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Valley People (Sept. 7, 2022)


Sally Schmitt

Our secret is out! A documentary on Sally Schmitt by Oscar winner Ben Proudfoot and Breakwater Studios is premiering Saturday at the Telluride Film Festival and is coming soon to The New York Times!

From Breakwater Studios: "The French Laundry, run by legendary chef Thomas Keller, has often been recognized as the best restaurant in the world, but few know the story of its original founder, Sally Schmitt. In an emotional final interview before her passing in March 2022, Sally tells her own story as a pioneering chef of California cuisine and sets the table for another way to look at life: where balance, rather than recognition, is the ultimate prize."

THE AV PANTHER FOOTBALL TEAM traveled to Covelo Friday for the first game of the season for both teams. Coach John Toohey reports: “We played with them through the first half, but our QB (and best defensive player) Diego Perez broke his collarbone and a number of other players got banged up. Covelo ran away with it in the second half. It was a learning experience about how demanding football really is for a lot of our new players. Covelo is really strong this year. Most of their points came after Diego left the game, but everyone got a good amount of playing time and it was effectively a first scrimmage for us. Losing Diego really hurts, literally and figuratively, so there is a lot of work to do moving forward, and that’s what this group of kids really needs to learn. There will be some major growing pains.”

Panther Footballers, 2022

OLD TIMERS will remember when Covelo was a small school powerhouse in all sports. Then, drugs and bad attitudes kicked in, and Covelo’s sports prowess disappeared. Maybe things are starting to turn around, maybe the young draw the obvious lesson from the human wreckage young see everywhere around them and say, “Not for me.” 

FOR SALE: 2013 WALTON TRAILER. 24’ dually gooseneck, steel loading ramps, deck stakebed, electric brakes, new rubber & spare, 14,000 lbs load capacity. Call for photos 707-895-2100, $4500.00 

CORA’S BOOKKEEEPING: “Hi all, I’m a local bookkeeper based in Ukiah and I just recently started working part time in Boonville. I took over Joy Andrews position at AVCSD doing the financials and admin for the AV Fire Department. I’m looking for new bookkeeping clients and I can do a variety of things listed in the flyer. References and pricing available upon request. Shoot me an email or message to see what I can do for you!”

MARSHALL NEWMAN: From ebay, another early Anderson Valley postcard.

JESSE  B ASKED, “Why doesn’t Anderson Valley put up large windmills, along the windiest ridgetops, to power electricity for the entire valley.

BRIAN WOOD ANSWERED: “Extreme ugliness, noise, transmission lines everywhere, bird kills, expansion of population capacity, general continued expansion of human dominion over everything everywhere.”

ABOUT THREE WEEKS AGO, we mailed in our $170 check for the extortionate rent of our Boonville Post Office box we’ve rented for fifty years. Our check was mailed in a machine-stamped Post Office envelope provided by the Post Office along with our annual bill. The Boonville Post Office never received our check in the stamped envelope provided by the Boonville Post Office. Wednesday, no mail was placed in our box by either of the two women I’ve known for fifty years who work at the Boonville Post Office. Thursday, again no mail. The Major, a government-vetted, honorably discharged veteran officer of the United States Air Force, asked for the AVA mail at the counter. “You haven’t paid your box rent,” Anne pleasantly replied. “But our box rent check was mailed three weeks ago in a Post Office envelope,” The Major argued. “Sorry,” Anne said, “we can’t release your mail until your box rent is paid.” The Major reluctantly coughed up on his credit card, and we got the AVA mail, which had been held hostage because the Post Office lost its own envelope in its own mail, and if this isn’t one more tiny sign of the Apocalypse, please share yours. 

AT PARTNERS GALLERY, 45062 Ukiah St., Mendocino, 707 962-0233

painting by Virginia Sharkey

MARINO’S DELI, Ernie Pardini gives this fine little Ukiah restaurant a thumbs up: “I had to do some shopping in Ukiah today and decided to do my laundry while I was there. I went to the little wash & dry on Talmage Ave. After starting my laundry I realized I hadn’t had anything to eat today and looked down the row of shops to see what was available close by. Two shops down was a place called Marino’s Pizza and restaurant. They advertised lasagna and that sounded good to me. I walked in to find the place totally without customers and questioned my judgment on coming here. I was immediately greeted enthusiastically and politely by the young man working the counter and before he finished a woman( obviously the cook, and probably owner) who also enthusiastically welcomed me. I ordered the lasagna not expecting it to be all that great. Surprise! It was promptly served to me with homemade garlic bread and the first bite snapped me into reality. This was the best lasagna I had eaten in my life. The food was great, the service incredible and the price very reasonable. The atmosphere was very Italian and quaint. I could go on forever, but do yourselves a favor next time you’re in Ukiah and try this place. If you’re not thrilled with every aspect of it let me know and I will give you the price of your meal there.”

CONGRATULATIONS to Zachery Whitely for his graduation from Basic Combat Training this week in South Carolina!

Zach Whitely

SMALL ENGINE REPAIR SERVICE in Anderson Valley: Hello everyone!!! I am ready to take all the machines you guys need fixed. I can fix anything from a weedwhacker all the way up to an atv and motorcycle and much more. Even if you have anything you need fixed just ask me and I’ll let you know if I can fix it. If you need a machine fixed call me or shoot me a text. My phone number is (707)684-6449. I have put business cards in most stores in the valley and I have a ton if anyone is interested. Thank you for your time and I hope seeing you soon! — Daniel Garibay

ANDERSON VALLEY FOLKLORE has it that harvest is two weeks after the Naked Ladies arrive. The ladies showed up a couple weeks ago announcing the start of the 2022 harvest. 

Wishing everyone a bountiful and successful harvest!

Join us for the Harvest Boucherie Celebration Oct. 21st

GOT HOT Sunday, 95 in the shade here at ava headquarters, hotter Monday at 101, the first two days of a week of hundred degree-plus days, so hot firefighters, including a truck from Anderson Valley, are pre-positioned in Ukiah from where they can immediately roll to wherever the flames break out. And Sunday already feels like things could spontaneously combust.

“THE HEAT made people crazy. They woke from their damp bedsheets and went in search of a glass of water, surprised to find that when their vision cleared, they were holding instead the gun they kept hidden in the bookcase.” ― Kristin Hannah, Summer Island

HOT as we might get, the dangerously severe disorientation Ms. Hannah describes sounds more like those areas of the country where it doesn’t cool off at night, areas far to the east of us. Here in Boonville, a hundred degree afternoon has dropped fifty degrees by sunrise the next morning. Walk slow and drink a lot of water, my friends.

FLEX HOURS. I asked my colleague, The Major, if he thought Americans generally abide by flex requests. I thought most people wouldn’t, don’t. “Most Americans aren’t as irresponsible as you are,” came his impertinent reply. “Yes, I think most people cooperate.” 

SO WOULD I, if necessary, but we’re fortunate to have solar, freeing us from that particular obligation. Besides which, why doesn’t the grid provide enough power to make flex alerts unnecessary? Probably because PG&E’s first obligation is to its stockholders and overpaid executives, which is one reason, and, second, a state and federal government that seems perpetually surprised by the consequences of global warming.

UKIAH lost power last Thursday afternoon about 1:30 just as the temperature hit 105. Everyone’s favorite power monopoly said Ukiah’s groaning air conditioners would resume cooling the town’s 16,000 sweltering residents by 5pm. Ukiahans will be relieved to know that the expensive back-up generators automatically kicked in, keeping the seat of government crispy-cool while the town they allegedly manage risked mass heat stroke.

A READER WRITES: “Do you folks have a succession plan? How will we keep the AVA forever? Are there any new kids out there? Question: If ‘someone’ left a bundle to the AVA in a will how would those $$$$$$$ be allocated?”

SEND $$$$$$$ ON, and we’ll talk allocation. I remember when the hippies were brandishing the slogan, “Don’t trust anyone over thirty.” I don’t trust anyone under the age of 70, and I’m plenty skeptical of most of them. This project being a lot of work for no money beyond the delight in being reviled by all the right people, I doubt any young ‘un is interested in carrying it on, but if there is such a person out there who might be lured into life as a social pariah, please step forward. 

EVERY DAY, I get a couple of these begging bowl appeals from, an arm of the Democrats:

“I’m Jensine, a young, queer Latina, a daughter of immigrants, and an organizer… Growing up, I watched as my family and community experienced injustice after injustice. And I know I am not alone.This is one of the many reasons why I’m so passionate about organizing and building community and power for our most vulnerable and systematically oppressed communities.Bruce, you are an organizer, too.And petitions are a powerful tool to bring our communities together to fight for the change we wish to see.”

HOLA, JENSINE. The change I would like to see is an end to people who think their sexual preferences are of interest to anybody other than themselves, and an end to people who brandish the injustices done to them as if injustice is unique to them. PS. The only thing I organize, or intend to organize, is my laundry. 


KZYX is holding elections for its Board of Directors. There are four positions open: one each for Mendocino County Supervisor Districts 2 (Ukiah), 3 (Willits), 4 (Fort Bragg) and 5 (Anderson Valley). To fill one of these positions you must be a member in good standing by January 31st, 2022, and be able to carry out the responsibilities of the Board of Directors. A list of responsibilities (contained in the bylaws) is available on the KZYX Elections webpage, along with application forms. If you cannot access these materials online, please call the station and we will send you a packet. 

Candidates must submit an application by 5PM on January 31st, 2022. You may submit the application with your ballot statement by email to, or by regular mail to PO Box 1, Philo CA 95466. 

Questions may be sent to, or by leaving a message at the station, 707 895-2324, during regular business hours. 

The election will be held in March.

Thank you for your interest and support.

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