coast at the Garcia Grange in Manchester on Thursday, March 31 at 2pm. The presentation will give helpful hints about what to do before, during and after medical appointments. Information to help people make informed decisions regarding treatment and care that is most appropriate for each patient will be discussed. The presentation is free, open to the public and people of all ages. For more information call 707-882-2137 Gary Levenson-Palmer

* * *


* * *


Ten (10) of them just today.

For the Library Activity Calendar go to:

(WE HAVE A COLD FEELING that a small, dystopian e-version of Parkinson’s Law has found its way to the one-eighth cent library sales tax passed a couple of years ago to fund the County Library because since that time there are a lot more library employees organizing and presenting “activities” (mostly “fun” youth activities of the noticeably unchallenging non-intellectual variety) and generating the accompanying press releases about the “activities” — and nothing, not one word, about new book title acquisitions or even the slightest mention of actual books.)

* * *

CATCH OF THE DAY, March 28, 2016

Bell, Byrne, Chapman
Bell, Byrne, Chapman

JOSHUA BELL, Fort Bragg. Burglary, meth possession for sale, probation revocation.

PARTRICK BYRNE, Ukiah. Dirk-dagger, probation revocation.

SCOTT CHAPMAN, Fort Bragg. Drunk in public.

Dixon, Favila, Lemus-Cortez
Dixon, Favila, Lemus-Cortez


DANIELA FAVILA, Ukiah. Under influence, failure to appear, probation revocation.

FRANKIE LEMUS-CORTEZ, Fort Bragg. Drunk in public.

B.Maxfield, J.Maxfield, Meloy
B.Maxfield, J.Maxfield, Meloy

BRADLEY MAXFIELD, Willits. Controlled substance, paraphernalia, receipt of stolen property.

JUSTIN MAXFIELD, Willits. Controlled substance, paraphernalia, receipt of stolen property.

MARCUS MELOY, Point Arena. Vandalism, parole violation.

Perez, xxxx, Rodriguez
Perez, Pike, Rodriguez

RODOLFO PEREZ, Philo. Domestic assault, probation revocation.

RANDY PIKE JR., Possession of ammo by prohibited person, more than one ounce of pot, paraphernalia, suspended license, probation revoation.

MANUEL RODRIGUEZ, Ukiah. Speeding, evasion, no license, probation revocation.

Sanchez, Settles, Svendsen, Vaughan
Sanchez, Settles, Svendsen, Vaughan

MARIO SANCHEZ, Fort Bragg. Witness intimidation.

JUSTIN SETTLES, Ukiah. Protective order violation.

ASHLEY SVENDSEN, Willits. Probation revocation.

WILLIAM VAUGHAN, Ukiah. Domestic battery.

* * *


Donald Trump wants to get us the hell out of NATO, out of the Middle East (including the Israel-Palestine nonsense) and out of the legitimate Russian sphere of influence.

He understands the uniqueness of the Islamic threat, and that we must bar Muslims from entering the nation until “we get a handle on the situation”. He’s willing to call an illegal alien a ‘felon’ rather than by the standard euphemism, ‘undocumented worker’.

He accurately describes the destruction that all of our so-called ‘Fair Trade’ deals have wrought on the American labor force. He displays an open contempt for our culture of political correctness (both on the left and the right) and he lends due disrespect to our media clowns.

So he’s a bit gruff – so what!

* * *


by Valeria Luiselli, translated by Louis S. Bedrock

Tell me how the story ends, asks my daughter. I work in a migration court translating the testimony of children who arrive at the border and are detained. My daughter then asks me to tell her their stories. There is one that haunts her, and for which so far I have not been able to provide an ending.

It begins with two little girls: five and seven years old. The younger one draws. The older one timidly answers questions and from time to time embellishes her answers with a toothless smile.

—Why did you come to the United States?

—I don’t know.

—How did you get here?

—A man brought us.

—A coyote?

—No, a man.

—Where did you cross the border?

—I don’t know that.

—Texas? Arizona?

—Yes. Texas Arizona.

When the younger girl was two years old, her mother decided to leave the children with their grandmother and go to the United States. The children grew up. They talked with their mother by telephone, heard stories about snowstorms and huge streets. Later, they learned about their mother’s new husband and then about their new brother.

One day their grandmother told them that a man was going to take them to their mother. Before their departure, the grandmother sewed the phone number of their mother onto the reverse side of the collars of their clothes and repeated to them many times these instructions: never take off these clothes; when you cross the border and a policeman finds you, you must show him the phone number. Then everything will be okay.

The children arrived at JFK airport. Their mother, stepfather, and little brother were waiting for them.

Now they are facing an order of deportation.

And how will the story end? I don’t know. Perhaps it won’t end. Perhaps the fate of those who migrate is that they never completely arrive.

* * *


by James Kunstler

Historians of the future, roasting rat kabobs over their campfires, will look back at the year 2016 and marvel at the death throes of the zombie republic that died eating its own brains. This grotesque Deep State lumbers from one misadventure of governance to the next consuming its prospects for a plausible future in a fugue of autophagy, inducing the great nausea that now settles over the land.

President Trump — really? We would be lucky if it only resulted in a revolt of the generals, and there goes 200-plus years of institutional heritage. Yet it cannot be denied that the Deep State needs to be kicked to the curb, stomped, water-boarded, and hung out to dry. The sad part is that the job might have been done by men of character, but incredibly the long-vaunted baby boomer generation did not manage to produce any, nor the so-called Gen-X now coming into its own power. And if such hypothetical figures do exist, why are they hiding in the thickets of public life?

Well, there is Bernie, after all. Credit must be given to this lone crusader for at least opposing the avatar of the Deep State, she whose “turn” must not be denied in the rotating management of rackets-and-grift that our politics have sunk to. He thrashed her roundly in the three primary contests over the weekend — so badly in the vote count that she may be suffering an existential hangover as I write. The fabled Democratic Party super-delegates may also be going through a dark night of the soul as they study the intractable anti-charisma of Hillary. Much as I admire Bernie’s chutzpah, his particular Old Left theories of wealth redistribution do not convince me — though the management of our dwindling capital surely lies at the heart of our problems. His nomination would go down in the Ripley’s Believe-It-Or-Not annals of the world’s greatest improbabilities.

Otherwise, the latest meme spreading across the web wires is how deeply the voters divide by sex: men flocking around Trump (or Machine Gun Ted Cruz), and the ladies standing at each mighty column of Hillary’s azure pant-suit. Yes, a national war of the sexes. Just what we need with all our shit falling apart. This sorry diversion results not from the triumph of feminism, as widely believed, but actually from the failure of American manhood. Proof of that, of course, is the ascendance of Trump, this punch-line of a political leader with all the gravitas of a hood ornament. History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce — thank you, Karl Marx, O peevish mischief-maker squirming upon your fabled boils!

Finally, what will take the Deep State down is not some lance-wielding armored savior on a white horse but the awful undertow of financial implosion that awaits as the seasons of 2016 turn. When faith in our money and the instruments represented in it goes, look out below. There are so many rifts in the international banking system that the vista begins to look like the spring ice break-up on the Lake of Nations. When the grifters can’t cash their checks — or move their pixels into the accounts receivable column — they will be immobilized. Of course, if that happens, so will everything else, including your ability to buy any more frozen pizzas.

Trump, Cruz, Hillary, and Bernie are signs that this poor paralyzed country needs to go through a convulsion to flush out all the toxic idiocy of this historical moment. Trigger warning: it may be the messiest revolution in history when it finally comes, there is so much dross to clear out of the system. Trump and Hillary are like two giant fistulas obstructing the national bowel. Of course, a lot of sentient Americans do not want their nation dying on the toilet like Elvis. The indignity of it! In the name of the founding fathers, please, someone, fetch the enema bag.

Events still lie hidden like bear traps on the path to “Decision 2016” as they like to say on the cable networks. Somewhere in London, Singapore, Shanghai, or New York, a 25-year-old coked-out Forex trader is going to tap the untoward keystroke that brings down a derivatives avalanche… or two brothers of Allah in some Berlin row-house will go forth one bright morning in vests of Semtex… and finally enough will be enough.

(To support Kunstler’s writing go to:

* * *


by Dan Bacher

Every day, it seems that Governor Jerry Brown’s California Water Fix to build the Delta Tunnels is getting closer and closer to collapsing.

Today the California Department of Water Resources and the U.S. Department of Interior sent a joint letter to Hearing Chair Tam Doduc and Hearing Officer Felicia Marcus of the State Water Resources Control Board requesting a 60-day continuance of the Hearing on the California Waterfix Water Rights Petition.

“Based upon recent success settling issues raised in the EIR/EIS process and ongoing discussions with protestants, Petitioners believe that a continuance could provide additional time to resolve other protests to simplify and expedite the hearing process,” the letter said. “The additional time would also reduce the State Water Board’s burden of analyzing and deliberating on a number of parties' claims and scope of the hearing.”

“Within 30 days of granting this continuance, Petitioners propose to submit at update to the State Water Board to report on their status, potential proposed permit conditions, and any other additional modeling in support of the project description,” the letter stated.

In other news pointing to the plan’s imminent collapse, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association recently sent a letter suggesting legal action against Zone 7 Water Agency and the Santa Clara Valley Water District, arguing against Delta Tunnels financing, as the San Jose Mercury News reported. (

“The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association -- founded by the co-author of Proposition 13 -- sent water agencies in Silicon Valley and Alameda County a letter suggesting possible legal action. The letter argued that the tunnels were not part of the original State Water Project plan and that any property tax hike to fund them would be illegal without voter approval,” according to the Mercury News.

Timothy Bittle, the association’s attorney, said "What the voters approved in 1960 doesn't say anything about tunnels.”

Then in an action alert today, Restore the Delta (RTD) noted, “The Delta Tunnels project is on ‘thin ice.’ The plan is in major need of continued financial support from smaller urban agencies such as Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD) and Zone 7 Water Agency in Alameda County.”

The Tunnels supporters are becoming increasing desperate in their campaign to salvage the Delta Tunnels plan, a project that that is based on the absurd notion that taking more water out of the Sacramento River will “restore” the San Francisco Bay-Delta Estuary.

In their new petition alert, Californians for Water Security, the Stewart Resnick Big Ag front group, is asking Californians to send emails in support of the Delta Tunnels/CA Water Fix to Santa Clara Valley Water District’s Board. Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD) needs to hear from California ratepayers like you that will actually pay the costs, RTD pointed out.

“Let’s make sure the tunnels plan does not get this support! We need you to counter their action,” RTD urged.

The group recommended sending an e-mail to SCVWD telling them:

Dear Santa Clara Valley Water District Board Members,

First off, I would like to express my appreciation that the Board recognizes that it should consult with ratepayers regarding parcel taxes for financing the Delta tunnels project. You are off to a good start.

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, however, recently said in the San Jose Mercury News that raising property taxes for Delta Tunnels would violate Proposition 13 and could lead to lawsuits. As a water ratepayer and property taxpayer, I do not want to pay money for a project that will not create additional water supply, but mostly benefit corporate agriculture in the southwestern San Joaquin Valley.

In addition, as Westlands and San Luis Delta-Mendota Water Authority have recently been placed on negative credit watch after being fined by the SEC for engaging in a little Enron accounting, it is clear that these agencies cannot be counted on to contribute a 40% capital share toward the tunnels.

The Delta Tunnels would violate not only our federal and state standards of environmental and social justice law, but California tax law. As part of the Bay-Delta region, it makes sense for SCVWD to align itself with other Bay-Delta communities to protect the long-term health of the SF Bay-Delta estuary.

Please vote no against continued CA WaterFix/Delta Tunnels support. Save the Bay-Delta estuary for our children and future generations.

For more information about Nut King Stewart Resnick, one of the key proponents of the Delta Tunnels, and his deep connections to UC Davis and UCLA, go to:

* * *

SOUL SURVIVORS DANCE PARTY at Hill House, Saturday April 16

The Soul Survivors bring their high energy dance music to the Hill House in Mendocino on Saturday, April 16 at 7:30 PM, with a mix of R&B and Soul that is sure to get you moving. Come on out to a fun and funky tour of Motown with keyboards and vocals from Billy Schieve, Jamie Gilliam on guitar and vocals, vocalist Sharon Garner, Lonny Nason on bass and Richie Rosenbaum on drums. Billy Schieve took accordion lessons at the age of seven, then taught himself piano, organ, guitar, bass, and drums. He was playing clubs in the Chicago suburbs by age 16, and has continued professionally in many musical styles since then. Jamie Gilliam has had a passion for playing the guitar since childhood, starting on his dad’s guitar at age 5. He has been in many groups over the years and sees the opportunity to hook up with the Soul Survivors as a chance to “plug in and let it rip!" Sharon Garner has been a lead vocalist in blues, rock and jazz bands since the 1970’s. Since coming to the Mendocino Coast she has sung with the Brown Brothers, then with Dyzfunkshun, and now she performs with a variety of jazz & pop musicians on the Coast. Originally from New York City, Richie Rosenbaum trained with New York-based classical percussionist Joe Castka, and is a talented Rock, Pop, Funk, Latin, and West African High Life drummer. Lonny Nason has played music his whole life, and a number of local bands and musicians, including BlueBop and Dyzfunkshun, have enjoyed his musicianship and easy-going ways. Doors open at 6 PM for casual dining with full bar, the music starts at 7:30 PM, and admission is $12. Call 937-1732 for more information.

* * *


Highest spiritual blessings were bestowed on everybody attending the Easter activities at the Washington D.C. Catholic basilica. Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday was celebrated by thousands at the National Shrine to the Immaculate Conception. Everybody was just intensely blissed out by 1. the presence of the Apostolic Nuncio to the USA who presided, 2. the basilica's choir and musicians, 3. the accompanying huge sound of the pipe organ on the upper level, 4. thousands singing joyfully together, and 5. the reception of Holy Communion. Recent weeks have been spent protesting the environmentally stupid policies of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in regard to their rubber stamping fracking permits, so that the energy companies may continue unobstructed to create, store, ship, and profit from sales of Liquified Natural Gas to India and Japan. It's been nuts at the FERC, with outraged landowners who had pipelines forced on them, with armed government agents in attendance, as their maple farm's trees were cut down; just one example of many. Additionally, a trip to the Dominion Energy LNG Terminal in Lusby, Maryland revealed a gigantic concrete wall being constructed to absorb shrapnel should one of the containers explode. And be sure to see Josh Fox's newest documentary film (after his successful "Gasland") which emphasizes what climate destabilization can NOT affect, such as our own solidarity, insight, and commitments. And by all means, offer your spiritual prayers and rituals for the success of the Beyond Extreme Energy group actions in April and May. As always, one comes to the full spiritual life by one's own free will, or else one gets shocked. Choose wisely, won't you?

Craig Louis Stehr

March 28, 2016


* * *



I went to my window / my window was cracked

Went to my door / my door was locked

They like botherin that thing / they was botherin that thing

They just can’t stop / botherin you bout the thing.

Old lady diamond / setting on a rock

Raising her hand / trying to change that knot

She been botherin that thing, She been botherin that thing,

She just can’t stop / botherin you bout the thing.

My old lady / ought to be ashamed

She kept the watch / and give me the change

She like botherin that thing / she loves botherin that thing

She just can’t stop / botherin you bout the thing.

Mama got the washboard / papa got the tub

Brother got mad / because they wouldn't let him rub

He like botherin that thing / He love botherin that thing

He just can’t stop / botherin you bout the thing.

Drive up to the station / to catch that train

Got there too late / from bothering that thing

I like to bother that thing / I love to bother that thing

I just can’t stop / botherin you about that thing

Went to the doctor / the doctor said

Bothering that thing / is going to kill you dead

I love to bother that thing / I love to bother that thing

I just can’t stop / botherin you about that thing

— Joe McCoy, 1930


  1. Bill Pilgrim March 29, 2016

    Kunstler’s lament that the boomer generation didn’t produce any “men of character” to eject denizens of the Deep State from the levers of control is not accurate. Plenty of visionary potential leaders were around, but they were either ignored or ridiculed by the Deep State corrupted MSM; constrained by the obscene financial requirements of politics; hounded by law enforcement agencies that are more like a Praetorian Guard for the elites; or murdered.

    • Harvey Reading March 29, 2016

      Kunstler is not worth bothering with. He basically is just a shill for the status-quo, a pompous, upper-middle-class ass.

      • LouisBedrock March 30, 2016

        I used to disagree, but he’s become tiring.
        I don’t like the suggestion that things were once better.
        The good old days sucked.

    • Bruce McEwen March 29, 2016

      True enough, as far as it goes. And I agree that anyone not drafted in those days, was either already safe w/ assurances for service in the National Guard (NG) — what those of us who served WESTPAC changed to “Nixon’s Girls” — which was to say they were assured by their local draft boards, like Prez. Geo-Porgie, as a way out of the slaughterhouse Vietnam had become. In those days, you may recall, the reserve and the National Guard didn’t leave their county seats, let alone their country. No danger of dying on combat duty in Viet Nam, anyway. And yes, even my Drill Instructor would ridicule and demean me and my fellow recruits, calling us “sissies,” and (worse) comparing us (unfavorably) to a draft dodger scampering off to Montreal, saying he — this deserter! — had more guts than our whole platoon — well, what can you say to such a charge? But I recall some dynamic individuals from those days, and, well, I wish, like you say, they could have survived the (your word is “ignored”) the economic freeze-out visited on those individuals, as well as so many other persecutions.
      Informative, how you mention the Praetorian Guard, because they remind me so fondly of the new “volunteer” army –!, as for Kent State, I say, I was under arms, a helmet, flack jacket, bayonet and rifle that very year — albeit in Okinawa, facing down a riot of black marines protesting civil rights abuses every weekend. Temptation called my name, once or twice, but I didn’t shoot anybody. Personally, I had a vendetta or two, but I was in uniform, and in those days, that made a difference. I wonder if it does, anymore?

    • Betsy Cawn March 30, 2016

      Killed, murdered, or maimed and minimalized, discounted, obfuscated, and blatantly lied to, harnessed to the “happiness index”! I shed my last real tears for Bobby. But all people of character refuse to be chained to the managers and at least acknowledge the loss for our age, our epoch, our time. Long live the AVA (for example!), and Thank you, Mr. Pilgrim.

  2. Keith Bramstedt March 29, 2016

    Re: Greg Krouse/Depression: I reviewed a book a few months ago in the AVA by a psychologist named Bruce Levine who asserts that there is no scientific evidence that depression is the result of a biochemical imbalance. And I’m currently reading a book by a respected journalist named Robert Whitaker, Anatomy of an Epidemic, in which his research indicates that long term use of antidepressants actually makes patients more depressed. My long term use of psychiatric medication had no real positive effect and my getting three articles printed in the AVA since I went off medication tells me that the medication was probably blunting my creative talents.
    I think blaming biochemistry is a good way to let what is an oppressive culture to many of us off the hook for producing emotional pain. Psychiatry in many authoritarian cultures has been traditionally a way through which those in power can oppress certain personalities who are a threat to the status quo.

    • Bruce McEwen March 29, 2016

      You might also consider Bruce S. McEwen’s book, Stress As We Know It: The Hostage Brain. (no kin of mine, by the way.)

      • Betsy Cawn March 30, 2016

        “The End of Stress as We Know It,” Bruce S. McEwen, Author, Elizabeth Norton Lasley, Author (Joseph Henry Press):

        “. . . a good pick for students entering the field of neuroscience, as well as scientists in other fields who are seeking to learn more. But laypeople who want to understand how stress affects the brain may be better off with Bill Moyers’s less scientific but much more readable ‘Healing and the Mind.'”

        Publishers Weekly, Reviewed on 10/28/2002

        For an even easier introduction to Dr. McEwen (50 minutes):, or
        “Biological Embedding of Early Social Adversity: From Fruit Flies to Kindergartners”:

        They sell you the snake oil, it makes you sick, and then they put you in jail for refusing to pay, off to school with you now.

  3. Bruce McEwen March 29, 2016

    My Dear Jms. K:
    As per you’re highly pertinent q: where’s all the boo-boo bummers we need so desperately to lead the country out of the woods we’ve wandered into? a: they were all killed in Vietnam. Your 2nd lieutenants — screwey-louies, we called ’em — were riddled wholesale for demonstrating that virtue you feel so much nostalgia for — walking down the line of a platoon — which has hit the deck, hiding under their helmets — kicking them in the ass, yelling, “Get up! Return fire!” then POP! A monent f silence, then…hey, bro, that shut that muddafgga up, didn’t it. Pass the word, the LT just got popped, at ease.” Not just the enemy, but we also had troops who would kill their own officers, to get out of duty. You’ll squeal like a shoat with his hocks in a fox’s teeth that this was a political statement; and, in doing so, instigate a quarrel with me, because I’ve been in those courts martial, and that was never, in my experience, the case. My first job w/ the Fleet Marine Force was chaser to a private accused of killing his Sgt. Maj. in Da Nang. It’s been called “fragging,” and it was a common case at the Judge Advocate Generals Office, situated above the seawall where the Perfume River empties into the South China Sea. However, getting back to the missing leadership, the men of character, the ones we pine for in these troubled times: If you want to find out where they went, the men who could get us outta this mess, go look at the names on The Wall.

    • LouisBedrock March 29, 2016

      On the Wall. Yes.

      Like cousin Corporal Alan Bedrock, who was about 20 when he stepped on a mine while out on a “Search and Destroy”. I hadn’t spoken to him for many years when I learned of his death. His father was a World War II Vet. His name is on the wall. I wrote a story about seeing it.

      His oldest brother, Martin Bedrock, spent 50 years working at odd jobs—mainly pumping gas at another cousin’s gas station. At the age of fifty something Martin decided to go to law school, graduated, became a successful lawyer.
      He is now a judge.

      Who knows where Alan would have gone.

      There were those gunned down at Kent State and Jackson State.
      Many others were beaten, arrested, and jailed. Some of the best of us as it says in the poem.

      I have friends in Canada who did not go there for the weather.

      Some friends were destroyed by madness, as it says in the poem.

      Many lost hope after Chicago and all of the assassinations.
      Some of us killed ourselves slowly.
      I almost did.

      You have a lot of nerve, James Kunstler.
      What have you ever done besides whine?

      Fuck you.

      • Bruce McEwen March 29, 2016

        You have a lot of nerve, Jms., and that’s why admire, respect, and enjoy you. And you, too, Heavy Reading, thought maybe you outta stop and think once in a while; But, no. It would probably leave you speechless, and we can’t have that, can we? No-no. Same with you, Mr. Bedrock (and what a salt o’the earth that name is, by the by), you’ve done your share of whining, as I recall — ain’t ya? Come on, if you guys can’t handle an adult discussion w/out, er, uh… what’s that smell…? then log off! Speak your mind, by all means. But, by God, at least try to know your mind before you haul-off and condemn Jimmy, damn your eyes!

        • LouisBedrock March 30, 2016

          “Mr. Bedrock (and what a salt o’the earth that name is, by the by), you’ve done your share of whining,”

          Well yes: Mendocino is whine country.

  4. Bruce McEwen March 29, 2016

    So much noise over the Presidential campaign, I don’t think anybody has noticed we have to elect a new US Senator this year. Personally, I think local is more urgent than national, but who am i? Anybody remember Ms.Harris, the State Atty. Gen.? She’s running for the Senate, on the same (come on, let’s be honest, the women’s ticket, the Dems.), against another femme fatale beauty, Ms. Sanchez of Santa Ana; and, to be sure, two hideous old white men are running on the Rep. ticket …so does Jms. K have a point about the gender(s) division dividing the country, on top of everything else? Oh, ho-ho, I wonder — don’t you?

  5. Nate Collins March 30, 2016

    RE: ATV ROLLS OVER ON MR. JENSEN. On further examination I was extremely dismayed to realize it was not Prof. Robert Jensen the radical feminist blowhard who was runover.

  6. Nate Collins March 30, 2016

    3 Candidates on Israel-Palestine…
    Bernie Sanders, “Well they need to stop building settlements.”
    Trump, “We should be neutral.”
    Hillary Clinton, “Our support for the state of Israel is unwavering and unequivocal!!!” (shaking her finger like an old school marm)

  7. Nate Collins March 30, 2016

    RE: Easter Mass at DC Basilica.
    Poor Catholiocs are praying and praying and still Michaelangelo will not answer their prayers.

    • LouisBedrock March 30, 2016

      Nothing fails like prayer.

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