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Valley People (Mar 9, 2016)

AN OLD TIMER writes of the late Deed Bloyd: "Never saw him without a smile like that emerging from his high school yearbook, or in anything other than a cheerful mood. One of the good guys, Deep-end style." I'll second that, as will everyone who knew Deed. A very nice man and an old school gentleman all his days.


MANY VALLEY FOLKS heaved sighs of relief and welcomed last Friday’s appointment of Kerri Sanchez to the AV School Board, which now returns to its full quota of five trustees. Until her application was made, there had been concerns that Robert Pinoli Jr, son of high school Athletic Director and current de facto Vice Principal, Robert Sr, would be installed unopposed and thus open up a can of worms and inevitable conflicts of interest. Fortunately, for reasons unknown (common sense?), Robert Jr, a solid candidate in other circumstances, withdrew his application at the eleventh hour. The spot was therefore occupied by Ms Sanchez (AV Class of 1991), a parent of children at both the Elementary and High Schools, and someone who it is felt will make well-informed, intelligent, and forward-thinking contributions during her time on the Board. The Board thus consists of three men and two women, and features parents of children at both local schools. All positive and enlightened moves I would suggest. Congratulations, Kerri. I am sure all those involved in school affairs are collectively thanking you for taking on this important and often demanding role. — Steve Sparks

LINDA BRENNAN, the long-time and popular resident of the Anderson Valley, is reportedly in failing health in the hospital at St. Helena specializing in cardiac care.

LOCAL BOY makes good. Austin Clow is operating a private school in San Antonio called the “The Clowvazar Academy.” Austin's been at it since 2012. Clowvazar Academy, K-12, admits a range of students from special ed to the gifted & talented and presently has some 50 students enrolled. Austin, always at the top of his class here in the Anderson Valley, has earned one master’s degree and is working on a second, this one in education with concentration in curriculum and administration, to go along with his BA in French/minor in linguistics and a master’s in Teaching English to Speakers Of Other Languages.

MIKE MANNIX is the new guy at the Boonville Transfer Station. Mike, who also has a law degree, replaces Willie Housley, the latter moving on to other pursuits.

SPOTTED at a Warrior's game in Oakland a couple of weeks ago, Justin Johnston of Boonville, and oldest brother of Jared Johnston of this season's champeen Boonville squad. We're told Justin came up lucky on a raffle, winning himself a pair of tickets that go for, well, if you're lucky enough to make a thousand a week in your day job, a month's pay would get you in the door.

A READER WONDERS: "Hi, was curious to know more about the 'Altered Male' in the "Fire/Rescue Log" of the Feb. 24 issue, page 5…"

HMMM. Good question. I've long suspected that a few local males have probably been altered, but I believe the term is more often deployed as cop shorthand for someone in an altered state of consciousness, chemically induced type.

ONLY TEN of the popular 2010 local Anderson Valley phonebooks are left unsold. Hundreds of them were printed as a fundraiser for the Community Services District’s Recreation Committee. Although a bit dated now, they are marked down to $5 each if picked up at the Boonville Firehouse at 14281 Highway 128 in downtown Boonville or $10 if you want them mailed. Call the CSD at 895-2075 to reserve your near-collector’s copy now.

MAKE AMERICA GYRATE AGAIN! The Swingin' Boonville Big Band will be performing at the Anderson Valley Grange in Philo on Sat., April 2. Music starts at 7:30, tickets at the door are $10. Bring you dancing shoes and swing the night away!

LAST WEEK, a caller asked us if we could find our description of the annoying verbal tic that ends every sentence with a question mark. We found this, to quote ourselves, "Ms. Davis, like many young people, is often an uptalk speaker. She ends all her sentences with a verbal question mark." Which is not quite as irritating as that other verbal misfire that strews the adverb 'like' auditory confetti. "Like the dude like said to me like...." Will like someone like Heimlich maneuver this guy to like cure his hiccups?

NICE TO SEE Tony Piver in the gym last week, up from his home in Santa Rosa to watch the Boonville boys squeeze by Hanna of Sonoma. I was doubly pleased with Tony's gift of a commemorative t-shirt emblazoned, "Vern Piver Holiday Classic," which of course refers to the annual hoops tournament begun by Tony's dad, the late and memorably great, Vern Piver, consensus mayor of Fort Bragg.

A RESIDENT of downtown Boonville is "grateful" for attention paid to Haehl Street, once a quiet, lightly populated loop of tidy, well-maintained homes that began at our long gone bank, the First National Bank of Cloverdale managed by Kay Clow, and exited at Jeff and Carolyn Short's service station. Haehl today is terribly crowded with enough vehicles parked on its narrow margins to transport a couple of hundred people. Bringing dependable water and safe sewage disposal to that direly overburdened neighborhood won't be easy.

AMONG THE COUNTY luminaries spotted in the Boonville gym in the all-ages crowd last week packed in to watch the thrilling overtime win against visiting Hanna, we noted Sheriff Tom Allman, County Schools chief Warren Galletti, the indefatigable and seemingly ubiquitous, Paul McCarthy of Mendocino Sports Plus, and Dave Evans from the Navarro Store making a rare Boonville appearance.

PINOLI on the spot. A couple of times during that frantic game — I can't remember one played at the speed of the Hanna game — the plastic frame surrounding the south backboard slipped a bit, causing the refs to call a time out although the slippage didn't seem to present anything approaching a hazard. A ladder was soon produced from deep within the mysterious bowels of the locker room and principal Robert Pinoli was soon climbing it with a roll of duct tape. The frame slipped again and again Pinoli slapped on the duct tape, and the game went on.

SPECIAL KUDOS to Robert Salisbury, aka Captain Rainbow, for pulling together yet another splendid Variety Show last weekend at the Philo Grange. A natural performer himself, it's Rainbow's enthusiasm and hours of prep work that has pulled the show together all these years, and we hope he knows how much the rest of us appreciate him and his annual effort.

THAT SAMBA DANCER who rang down Saturday night's Variety Show at the Philo Grange left the old guys in the audience gasping and reaching for their digitalis. Everyone else seemed stunned at the pure, libidinous jolt she provided. And someone said she was from Willits? Well, that's downright unbelievable.

A PRESENTATION is being offered which is based on the title: Personal Peacefulness-Psychological Perspectives drawing from a book by that title which was edited and contributed to by Gregory K. Sims, Linden L. Nelson and Mindy Puopolo. After presenting some materials from their book, Dr. Sims lead a discussion, drawing materials from those present this next Sunday, March 13th, from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Anderson Valley Grange 9800 Hwy 128 in Philo. He notes that "Science is beginning to take an interest in personal peacefulness from psychological perspectives." For further information call 707-895-2958 or go to Calls may also be directed to Dr. Sims at 707-684-0043. Messages may be sent to his email at or P.O. Box 1, Boonville, CA, 95415 The program is being non financially sponsored by the Anderson Valley Grange 669 and supported by The American Legion Post 385, and the AV Health Center, both in Boonville. Dr. Sims is currently a Writer in Residence at the River's Bend Retreat Center in Philo.

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