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Off the Record (April 27, 2022)

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE IN MENDO — Carmel Angelo, Tom Allman, and Dave Eyster. 

Angelo, Allman, Eyster

The three heavyweights of Mendocino County government in recent times gathered Saturday night in front of 125 people who turned out to bid Angelo a formal goodbye as the CEO of a County not easily governed. The occasion was a retirement party for Angelo at Rivino Winery. Angelo is heading back to her native San Diego after a 12-year run as the County’s chief executive, preceded by three years as boss of the Health and Human Services Agency. Allman retired a couple of years before Angelo, so now only “DA Dave” remains in one of the three most powerful posts in local government. Remarks were all in good fun, and laudatory, and sometimes funny. Angelo was given a couple of standing ovations by a crowd representing a cross-section of the who’s who in local politics and business. There were a number of County supervisors on hand, past, and present: John Mayfield, Dan Hamburg, Richard Shoemaker, Glenn McCourty, John Haschack, Ted Williams. Noticeably absent was Supervisor John McCowen, once a close political ally of Angelo. Their falling out underscored the last few tumultuous years of Angelo’s tenure. But no matter. Angelo, said Allman, is a “tough old broad.

CHRIS SKYHAWK'S letter today suggests old grievances that Chris is too nice a guy to spell out, but serious enough to send Chris all the way to an endorsement of John Redding, incumbent supervisor Ted Williams' opponent in the June election.

WILLIAMS, predictably, is endorsed by the organized Democrats, none of whom, like a majority of the people in his district, have the faintest idea of Williams' actual performance as a supervisor which, in the opinion of the Boonville weekly, has been deficient and, on occasion, malicious. And consistently craven at the feet of the imperious, vindictive CEO Carmel Angelo. We don't think he's earned another four years on this disastrous board of supervisors.

WHICH isn't to say we endorse John Redding, a man we know little about beyond his obvious virtue in infuriating Mendocino County's softy-wofty libs. We're working up a list of questions for Redding, bearing in mind that a person can be a goose-stepping Trump fascist but a responsible supervisor in a theoretically non-partisan job focused solely on local matters. 

THE BEST SUPERVISORS over the past fifty years have been conservatives while the libs have been a disaster and even crooked in a chiseling, petty way. With the exception of Norman de Vall and the best lib ever around here, Liz Henry, besieged and undermined by libs and yobbos alike. We often pounded on de Vall, the kinda sorta liberal 5th District supervisor of yesteryear at a time when the county's libs were electorally confined to the 5th District, but he was always accessible, always amiable with detractors. The rest of them have been a parade of crybabies and hustlers — Smith; Colfax; Hamburg; Shoemaker; Campbell; Wagenet. 

AND then there's Gjerde. He seems to have checked out years ago, an opinion recently confirmed when he posted as his supervisor's report an irrelevant item from 2017. A capable guy who was positively inspirational as a Fort Bragg City councilman when he took on the criminals then dominating the town, Gjerde mails it in as a supervisor, contributing little to the dependably confused proceedings.

I GUESS you could say the local dysfunction reflects the dysfunction at the national level, where we see an obviously incapacitated president shaking hands with invisible people as he's minded by someone dressed as the Easter Bunny.

AND THAT'S a second uniquely Mendo problem. People get elected to Mendo public office totally unequipped for adult give and take. Criticism is met with a wounded withdrawal. Rather than argue with criticism, criticism is simply and conveniently dismissed as “negativity.” We might as well just select representatives randomly off the street given the quality of the people we have now. 

LINDY PETERS comments on Tommy Wayne Kramer’s recent piece about the Cleveland “Guardians” &c…

“The first guy I thought of when the Cleveland Indians changed their name was Tommy Wayne Kramer. This poor guy, who I know for a fact resents political correctness more than most, has been victimized by it in the worst way. Sorry Tommy. Your childhood heroes, guys like Johnny Romano and Woodie Held and Dick Howser ( as kids we’d reverse his name and howl with laughter) and Tito Francona have a strange new name across their chests. Your most famous player may be Tommy John, not for anything he accomplished on the field but for the career-saving surgery named after him once he joined the Dodgers and his career took off. But Mr. Kramer, no one can take away 1965. You remember. The year the lowly Cleveland Indians finally overtook the mighty New York Yankees and finished ahead of them in the standings for the first time in 10 years. They can never take that away from you. No matter who is guarding the traffic across that bridge in Cleveland.”


Mr. Anderson and all the crew, 

Just want to say hi. Dealing with this city life as you know can be challenging. I'm okay. Got a Parole Officer who's kind of a little stickler and groups are overwhelming. But I'm free, right? And I'm doing what I got to do. I'm surviving. I'm alive. I'm kicking. And I just want to give a shout out to Bruce Anderson and the AVA and thank all you guys at the office for all your support and lifelines and hope and all that goes with it. I hope everyone's well. I hope your families are well. And I hope there's peace amongst you all. The one thing I have to say is keep fanning the flames because you're damn good at that. Anyways, peace man. Thanks so much for everything. Just touching home base. I hope all is well.

PS. Wondering if anyone can identify this individual? LOL. 

Peace out man.

Mark Sprinkle

OLD TIMERS may recall that it was the fear of nuclear fallout that brought Rev. Jim Jones to Mendocino County. Jones had read a widely circulated story in Esquire that claimed the Northcoast would largely be spared the atomic poisons unleashed by the unthinkable. But now that Putin is brandishing the unthinkable… Somehow, though, the Rev never seemed quite reliable.

ON A SLOW news day we were arguing about history, the local historical memory specifically. I said if Jim Jones arrived tomorrow in Ukiah with the same robust multi-ethnic message, but calling himself Jonesy Jim, he'd again be appointed to the Mendo Grand Jury and immediately turn up on KZYX with his own show — Woke, Woker, Wokest with Pastor Jonesy Jim. The other end of the argument said it would take Jonesy Jim at least a month to return to 70s-quality prominence.

SPEAKING of our semi-public unfree speech radio station, is it just me or is there even more fluff than usual? Interviews with one-book novelists, and that one book unreadable but politically fashionable, even more interviews with non-verbal musicians and movie people, and always a lot of semi-hysterical laughter at nothing at all. Any day now I expect to turn on the party line news from NPR — Democrats good, other people unspeakable — when suddenly all I hear is screams.

THE SLOBBIFICATION OF EVERYWHERE: Soooooo, the numbers are in for trash removed from the Russian River in 2021 from Cloverdale north to Lake Mendocino — 39 tons. 

39 TONS? That's an awful lot of trash. The most committed slobs must be doing it deliberately to come up with that depressing tonnage.

FORMER SUPERVISOR McCOWEN is correct. Although a lot of the trash in and around the Russian River from Ukiah to Cloverdale is illegally dumped there, the drug and multi-substance abusing people permanently camped on its banks contribute a large swathe of it and should be rousted and kept away by the threat of a few months in jail. Deliberate dumpers are truly subversive and should also do jail time.

THE REASON there are so many people unable and/or unwilling to care for themselves while enjoying river front living is our local homeless industrial complex. Even the hint of coercion — “I'm sorry but we can't allow you to use the Russian River as a toilet…” — and here they come, the whole mob of misery-dependent helping professionals, all of them shouting, “Fascist! Gestapo! Unfeeling! Not Nice!” Maybe even their ultimate denunciation and the one most prevalent in Mendo, “Inappropriate!”

IF THE RUSSIAN RIVER ran through Westside Ukiah you can be sure there would be no psychos, drunks and dope heads living on its banks.

LEGAL DUMP FEES are too high for people making between thirty and forty thou, the average annual family wage in Mendocino County, which is where the leadership, such as it is, ought to step in and subsidize household trash disposal for people who have no alternative but to offload it wherever they can. America would be a better place if the salaries of public and elected officials were pegged to the annual average wage of their constituents. I defy you to watch an hour of the Mendo supervisors and defend why they are paid nearly three times the money their captive citizens are paid.

IN A DRAMATIC SHIFT from California’s history of allowing landowners to freely pump and consume water from their own wells, Sonoma County’s rural residents and many others will soon begin paying for the water drawn from beneath their feet. In the sprawling 81,284-acre Santa Rosa Plain groundwater basin, the proposed regulatory fee for a rural resident is $18 to $25 a year, much lower than the rates in the more sparsely populated Petaluma and Sonoma valleys.

MY LATE FRIEND, White Man Frank, a retired merchant seaman, owned a cabin up in Deer Meadow Estates where he regaled visitors with the ethnic theories he'd developed as a Frisco slum landlord — “Now yer Nicaraguan is a lot neater than yer Mexican…” etc. White Man was positively giddy at the extremely remote prospect that an American Lee Kwan Yew would soon be running San Francisco. “When the Chinese take over, the bullshit will end!” he'd shout, bringing his right arm dramatically down in a guillotine chop. 

HIS IDEA of civic “bullshit” seemed to embrace any and all disorder, from a single newspaper blowing down a windy street to homeless camps. Funny thing about him was although he said he was a Marxist, White Man became quite annoyed with me when I pointed out that his city management theories sounded much more like fascism than socialism. “I've forgotten more about this stuff than you'll ever know, Mr. Editor,” he'd thundered, and the very next day he drove up with a box of books he banged down on our counter with a triumphant, “I don't just shoot my mouth off, I do my research!”

IN 2014, I biked from my apartment on 7th Avenue over to Hippy Hill in Golden Gate Park to watch the 4-20 festivities. April 20 at 4:20pm derived from pioneer stoners at San Rafael High School meeting at 4:20 to furtively fire up some ditch weed. Today's marijuana, developed right here in Mendocino County, is a lot stronger. These days, America's stoners all light up at once in mass celebration of a drug that makes them slow and stupid. I expected something like a few hundred ancient flower children shaking their cadaverous booties with maybe lame-o Wavy Gravy gumming some peace and love platitudes, but what I found was, well, put it this way — the hippies of '67 look positively wholesome put alongside this crew. If it had been advertised as Thug Fest 2014 we would have had some truth in advertising. Lots of gangstas and no hippies of the traditional tie-dyed doofi type, only acres of tough guys and women very unlike the ones who married dear old dad. The entire area between Hippie Hill and the Children's Playground was wall-to-wall criminal intent. A cloud of pot and grill smoke hung over the park. No cops anywhere. Every other person seemed to have an apparatus that boomed out the mayhem recommendations of rap. “You lost, Pops?” a kid asked me, and it belatedly occurred to me that in my khakis and button down blue shirt I was definitely odd man out. The scene was, for sure, more than mildly disconcerting, and when I saw a large white guy, maybe 40, shirtless, obviously a veteran of many hours on a prison weight pile, his skin festooned with jail tats and a big White Pride announcement, when I saw this guy, a maniacal grin on his face, wade into the multi-ethnic gang-banging mopes, I knew bad things were about to happen in Golden Gate Park, our sylvan retreat, our urban respite of forest and meadow, our natural solace amidst the din and clamor of city life, and I made my way to my bike and pedaled home.

TWO DAYS LATER, the Chron's comment line was mostly a lot of huffing and puffing about “hippies” having left The City with a huge clean-up bill for a trashed park, and isn't it just like the hypocrites to talk about how much they love Mother Earth then leave tons of trash in our trampled park. But this thing was not a hippie event, and Marx himself never could have foreseen how many and how fearsome the lumpen has become.

THE RACE FOR COUNTY SCHOOLS SUPERINTENDENT is shaping up as the only interesting race on the June ballot. Opposition to incumbent Superintendent is clustered around a Ukiah school administrator named Nicole Glentzer. The following is a paragraph from an endorsement of Ms. Glentzer apparently prepared by Lisa Rantala, CSEA Chapter 194 President. 

".... before a decision was made Mendocino County chapter leaders interviewed both candidates for the office. 'After discussing the reputations of each candidate and getting to know them better through our endorsement interview, it was clear that Nicole is the right person to lead Mendocino County Office of Education,' said Rantala. 'Nicole has a history of working collaboratively with school employees and serving children in Mendocino County. Her integrity and experience make her the clear choice for County Superintendent of Schools.'” 

MS. RANTALA works for the Ukiah schools, and is a colleague of Ms. Glentzer's. Maggie Butler of Potter Valley is also quoted. Ms. Glentzer lives in Potter Valley.

THE ENDORSEMENT overall is vague unto pure ether. Rantala et al might as well have said, “We're endorsing Nicole because she's taller.” 

BEHIND THE SCENES for Ms. Glentzer we find the dim former County Superintendent in the history of the agency, Paul Tichinin, and another vapid MCOE retiree, Damon Dickinson, two reasons right there why California is ranked among the lowest third of American public schools.

THE NUT of the beef between people unhappy with incumbent Hutchins is that Hutchins has said no to Ukiah funding schemes. The feckless Tichinin, of course, signed off on them. The primary opposition to Hutchins comes from Ukiah.

IN MAY of 2020 Ukiah Unified Superintendent Debra Kubin asked Hutchins for “differentiated assistance funds” which Kubin wanted to spend on consultants which, Kubin explained, “could be extremely valuable in this area with our upper level managers,” and “a retreat we would like to hold.”

HOLD IT RIGHT THERE. Consultants? Upper level managers? Retreat? We've had years of these ripoffs out of Tichinin's seemingly endless reign at County Schools, and before him, the agency was operated as a criminal conspiracy that saw two “upper level managers” packed off to jail for stealing and what you might call “moral turpitude.” (An upper level MCOE manager named Hal Titen was making pornographic films with underage girls in the back room of his bar using educational equipment he'd “borrowed” from MCOE. His “upper level manager” colleagues said they were “surprised and shocked.” Tichinin, an admin guy at MCOE in the days it was operated as a criminal enterprise? Never a peep outta him.

MS. HUTCHINS replied to Kubin's attempt to grab off a nice hunk of cash for her Ukiah-based upper level managers by citing the Education Code (Sec. 52071), which clearly requires that the differentiated assistance money go to County offices from which the assistance is provided to all county school districts. It's not supposed to be passed along to individual districts. Ms. Hutchins added that she and her staff would be more than happy to work with Ukiah Unified to figure out ways to improve Ukiah Unified’s performance "challenges," but would not simply hand over the money for consultants and retreats for upper level managers. (Ms. Hutchins phrased it a bit more tactfully.)

UKIAH UNIFIED was very unhappy. Prior MCOE administrations always played ball. And then some. 

SOOOOO the upper management retreaters at Ukiah Unified, having figured out that a female challenger might have a better shot at unseating a female incumbent than the slo-mo upper management male drone Ukiah ran against Hutchins four years ago, came up with an upper-management female Ukiah candidate named Nicole Glentzer.

THERE'S literally no adult-type reason to unseat Ms. Hutchins.

DEPARTMENT OF SCHADENFREUDE. Well, kind of I guess, but the reigning empress of Mendocino County's helping professionals, Camille Schraeder, has picked up a DUI out of the Fort Bragg area. She presides over the County's privatized $20 million annual mental health fund, adults and children. Needless to say, Schraeder and former CEO Angelo were great pals. Where does all that money go every year? Only Camille knows for sure, but she and Mr. Schraeder undoubtedly take a hefty whack for assuming all that responsibility. 

A READER COMMENTS: I would like to thank the Mendocino County GOP for texting me (unsolicited) yesterday to tell me about the “exciting upcoming news” about John Redding’s candidacy. I was having a hard day and I really, really needed a good laugh.

THE FORT BRAGG CITY COUNCIL has approved tiny houses, two per lot, a huge breakthrough the rest of Mendocino County would do well to imitate to reduce homelessness.

RE THAT LOST COAST RESCUE, Kirk Vodopals writes: “Been hiking and camping on the lost coast in a huge storm with rain that dumped for 26 hours straight, sideways rain , huge winds in the late 80s. Buddies tent broke in the storm, everything soaked. Road it out in my tent with three people and a German shepherd. Tight quarters but we all stayed warm. Hiked out after the storm, gear soaked weighing double what it was hiking in, tired but still stoked. Never would have dreamed to call anyone to help, let alone a helicopter. It was our problem and we solved it. Waste of resources to send in the cavalry unless they were using this as a training exercise, which I imagine they were since they are always training. Lesson-Don’t go backpacking with a gps or sat phone if you plan on using them because you are not up to completing the journey and endanger others with your stupidity and laziness.”

A READER WRITES: There's room for the County’s worthless $80k Strategic Plan on the dusty file-and-forget shelf right next to the Beacon Economics report which analyzed Mendo economics through December, 2020. Have the Supervisors ever discussed this report or its recommendations? (Hint: No)

“The County of Mendocino engaged Beacon Economics to undertake an analysis of the Mendocino Economy with a focus on key industry clusters in Mendocino County and strategies

County of Mendocino:

JUST SAYIN' but is it fair to private local nurseries when publicly-funded Mendocino College throws a weekend-long plant sale? 

KINDA SUSPICIOUS that Camille Schraeder's mugshot for her recent DUI in Fort Bragg hasn't appeared yet in Catch of the Day, but I'm sure it will soon be right along with everyone else’s.  Which it never was.

YEARS AGO, when paper-newspapers were still central to the life of this county, the wife of the then-publisher of the Ukiah Daily Journal was popped for shoplifting. Judge Henry Nelson, to spare the unfortunate klepto an appearance along with the usual morning coffle of orange jumpsuits, held a special private hearing for the publisher's wife, during which she was “warned and advised” and sent on her way. His honor was highly indignant when news of this cozy arrangement leaked out and harumphed mightily that he had done no such thing, and wouldn't do such a thing, him being a model of judicial propriety.

BEST OF LUCK to Ms. Minal Shanker, as she completes her purchase of Ukiah's long-abandoned Palace Hotel with a view to getting it up and running as the downtown hub it once was. She'll need lots of luck dealing with local authorities whose first move is always to tell the applicant, “No, that's impossible.” Ukiah's phantom, lavishly compensated city manager, Sage Sangiocomo, reinforced by Ukiah's fey city council, ought to personally walk Ms. Shanker through her project. We all hope she won't bow out at the end of a 9-month gauntlet.

WHILE THE PALACE is rehabbed, it may open just as the new and universally unwanted new County Courthouse also opens three long blocks to the east, another giant eyesore for the town sure to eclipse in pure architectural malpractice the new Hotel Mariupol on Airport Boulevard. Natch, not a peep about another gutting of Ukiah's dying downtown from the City or (of course) County authorities as the new Courthouse proceeds. One would think that their majesties of the Superior Court, sole beneficiaries of the new building, might deign to act (for a change) in the public interest and come out against it.

FOR A VIRTUALLY unknown office, the Mendocino County Office of Education generates a lot of heat, especially this election cycle as the insurgent candidate's surrogates take to clandestine cyber-sites to vilify the incumbent. 

THE ELECTION for superintendent has gotten ugly and won't get less ugly before the June vote, which is what happens when the insurgent candidate, Nicole Glentzer, has no real issues. 

MAYBE one out of fifty Mendo residents knows what the County Office of Education does, and those few usually grasp the tail of the elephant but have no idea the size of a mostly invisible beast employing 186 persons, none of whom have come out against incumbent Hutchins. 

THE ENDORSEMENTS of a couple of tame employee unions garnered by Ms. Glentzer are endorsements by their leaders who claim they surveyed the bus drivers and custodians of their memberships to come up with an endorsement for Mrs. Glentzer, but who knows for sure, especially when one of those unions is led by a Potter Valley neighbor of Mrs. Glentzer's, the other by a Boonville woman named Nicole McClain who began her vague but unrelenting vendetta against Ms. Hutchins almost ten years ago when Ms. Hutchins was hired as principal at Boonville High School.

MRS. GLENTZER, in her sole substantive beef with incumbent Hutchins, writes, “When our districts needed support developing Covid safety plans to reopen the schools, the County Superintendent was unavailable for help.”

I'LL GIVE Mrs. G the benefit of a very large doubt here, assuming that she wasn't aware of the true facts of Superintendent Hutchins' efforts rather than say Mrs. G is straight-up lying. If she doesn't know the fact of such a basic matter she shouldn't be the candidate. If she's lying, that’s reason number two she shouldn't be the candidate.

HERE'S THE FACT. Hutchins was on the case from the get, as she explains: “During the first two months of the pandemic, I facilitated meetings between school personnel and the county public health office every day for the first two months. Afterwards, I facilitated a weekly meeting totaling 125 meetings in all. Additionally, the school superintendents who support my opponent wanted to exclude charter and private schools from these meetings. But I refused; every student needs to be represented, and every student needs to be safe.”

WHAT DOES MOBY-DICK have to do with Mendocino County?

Find out in Chapter One of my new book, Mendocino History Exposed.

That chapter's title is Moby-Dick and the Reservation, creating a bit more intrigue.

Mendocino History Exposed is available at Gallery Bookshop in Mendocino. If you are too bashful for in person shopping try their easy to order site at

You can also call: 707-937-2665

Mendocino History Exposed is also available at The Bookstore at 137 East Laurel St. in Fort Bragg 707-964-6559.

They have sold out of Mendocino History Exposed once already, so don't hesitate to ask them to procure more copies.

This collection of twenty-two tales centered on our county, but with universal appeal, can also be had at Windsong at 324 N. Main St. in Fort Bragg. 707-964-2050.


[1] Speaking of just-in-time supply chains: I started working in hospitals in the mid-70s. Back then, your local hospital kept about 3 months worth of supplies in stock, and many supplies were reusable, such as surgical drapes made of cotton fabric.

Hospitals in the US have switched to just-in-time because it saves a few pennies. Likewise, many supplies are now single use – surgical drapes are now made of disposable paper, again, to save a few pennies.

Your local hospital probably has less than a week’s worth of supplies in stock, and is likely run by a for-profit company based in another state, which only cares about the bottom line. If you want to speak with someone, you get a canned “Your call is very important to us…” and then a wait time of hours.

In the 70s, hospitals were local, and had boards of directors made up of doctors and prominent local citizens, who you could actually visit and talk to if there was a problem.

[2] What a treat it once was, upon opening your Bat Man lunchbox you find out your mother had packed in Twinkies for dessert! Hostess cupcakes with the creamy inside were good too.

[3] America’s medical system is in shambles. It’s all about making a profit and less about providing care for extremely sick patients. And it is even worse in big cities. The name of the game is charge outlandish fees for the least items. Like $14 for an Aleve tablet. Or $125 for a nurse to check your temperature and BP. I know because I had a shoulder replacement in San Francisco and my bill for four days in the hospital was $145,000 dollars not including the surgeon’s fees. I know because I requested an itemized bill from Sutter Hospital. Medicare paid for 80% and I am stuck with the remaining 20%. I’ve had to ask family members for money. Sell all of my valuables, use the equity in my house for a loan and I still need to make $780 payments a month probably until I die and then my estate is liable for the remaining medical bills. Big rich hospital Corporations own the medical system and the doctors. America has the worst medical system in the world. I would not be in this financial mess had I lived in Canada or one of the Scandinavian countries, or Denmark or Belgium. My retirement is a life of a debtor. I live on nickels and dimes. I’m restricted to riding buses and eating at the Senior Center and relying on the Food Bank. Not what I had planned for my retirement after 51 years of working as a truck driver.

[4] There are about 200 Brown Bears living in Ukraine — in mortal danger now that hundreds of thousands of soldiers are running around the country with Kalashnikov rifles. (I’m assuming both sides are using AKs) The first thing a young infantryman is going to do if he sees a bear out in the field … is to shoot it.

There’s also about 800 bisons — what we call buffaloes — roaming around the Ukrainian steppes, a small herd of buffs, very similar to the buffaloes we have out west. In fact over the decades eastern European buffaloes have been brought to America to restock our own herds and introduce fresh blood into the population. These Ukrainian buffaloes are in danger too.

[5] FIRE VICTIM TRUSTS: “Many people don't seem to have a clue what lawyers, lobbyists and other white collar types get paid these days. It is fairly shocking. But it has been that way for many, many years. Income inequality is alive and well and more dramatic than ever. I never cease to be amazed at how the Republicans have engineered a political landscape in which blue collar workers vote en masse (by generating fear and anger relating to hot button social wedge issues as the energizing force) to support a party whose primary purpose is to lower taxes on the well off and rich, but that is for another discussion. 

Also, keep in mind that many of the victims in the Trust are paying their lawyers 25% of their payout (give or take). Which is also shocking but very typical for this sort of thing. But if you operate on the notion that the lawyers are the ones who negotiated for the creation and funding of the Trust in the first place and that most victims would have received very little, if any, money from PG&E for their losses without the efforts of their lawyers, it isn't too hard to rationalize the lawyers fees as the price one must pay to get anything at all.” 

[6] FAKE VAXX CARDS, an on-line comment: 

Oh holy cripe. As someone who does work in the healthcare area, I raised the alarm about this Kicking and Screaming months ago. Advised them to have barcodes on the shot records and the little cards they were handing out. There were so many people with these fake cards at some events locally. In the Bay Area they were joking around that they could get these cards for $100 or $200 and then it didn’t matter and they could take their masks off. Several large CANNABIS events had hundreds of these fake card attendees. There was no cross-checking going on against the database, no security measures on the cards. Oh yeah, just hold that card up and you were good to go. Puff, puff, pass me some RONA. I raised the alarm and announced that this was going on. It was kind of overlooked, ignored. I’m quite pleased to see that something came of it. 100% surprised that it was never really exposed before this. Slimy people are everywhere no matter educational or economic status.

[7 I have encountered many poor-quality Pharmacists lately, and, while Wal-Mart Pharmacy seems like a poor place for Pharmacists from India and China to work in the first place, backwards views about COVID vaccines among health-care workers and educated persons are still surprising to me…

Like my Brother, a career science-teacher at Kennedy High School in Sacramento, a man with a degree in Chemistry and a PhD in Religion, (couldn’t get into Med School so he went to Maranatha instead), an educated man who refuses to take his vaccine…

Incredible. Fake Vaccination Cards… What next?

Take away the license, next candidate getting fresh off the boat, about now… Pharmacists will be soon replaced by robots anyway, and the few leftovers will be in charge of paperwork, performance review and regulatory crap…

Adventist Health is the center of the poor-quality money-focused healthcare industry in Northern California, and if you see a “South-Asian” Pharmacist working in your facility, it is a good sign that you are in a facility that values cheap help over safety and sensibility…

If your employees won’t even comply with State and Federal Law, you can’t assure quality of care, so, it’s an Adventist Health Problem: Avoid like plague, Adventist Health!

AH has been having “Hiring Events” lately, but still has many openings in every facility…

Foreign candidates are pouring into the USA daily!

[8] “Mainly we hate the Russian president for doing what he said he would do, acting like a man, literally having to set boundaries for the unruly children, like Daddy used to do. America hates daddies.”

Well, if by that you mean that daddy is a psychopath with a god complex who beats up his kids and rapes them, then, yeah, most Americans hate those kinds of daddies. Most sane folks do. Daddy thinks he is the Redeemer of the Russian soul, protector of the Russian spirit and that he is answerable on this plane to no one but himself–and certainly not the rule of law! And he is ordained by GOD to do as he pleases and woe be he, she, they who disagree with him! And if he has to burn down his own and his neighbor’s house to impose his will, then his will be done. 

Many find that kind of “daddy” and his behavior admirable and that suggests that a lot of people have serious daddy issues.

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