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San Francisco and Points North in the 40s


  1. Rick Swanson June 9, 2022

    What a beautiful city. So sad to see what has become of it.

    • Steve Heilig June 10, 2022

      Don’t be sad. It’s still gorgeous, if overbuilt downtown. A couple small areas, maybe 5-10% of the city, are sad and bad but that’s always been the case, really. Violent crime is much lower than it was a few decades ago. People are everywhere eating great food, snapping photos, enjoying the views etc., tens of thousands of them, both locals and tourists. Just using common sense as in any city is what’s needed. So don’t let all the biased media hype spoil things. Enjoy.
      ( 40 years in SF next year, still wander most anywhere…)

      • Rick Swanson June 10, 2022

        I like your additude ; the glass is half full.

        • Steve Heilig June 10, 2022

          It was much rougher when I moved here. South of Market an alcoholics ward, the Mission with gang turf wars, the Haight a wasteland, GG Park full of muggers, etc. The tenderloin was always bad, and yes maybe worse now. Avoid that zone now, you’d never know…. And don’t leave stuff in cars.
          Some people actually like to be scared, and to scare others.
          Read “ Season of the Witch” by David Talbot for some great historical perspective. Great book!

  2. Pat Kittle June 10, 2022

    Dang, I keep forgetting.

    What are we supposed to celebrate?

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