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Mendocino County Today: December 24, 2012

MORE WET WEATHER AHEAD for Mendocino County and surrounding areas. Highway 128 was closed near the mouth of the Navarro River on Sunday and is expected to stay that way off and on for the next few days as a series of storms is headed our way. The National Weather Service predicts that the Navarro will rise to several feet above its 23 foot flood stage flooding low-lying properties near the mouth of the river. Motorists are advised to use Philo-Greenwood or Comptche/Flynn Creek alternate routes to/from the Coast. A Flood Advisory was issued for the Russian River near Hopland on Sunday. The Russian may not exceed flood stage with this current storm system. However, heavy rains are expected to produce local flooding in low-lying areas in and around Hopland, Ukiah and Talmage. Highest sustained winds were measured near Little River Airport on Sunday as high as 41mph. Winds as high as 60mph were measured on other areas of the California northcoast. Moderate rain is expected to continue in the area overnight on Sunday and tapering off before the end of the day on Monday. Caltrans advises motorists to avoid standing water since depths of two feet are enough to float a car causing it to lose traction. (The Caltrans road conditions hotline is 1-800-427-7623; you will be asked for the state Highway number). Cold temperatures will reach the low 30s overnight and highs will only get into the low 50s as winds will die down.

Satellite image of Northern Pacific Ocean about 9pm Sunday night
Satellite image of Northern Pacific Ocean about 9pm Sunday night

RAIN will start again on Christmas (Tuesday) as additional Pacific Ocean weather systems hit the Northcoast, but rainfall amounts are expected to be lower than from the current (Sunday) system. Rain probabilities and amounts will diminish over the next few days into Thursday when the current systems are expected to finish moving inland and east of Mendocino County. We have not heard of major power outages in the area so far. A report of a mudslide closing Highway 128 west of Cloverdale had not been confirmed as of Sunday evening.

A NEW CULVERT was installed Saturday night on Highway 162 where the big slip-out occurred on Thursday and backfilling was underway all day Sunday. One-way traffic was expected to be allowed over the slide-area by late Sunday afternoon. According to the County Transportation Department all County roads were open on Sunday except East Side Calpella which had a slide blocking one lane. Both lanes were expected to be open by Sunday evening. Minor flooding, downed trees and rockslides have kept County Road Crews very busy over the last few days prompting County Supervisors to compliment them at recent Supervisors meetings for their dedication and responsiveness to problems. Fire, police and PG&E were also responding well to emergency weather, traffic and road problems.

ON-LINE COMMENT of the day: “So let me see if I got this right: 1) A bunch of people grew and sold lots of weed ‘legally’ because they bought zip-ties and said it was ‘medical.’ 2) The County got a bunch of money selling these zip-ties and agreeing to leave those growers alone. 3) Now the feds want the records because we all knew it was illegal federally the whole time. 4) The County, to cover its own ass is now stonewalling the feds by hiring outside counsel. 5) The regular taxpayers of Mendo are footing the bill for the outside counsel although they got zero benefit from this charade. 6) The weed people congratulate themselves on being ‘freedom fighters’ and ‘progressive and caring.’ They count their money and plan their next year.”

MY FAVORITE PART about football is you get to do a criminal act without being a criminal. America loves a bad guy, and in football, you can assault somebody without going to jail. Hit people all you want and you get praised for it. If you worked at Walmart, you can't give a customer you don't like a forearm shiver to the face… I'm still young and have a lot of testosterone. I like to express myself. — Philip Wheeler, Raiders linebacker

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