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Valley People (May 11, 2022)


Measure M school tours scheduled:

If you would like to tour the school sites and look at the current needs of the properties, please join a school tour. Dates are as follows:

High School, Thursday, May 12 at 4:30 PM Architect Don Alameida will be present for this tour.

Elementary School, Thursday, May 19 at 4:30 PM--Hosted by Louise Simson

Free yard signs are available upon request. Stop by at the district office to pick one up. The signs were not paid for with district funding.

We hope to see you at a tour!

HERE’S as good a place as any to say that in my opinion Ms. Simson is the best local superintendent of schools I’ve seen, and I go back to Mel “Boom Boom” Baker some 50 years ago. We’ve been blessed with a number of capable supers, certainly, but none who have brought the energy, clarity and all-round leadership this lady has brought to a very difficult task in a very difficult time. Ask her a question and back comes the answer, pronto. And name another school leader anywhere in the county who publishes regular letters to parents and the wider community. As Ms. Simson assumes the dual jobs of both superintendent and high school principal she seems undaunted not only by the added responsibility but the fiscal difficulties presented by declining enrollment and two physical plants that need serious work. The Anderson Valley has a real jewel in this lady.

DR. MARK APFEL HONORED SATURDAY with a large turnout of the Anderson Valley community he’s served for nearly five decades.

GRANGE STALWART, Andy Jones, tells us someone broke into the Philo Grange hall over last weekend, breaking out several windows in search of what? Pancake batter?

USED to be the Anderson Valley had enough crime to warrant a resident deputy, albeit of a petty type. But for several years now there hasn't been much in the way of criminal activity — a few burglaries, an occasional domestic dispute, the oafs plaguing Navarro with their drunken, drugged, four-wheel antics. We  seem to have plenty of drug people (is there some place that doesn’t) but ours keep it indoors. Deputy Squires and his successor, Deputy Craig Walker, seemed to know who was doing what without witnessing the act, and they always found plenty of who’s doing plenty of whats.

NO SOONER had Mr. Pollyanna written that rosy delusion than….

NO CRIME IN ANDERSON VALLEY? Beth Swehla explains:

The reason there is no crime in Anderson Valley is because there is no deputy/CHP to catch anyone misbehaving.”

HOUSE RAID IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, a Martha Alameda of Yorkville writes: “On Wednesday they raided my house in broad daylight and there was nobody there, they stole things and among those things there were gold chains, gold bracelets, gold ring, iPhone 11, new Air tennis Max 270, two Dior perfumes new, cash, new DKNY bag and gold watch. I ask for your help if someone offers you these things, please let me know, if you are relatives or friends of these people who came to steal and you know or see that they bring things that I mentioned, do not be an accomplice of them because they are people who are among us , those people know the times we leave and arrive at our house or even when we are not, if someone could give me information I would greatly appreciate it.

Because today it's my turn, maybe it can happen to you too, maybe it's material things but I make it public so that these things don't continue to happen and they can catch those people. 

AND ROBBIE LANE: “So, it looks as if I’m being heard. Thank you all for verifying this for me.

Although my daughter is no longer a resident of Anderson Valley, I’ve come to feel that all of the kids here are, ‘ours’, as a community. I’ve spent 15 years coaching them, chaperoning their field trips, mentoring their Senior Projects, buying their fundraiser products, and just generally enjoying all of them. Which is why my heart breaks when I see that the scourge that is the opioid crisis is now deeply rooted within our community, and it’s killing our kids. Well, I’ve had enough. Given that we have no law enforcement presence here, it’s like the Wild West. Having stated that, I’m going to make it my business to save our children. By any means necessary. Anyone interested in becoming involved can reach me at (707) 489-2915. Let’s stand together for the lives of the kids of Anderson Valley.

IT’S NOT ONLY US. Michael Slaughter of Fort Bragg comments: “Lock your doors! Even when you are home! I came home early today, I was in back of the house when my dog came running by going crazy towards the front of the house! I went to see what was up and heard my front door slam, I opened my door to see a man leaving, he claimed he “ thought it was a friend’s house.” My ring camera showed he was in my house for about 40 seconds.

He denied entering and headed north, I called the police, who were fast and stopped him, at this point not much I can do as he apparently did not take anything. But I did review on my ring camera and he was not telling the truth as he said he just knocked on the door. The only thing I can do is a civil trespass which is basically a ticket. I think after seeing me and the dog he won’t be back. But what if it were you home alone. Fort Bragg is about as safe as it comes, use your head lock your doors.”

AND WENDY EMAL WONDERS: "What has happened to all the political signs? Most all the signs in front of houses and at the end of Nash Mill have been taken. Pretty sure that it is against the law to deface or remove a political signs."

ED NOTE: Yup, a misdemeanor, but one more petty crime that goes unpunished. If you catch ‘em in the act, and sure that DA Eyster would prosecute, him being as sensitive to quality of life crimes as any other citizen.

SENIORS: STAY OFF THE LADDER! If you are elderly PLEASE do not go up a ladder to clean your roof & gutters. We will do it FREE for your safety. This offer applies for most homes in reasonably close locations on the coast and valley.

Stephen Dunlap, Dunlap Roofing

 (707) 462-7506

JACK CAKEBREAD has died. He was 92. The Cakebreads were pioneer SoCo vintners who, over the years, have amassed more than 600 acres of grapes, including some acres here. In 1995, the Cakebreads purchased a 60-acre former apple orchard in Anderson Valley, where they grow Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Apples to grapes is a step backward, imo, but in a mere forty years the Anderson Valley, once a solid economy based on apples, sheep, lumber, fishing, and some tourism, with a genuine community to go with it, is now a community of strangers pegged to a frivolous economy based on intoxicants, ice cream cones and scented sheets.

ERNIE PARDINI: “This is for all of my friends who reached out to help find me a house to rent, as the house I'm currently renting has been sold. I'm happy to inform all of you that the search is over. I've found a beautiful place in Philo on several acres that borders the Navarro River with a trail leading from my front yard down to a huge private swimming hole. I couldn't be happier. They say that when one door closes another door opens and in this case it made me a believer. But the biggest reward for me is not so much finding a great place to live, but is realizing that so many people were concerned about my well-being. Thank you one and all.”

ERNIE ASKS: “How long has it been since our beloved Lodge burned to the ground. The still empty lot is a stark reminder what we lost. Ran across this poem that I wrote in its memory and felt compelled to share it again.”

April 11, 2020  · 

The Boonville Lodge, or the bucket of blood

Has breathed It's final breath

We could only stand and watch

As it died a fiery death

It didn't go down easy though

It fought a valiant fight

Through the hours of the afternoon

And we'll into the night

The wind kept blowing harder

With every passing hour

Fanning the quickly growing flames

Unleashing ungodly power

Finally as the flames died down

And the smoke began to clear

I could hear the sound of glasses clunking

And the sloshing of ice cold beer

I could hear the banging of pool balls

And the juke box's lonely song

And the off key voices of a couple of drunks 

As they tried to sing along

I could hear the shuffle of feet

As couples danced across the floor

The creak of rusty hinges

As someone came in through the door

Then there was only silence

Smoldering embers all that remained

We'd lost a precious treasure

Our town would never be the same.

TO WHICH, Mike McPhee adds, 

“And a mega ton of memories went down with her....our generation grew up waiting our turn to get in.... and join in the good times.....all up in smoke.... so sad…”

PASTOR DAVE KOOYERS: “Fantastic theater seats from the old pews from Country Bible Church, 17831 Haehl St., Boonville CA, 95415 are available. We are changing to chairs. These are in wonderful condition after years of service. They just don't make quality like this anymore. Call me to make an appointment to come take a look. Or, better still, come visit us this Sunday at 10:30 AM, we are currently studying through the Bible in the book of Ezekiel.”

NAVARRO GENERAL STORE is looking for full-time and part-time help. Great opportunity to cashier, stock shelves and work deli service. Looking for an all-around person, friendly, wanting to work, motivated, flexible, multitasking… Please call 707.895.9445


Our AV Pre-Ballet Spring Session is almost over and we will take a summer break but looking to the fall, I would love to plan ahead for days/times best for everyone. 

It would help to know the interest of families for the various age levels as we may have enough kids to dedicate a class to 3, 4, and 5 year olds separately. 

The Studio SoBo is currently available most weekday afternoons between 1-4:30pm, so I’d like to establish a day/time best for each age group so that we can reserve the space before the season begins.

Also, if any families are interested in a Creative Movement class (basically from 18mo - 3 years old + Parent/Guardian), let me know. I don’t play a string instrument (yet), but I have a fun collection of storytime songs, rhymes, and movement activities that I’m happy to share in a group setting. Since these kids are not yet in Preschool, an earlier time may be best, The Studio SoBo is currently open mornings on Mon/Wed/Thu.


Here we go! We had our required bid walk for our first phase of construction to replace the ancient HVAC on a portion of the original high school roof. Anderson Valley Jr./Sr. High School, under the experienced watch of architect Don Alameida, hosted construction firm personnel interested in bidding on the replacement HVAC work for the aging units on the high school science wings. Work includes replacing the electrical panel, HVAC units, and applicable portions of the roof. The construction is earmarked to be paid for by Federal ESSER funds and is intended to supplement anticipated scope of Measure M work. Bids are expected mid-May. 

It was a windy day on the roof, but a GOOD ONE!

Louise Simson


Anderson Valley Unified School District

Cell: 707-684-1017

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