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George Carlin on Saving the Planet


  1. George Hollister March 2, 2022

    George Carlin was good. There were others back in his day that were comparable. Too bad, no one now.

  2. Harvey Reading March 2, 2022

    I can see why you suddenly seem to have become a Carlin fan. As nearly as I can tell this was recorded in the early 90s. It pretty much reflected popular opinion then (and now, among the primitive fasciuglicans). My bet is that Carlin would have come up with something quite different if he was recording it now. One of the troubles with you conservathugs is that you live in the past and revere it, undeservedly.

    Oddly enough, I had never seen this one. I watched a fair amount of TV then, almost ALL movies on the pay channels, but no crappy series, including Saturday Night Live, by then their having lost any appeal for me.

    • Harvey Reading March 2, 2022

      To this day, I have no idea who shot J.R. and still don’t care to know.

  3. Pat Kittle March 2, 2022

    I agree about Carlin’s cheap shots at environmentalism.

    But (despite wokester narcissism) it doesn’t take a whole lot of courage to mock White people. And (not surprisingly) the ONLY race Carlin mocked is Whites.

    He was entertaining when he got on a roll, but he failed to appreciate that a little potty-mouthing goes a long way.

    • Bruce Anderson March 2, 2022

      Did Carlin make you cry, George?

      • Pat Kittle March 3, 2022

        You asked me a childish question.

        Not surprisingly, you censored my civil answer.

        I want to remember you as a fearless defender of free speech, but maybe you were always like this.

        • Bruce Anderson March 3, 2022

          The child is father to the man, George.

    • George Hollister March 3, 2022

      In one of his monologs Carlin made fun of all the words that were being censored. As far as I remember, that is as far as he got with potty mouth. Potty mouth goes no where in comedy, and is a substitute for talent used with standups with no talent.

      Remember “Hippy Dippy Weatherman”? “The forecast for tonight is, dark”

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