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Abortion Rights Rally, Tuesday, 5pm

Impromptu Rally outside of Fort Bragg Town Hall on Main Street & E. Laurel St!

Spread the word. Bring signs!

In solidarity with Mother Earth and all her creatures,
Redwood Mary


  1. Marmon May 3, 2022

    “In solidarity with Mother Earth and all her creatures”

    Does that include viable unborn babies?


    • Pat Kittle May 3, 2022

      If you call fetuses “unborn babies” you ought to call babies “born fetuses.”

      I respect the sincere concern of most anti-abortionists — I realize you don’t necessarily “hate women” or “want to keep them barefoot & pregnant.”

      But if abortion is banned, are YOU going to take care of the millions upon millions of unwanted children that will result?


      So who do you propose will? Who’s going to love them? Who’s going to pay for them, both directly & indirectly (more crime)?

      (I can never get anti-abortionists to answer these real-world questions.)

      • Marmon May 4, 2022

        Mr. Kittle, you may be good at football but otherwise you don’t know what you’re talking about. Some states may ban abortions but most will just put restrictions in place, some like california will go full board on the killing. The unwanted children you’re talking about are not newborns, newborns can be adopted fast. Most the kids that are in the system are damaged kids, mostly teenagers. I blame most the damage on liberal policies towards drug addiction and other crazy shit being crammed down everyone’s throat. The system now only gives a parent 6 months for a child under 3 to change their lives but it offers no treatment or adequate support. Young parents are set up to fail while the system and fost/adopt agencies rake in the dollars. Folks looking to adopt a baby have discovered the best way to do that is through fost/adopt. If more babies were available through a legitimate adoption agency the system and fost/adopt agencies wouldn’t need to legally kidnap children from struggling parents.


        • Marmon May 4, 2022

          The Clinton’s Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997 (ASFA) is the culprit. It was supposed to help children lanquising in foster care find permanent homes but instead turned the whold shit show upside down.


          • Marmon May 4, 2022

            By the way, most of the damaged teenagers are a product of the system. Moving a kid around to 20 different foster homes doesn’t help things.


          • Pat Kittle May 6, 2022


            I’ll answer that question for you, since you anti-abortionists never get around to it.

            You’ve adopted precisely ZERO unwanted babies/children.

        • Pat Kittle May 5, 2022


          (In typical AVA fashion) 2 of the 3 civil, on-topic comments I’ve directed to you here have been censored.

          So I’ll just ask you one brief question, in the unlikely event this comment is permitted:

          How many unwanted babies/children have YOU adopted?

  2. Marmon May 3, 2022


    What was the ruling in Dobbs v Jackson?

    This draft opinion would overturn Roe v. Wade and Casey, allowing states to determine the legality of abortions. In California you will still be able to kill as many of babies as you want.

    In the 70’s my first wife and I were faced with the decision to abort or not. Our son had died of Cystic Fibrosis and she and I were pursured by doctors to abort our second child. The reasoning was that there was a high probabily that carrying a full term child to birth from two CF carriers would be nothing more than a death sentence for that unborn child.

    There should be some exceptions for abortion, but things like interfering with a womam career or getting strech marks should not be a measure for legal abortions.


    P.S. Our lives were changed forever.

    Fast forward to today, CF babies are now living long lives thanks to research and care.

    • Marmon May 3, 2022

      I can remember driving over an hundred of miles per hour on the old 101 between Cloverdale and Santa Rosa to be present with my son’s last breath. Life is precious, I made it, I watched him die.


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