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Burning Man Drone Show


  1. Rick Swanson September 15, 2022


  2. Pat Kittle September 16, 2022

    Drone tech may already be capable of forming a full-color burning man in the sky, with “flaming pieces” dropping down, followed by a huge “bucket of water” tipping over and extinguishing the “flames” before they reach the audience below.

    Will fireworks become obsolete? Speaking of which…

    Could human-piloted airplanes do anything remotely as dazzling, at any cost?

    Something like $1.5 TRILLION went into the much-hyped “5th generation” F-35 fighter plane — and they’re already making noises about a 6th.

    Drones are rendering (hu)manned combat vehicles obsolete. The next arms race could get complicated, no?

  3. Jim Armstrong September 16, 2022

    900 drones operated by 900 pilots?

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