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There Aren’t Words…

On Wednesday, August 3rd, at about 1:22 PM, the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by Sally Arellano who said their two missing children had been left at Ukiah’s Motel 6 on North State in the care of Edward “Two Feathers” Steele, 32, of Ukiah.

Steele, Arellano

At about 4pm, a two-year-old boy, unattended, was discovered near the railroad tracks in the Brush Street area. He appeared to be suffering from heat related symptoms and was transported to Adventist Health Ukiah Valley Hospital. During a search of the area for the second child, that child was found dead. Steele, who’d had been left responsible for the two children, was arrested the next day, August 4th, at the Hopland rancheria.

As this awful story developed, it became known that 2:05 AM the morning of August 3rd,  deputies had been summoned to the 1700 block of North State Street where Sally Arellano and Edward “Two Feathers” Steele were fighting. Ms. Arellano was arrested for misdemeanor battery. Ms. Arellano said her children were at a motel a half a mile away being cared for by a babysitter. 

Ms. Arellano was released on bail three hours after her arrest, but Edward Steele had assumed care of the children from the babysitter after Arellano’s arrest. Some time that day, between 5am when Steele assumed custody of his children, and 4pm when they were found on the railroad tracks, Steele had left the children unattended. The younger boy was dead, the older boy alive but suffering from heat stroke. 


(1) Covelo connections. These dirtbag men killing women and babies. Women! Quit hanging out with scumbag dudes. Dudes! Work on yourselves and have something to offer. What a waste of everything in this tragic situation. What does anybody expect given the atmosphere Steele was raised in as well. And these poor little boys. Damn. Getting dragged around by somebody who was supposed to be taking care of them to have this happen. Mamas of kids laying down with men that have fleas. Even if you’re just “hanging out” with scumbags you’re still being a horrible example. Our ancestors are reeling while the alive turn a blind eye.

 (2) Just look at this guy – you know he wakes up every day trying to be the toughest, baddest guy on the planet. What a pathetic life when all you value is looking as tough as u can. Man, what a waste of life. Then there are people who would give anything to wake up healthy everyday but God decided to give this dirt bag enough health to be a dirtbag every day. Hey family of this dirt bag – look real close. This is a perfect example of what you are not supposed to spend your life trying to be. He gets to look as mean as possible and that’s about as valuable to society as the pile of shit my dog leaves in the yard every morning.

(3) “The policies” Policy schmalicy, total BS excuse.

1. Leo/FCS/CPS did not check on kids.

2. In spite of multiple arrests for violence and drugs without recovery/ long term support, kids not placed elsewhere.

3. Family and Citizens scared to help/act.

4. Hotel life is NO life.

5. Weak communication between agencies.

You see this a lot in cases of this type. There will be intervention from other family members and possibly tribal support to get the kids back. People might use it for a while even. But, after a little bit they’re back to their old ways. Anybody in the family is afraid to say anything. Especially if you’re up in the hills. Idiots, they’re packing guns around running loose. Her earlier arrest where she attacked possibly her parents or grandparents with guns and violence. Running around with a bunch of young men a good 10 years younger than her all high on meth. It’s super concerning to see this. The community is split; they will talk to your face all shiny and glossy looking cute but behind the fence everything still continues. Racial slurs at each other. Drugging, slugging, whip it huffing, drinking and beating and stealing and thieving. As long as nobody else knows, keep it behind the fence, ehhhhh it ain’t a big deal. The babies watch. People try to speak up, wind up dead. You want better for the grandbabies you’re an OG shut the f******. It’s heartbreaking to see the youth doing NOTHING. THINKING ITS FUNNY. Anybody driven out to Covelo lately? The Whip It canisters line almost every pull out. Consider that when you’re driving on that road. Standards gotta change all the way around. It’s something called Integrity, doing the right thing when nobody’s looking. Being a good human with a kind soul and productive life is okay. Damn.

RIP lil man.

(4) Re: the recent infant death incident involving Edward ‘Two-Feathers’ Steele and his girlfriend)

As a former CPS social worker in Mendocino County, I can tell you an urgent call to CPS does NOT go unanswered. Instead, the call rolls to the next in charge, which is usually a social worker supervisor, who should have responded immediately…if Assistant Director Kelsey Rivera is so confident and knowledgeable, why the hell didn’t she respond immediately to save this poor child? ANY other CPS social worker, CPS supervisor, CPS manager, or even the Social Services Director herself had a duty to respond immediately, and they are ALL trained in basic child safety, and they are also ALL liable for this preventable death.

The Mendocino County Social Services basic structure has become dangerously flawed, because they are overly top heavy with supervisors, managers, and incompatible dipshits without the required education, which leaves line staff understaffed and paralyzed with fictional top-heavy policy. It is very much still a “good-ole-boy” network of selfish power grabbers drunk with nepotism and disdain for other underpaid County residents.

UPD or MCSO should have scooped up the kids from Motel 6, upon arrest of the mother, and taken them directly to CPS or the police station where safety can then be ensured. How many recent or currently open investigations/referrals did CPS have on this mother? Did the mother have an open WIC 300 dependency court case? Why not? Was there an existing CPS crafted safety plan? Why not? Anyone bother to contact dad or other family? Why not? Did anyone put eyes on these kids in the moment? Why the fuck not?

Also, many CPS social workers, their supervisors, and Law Enforcement have direct phone & email access to each other, because they coordinate so often (should be anyway). Law Enforcement majorly screwed up when they minimized initial CPS involvement, and instead decided their MCSO or UPD balls were biggest, and therefore didn’t need to coordinate with anyone.

The UPD officer who minimized initial CPS involvement is as liable for this child’s death as 2fux, and perhaps should also be arrested for murder?"

* * *

On Monday, Steele refused to enter a room at the County Jail to appear oncamera for his arraignment hearing. The hearing was rescheduled for Wednesday. Steele, 32, has been charged with one count of second-degree murder and two counts of child endangerment.


  1. D Y August 11, 2022

    Sadly these people were Native so everything is exposed. About a year ago a white women’s baby died and citizens showed sympathy. Information about her severe neglect of her baby and numerous drug charges never serviced with her. Why? She was an ex sheriffs daughter! Her first two children were removed from her care an put in foster care! Her 3rd child was in custody of father. Her 4th was born while she was in prison then returned to her on release and was so neglected from laying in the same position he was required to wear a helmet to protect his head from further damage. He now is also in foster care. Her 5th baby was accompanied her on her drug binges laying in filth as he slowly starved to death. Letters of sympathy for this poor woman who lost her poured out from the community. She is serving a 2 1/2 year prison term for her neglect. Where was CPS for her ongoing abuse of her children? Where was the exposure of the truth in a white sheriff’s daughter? More importantly where is the sympathy for this Native family who lost her baby due to unintended circumstances? Let’s see the penalty slapped on him from this Mendocino County justice system!

    • Marmon August 11, 2022

      Because these children were Native is probably why they were left in danger by CPS. As an ex CPS social worker I have nothing good to say about the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA). The county bends over backwards when it comes to ICWA cases and ignore real risks. For white children they often remove children on risk only, not so when it comes to Indian children.


      • Shannon August 12, 2022

        Sounds like you don’t know how ICWA works.

        • Marmon August 12, 2022

          ICWA often harms children by delaying or denying them placement in stable and loving homes, compelling their reunification with abusive birth parents, and mandating procedures that deprive them of the legal protections they need.


        • Marmon August 12, 2022

          American Indian children are the most at-risk kids in the country, more likely to suffer from abuse, neglect, alcoholism, drug addiction, and suicide than any of their peers. There are families out there willing to help them, but federal law says no because their skin is the wrong color.


  2. Michael Koepf August 12, 2022

    How do I get out of here, progressively (pun intended) the worst county in California?

  3. Porter August 12, 2022

    Bottom line, the entire system failed 2 children. There are still too many unanswered questions. Was CPS contacted immediately upon finding the two year old boy alone on the railroad tracks? That was law enforcements call and should have been done right away. More specifically CPS should’ve been contacted when the mother was arrested and told law-enforcement that she had two young children in a motel. Was there really a babysitter? Those children could have been left alone in that motel room. Of course the medical needs of the surviving child were a priority, but come on!

    When procedures are not followed and issues arise people immediately start pointing fingers and blaming the victim, the perpetrator and any other party involved. When someone has a job to do and they fail, the person or persons responsible need to be held accountable and held to answer. A child has died at the hands of more than just one person and another child’s life will be changed forever. Mendocino County, you have got to do better!

  4. Susan W August 13, 2022

    This is the saddest story ever. Cps is a waste of time for real. I’ve notice people stop helping CPS cause the service stinks now.. The service’s that these kids needs are no longer available and if u get the service the it’s have ass. Ever since the Pandemic the able bodies do not want to work anymore, Free Money has taken over. These are Bonnie & Claude days. I took 9 kids out the system put my whole life on hold got shitty service. I wish I could help!!!

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