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Mendocino County Today: October 28, 2012

Good clutch pitching by Ryan Vogelsong, Tim Lincecum and Sergio Romo combined with more good team defense to lead the Giants to a second shutout of the American League champion Detroit Tigers to take a commanding 3-0 lead in the 2012 World Series.

DISTINCTIONS: First, can we mention that phenomenon is singular and phenomena is the plural, like criterion and criteria. Even TV newspeople always get that wrong. Didn't such people used to be literate? Didn't people used to know that? Re medical meth, it's been around a long time. Diet pills, uppers. Literal meth (methamphetamine hydrochloride) is sold as Desoxyn by Abbott, Inc. It is pure liquid meth in a plastic matrix the size and shape of a pill. The drug is released in the body and the “pill” is excreted by the user. Or soaking the pills overnight in a little water renders the drug injectable. Try getting a prescription for that. — Jeff Costello

KZYX AUDIO THERAPIST Dr. Richard Miller's deal to buy the Redwood Health Club has fallen through, but his group, and others, remain interested in reviving the foreclosed Fort Bragg spa although it requires a large investment in repairs. RHC is listed for sale by Coast realtor Barry Cusick for $690,000. It lost quite a few members to the tax-supported Starr Center when it opened.

WHENEVER A BOOKSTORE closes book people everywhere feel the pain. When Cheshire closed in Fort Bragg we felt the loss all the way to Boonville. A very nice store run by very nice people. We're sorry to see them go.

A THREE-MAN poaching ring has been suppressed by Fish and Game after a two month investigation. The trio of spotlighters killed deer, elk and wild boar for sale to private buyers throughout Northern California.

“OPERATION HIGH HOG,” as Fish and Game dubbed the investigation, began after repeated complaints by ranch owners in Colusa, Butte and Glenn counties that their properties were being plundered by poachers. Game wardens were never able to get to the outback ranches in time to catch the thieves, but property owners were able to supply license plate numbers of the suspects' vehicles. With that information, Fish and Game put the suspects under surveillance that included use of airplanes and soon led investigators to the sale of the game meat to a market in Sacramento County and to a network of private buyers. Seven search warrants were served Saturday at the buyers' homes, where wardens found the meat in freezers.

ARRESTED were Jason Martinez, 37, of Elk Grove; Bryan Carrion (sic), 46 of Colusa, and Gerald Martin, 36, of Pollock Pines.

FISH AND GAME said the men were all convicted felons with prior fish and game violations. Investigators found illegal snares at Carrion's home and 38 firearms in Martin's possession. The meat buyers were not arrested, but F&G will recommend that the district attorney also charge the buyers with violating fish and game laws.

COMMENT OF THE DAY: “American prosperity looks like a function of virtue and energy, but the geographic turn tells us that it's mostly a function of white people with guns owning a giant chunk of well-irrigated, very well-harbored real estate off the edge of the World Island, bordering a hot land on one side and a cold one on the other. Really, you can't miss. Our geographic truth enters our songs and sagas even if it evades our sermons: O beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountain majesties, above the fruited plain; this land is my land, from the redwood forest to the gulf-stream waters. The geographic truth beneath our prosperity is as naturally sung by our bards as the olive oils and wine-dark sea at the heart of Greek culture were sung by theirs.” — Adam Gopnik, “The Renaissance of Geographic History”

WITH THE BUD in the barn and home invasion season commences, Mendo law enforcement, for all the summer and fall months to last week has averaged at least a pot bust a day, sometimes half a dozen or more, nicely functioning to keep prices at a lucrative average of $2,400 a pound.

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