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Valley People (Mar 11, 2015)


Stolen Truck — Mountain View Rd, Manchester - Tues 3/3/15 @ 2:30-3:00 AM.

  • Gold 1995 Chevy 4WD (K1500) work PU
  • Decal "TD" on upper passenger door window.
  • Rear bumper sticker "Living to Pull" (arm wrestling)
  • CA license plate 5A22228


If anyone sees it please call the CHP or Sheriff immediately.

Thank you.

KATE MARIANCHILD, author of Secrets of the Oak Woodlands, will lead an interpretive walk on March 21st at a private ranch in Yorkville. Kate will use her storyteller's passion to relate her extensive personal and scientific knowledge of the fascinating lives and interrelationships of animals, plants, trees and shrubs in our oak woodlands. The walk is sponsored by Anderson Valley Land Trust and will be approximately 1.5 miles in length—including some hilly terrain. There is no fee, but spaces are limited; email or call 895-3150 to sign up.

SEVERAL FROST FANS assaulted the sleep of random Anderson Valley neighborhoods last week, roaring to life about midnight and continuing a third day of their 2015 Spring offensive until well after sunrise.

A BOONVILLE VICTIM WRITES: “Sure you heard already. Woke me up at 12:30. What with all the UFO bs or not, I'm paying attention to noises, and it spins in a circle so the sound changes. So I got up and walked over to the road and tried to get the racket on my phone, and the phone tries NOT to pick up extraneous noise, so it didn't get a very good recording of it. Will try again when it happens so you can play it on the AVA website. The fans this morning also changed in speed. They are running them more slowly, then they'd pick up speed and sound like a Huey troop transport for a minute. By the time I got up to record it, it would change. So, they were fucking with speed last night and trying to reach a compromise, perhaps, by doing that. Nonetheless, I got the worst night's sleep last night of any night, because it went on from about midnight until I fell asleep finally at 5am with a DVD playing to drown out the sound. Don't know why it was any worse last night. It wasn't even the loudest we've heard!”

ON FRIDAY, March 13, the Anderson Valley Teen Center will hold their second food fundraiser to help fund the next field trip to a college in Northern California. With the first fundraiser we were able to raise $1,700 which had a tremendous impact on our trip. The event will take place in front of the Methodist Church in Boonville on March 13, at 5:00pm. (The Teen Center is located right behind it.) High school students are currently selling pre-sale tickets to the community. Tickets can be purchased at the door, but pre sale tickets are highly encouraged due to food availability. Tickets can also be purchased at the Anderson Valley Elementary office or from me. People can contact me at the number below to set up a meeting location.

The menu will include three options.

  • 2 potato sopes with rice and beans, hibiscus drink
  • 3 potato tacos with rice and beans, hibiscus drink
  • 3 chicken enchiladas with rice and beans, hibiscus drink

Individual tickets are $10 or family tickets for $30 for 4 people. Food to go will be available. Daniel Angulo, 707-684-6423

LISA HALE got herself a well-deserved day off last Sunday to celebrate her birthday, which birthday I don't know, but she hasn't been counting them for very long. What I do know is that Lisa, also mother of a three-year-old son, who is scrupulously attended by Lisa and her husband, Judson, puts in long hours every day at her revived Yorkville Market, via which Lisa has revived the gateway to the Anderson Valley, which she now keeps open from six in the morning until evening. All this and the handsome couple also produce a well-received line of fine wines from grapes grown on the family vineyard deep in the Yorkville hills.

SINGLE, quiet, employed non-smoker looking for an affordable living situation from Boonville to outer Philo. Pay rent or trade for my mechanical abilities. 895-2011

BOONVILLE artist Shanoa D'Amore will have an exhibition of photos and other fine art at Village Books 344 North State Street in Ukiah. There will be an Exhibition Opening event this Friday evening, March 13, from 6 to 8 PM.

SPEAKING of Village Books, store owner Jerry Karp, also a Boonville denizen, reports that his store has been voted Downtown Ukiah Retail Business of the Year for 2015.

DAVID SEVERN WRITES: "Since about noon on the 25th of February the Navarro River flow rate has dropped below 200 cubic feet per second (cfs) at the USGS gauging station located about 5 miles above the river's mouth. The California State Water Resources Control Board often limits or restricts water appropriation from the River when it drops below that 200 cfs level citing the low water impact on the fishery. Unfortunately there is no monitoring of water taken from the watershed beyond anecdotal and incidental reports from neighbors or hikers and fishermen stumbling upon pumps or piping. It is well known that the Anderson Valley wine community is eager for every drop it can get at this time to be used for frost protection and historically there has been a lot of fudging. Public outrage over the wine industry's alternative attempt to use extremely noisy frost fans has apparently pushed some vineyards back toward water usage. Recently the California Fish and Game Commission adopted (December 3, 2014) a regulation for Special Low Flow Conditions from October 1 through April 30 that closes all coastal streams in Mendocino (excluding the Gualala) to fishing when the Navarro gauge falls below the 200 cfs threshold. Using the Navarro as a Countywide indicator this action is further evidence of the growing concern for fish survival, especially salmonid, during low water, drought conditions. A wise and responsible course of action for California wine policy would be to follow France's long established leadership in environmental regulation by not allowing any water use for frost protection and simply raising wine prices to cover product losses during the bad years. That this wouldn't work here is exacerbated by the exorbitant prices already charged by wine growers for even mediocre products.

THE AFTERNOON CLUB. The Anderson Valley Senior Center is implementing a new program effective March 12, 2015. The Afternoon Club is designed to give valley seniors with physical and/or mental disabilities an opportunity to participate in a weekly socialization program AND provide their caregivers with some respite and the opportunity for the caregivers to get together for a support group meeting. The Afternoon Club Director will be welcoming and supporting participants every Thursday from 11am-4pm. Chair Yoga taught by Kathy MacDonald is offered from 11am-12pm for a fee of $5. A delicious meal is served at 12:00 with a suggested lunch donation of $6. Afternoon Club activities, such as sing-alongs, stretching and board games, group reminiscing and stories of local history will take place from 1-4pm for a fee of $20. The Anderson Valley Senior Center bus will be available for transportation to the Senior Center for both yoga and lunch. Those coming at 1:00 will need to arrange their own transportation. Effective April 1, 2015, the bus will be available for return transportation at 4pm. The bus fare is $1/trip. For Bus service call 489-1175. For further details please contact Sony Hatcher, the program director at 489-1367 or email Sony wants to thank our generous supporters, volunteers, participants and caregivers for making this possible. We can still use more musicians, talented readers, story tellers and friendly volunteers to join us when you can! (Sony Hatcher)

THERE will be a Community Christian Easter Church Service and all are invited Time: 8 AM Date: Easter morning, 4-5-2015 Place: In front of the Boonville Methodist Church, 13850 Highway 128, Boonville. Valley Bible Fellowship is hosting this for the entire Valley. Come join us for a time of celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. There will be hymns, prayer, fellowship, refreshments, and reading of the Bible (the resurrection account). No admission and no offering will be taken. For information call Pastor Dave Kooyers at (707) 895-2325

OUR OFFICE is upstairs in the old Farrer Building, central Boonville. It's one of the oldest structures in the Anderson Valley where, back in the day, our floor, now divided into office space but retaining its original floorboards, many a merry community dance was held and as many court cases, including a fratricide. A local Cain killed his Abel, feeding him to the hogs. The hogs did a pretty thorough job recycling the corpse but left a telltale shirt remnant. The downstairs was a general store and feed and grain. On late afternoons, with the sun sinking in the ancient shadows of the Coast mountains, you can almost hear the old structure whisper its stories.

THE FARRER, lately owned by Johnny Schmitt of the Boonville Hotel, goes back a hundred years. It holds up pretty well for its age, but it does need occasional spot surgery of the type that looked like it would begin two Monday morning's ago. There was a small stack of plywood out back, and we saw two mma's men walking around in tool belts. (Mma is cop code for Mexican Male Adult.) We assumed the wood was for the roof. Then we learned it was meant to shore up the floor at the crucial and excellent Mosswood Market, a coffee shop and bakery on the ground floor below our staggering enterprise, America's Last Newspaper.

THE FLOOR CARPENTERS were all set to begin a couple days work when a guy from Mendocino County's Planning and Building Department shows up and says, “Hold it. You need a permit. No work until you've got the permit.” This is the same Planning and Building Department that says Glen Ricard's pile of unoccupied kindling at the south end of town, abandoned now for forty years, isn't decayed enough to abate. And the same building department that says frost fans are ok because they're covered by the county's Right To Farm ordinance.

CONCLUSION: Massive, ongoing fire and safety hazards like Ricard's are fine with Planning and Building, and the sacrificed midnight to 8am slumber of several hundred residents of the Anderson Valley is simply an adjunct of Farmer John's milk cows. But a new floor for a thriving small business? Shut 'er down. If Boonville had a supervisor we might have someone to complain to, but he's still trying to find out why Building 7 collapsed.

ON DEEP SOUTH STATE STREET, the splendors of our County still up the road, we read, “Welcome To Ukiah — Home of Masonite.” Masonite's been gone for what? 30 years?


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