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Flashback: San Francisco in 1960s


  1. Michael Geniella December 22, 2021

    Thanks for the ride, Zack Anderson. I was in high school during that era, and ‘The City’ was a magnet. My first meal in North Beach was at La Pantera. We closed out the night sitting at the base of Coil Tower taking in the sights. If you were a boy from Marysville, you were awed!

  2. Steve Heilig December 22, 2021

    Nice! Thanks Zack.. I first visited SF in the 70s as a kid and was enthralled. Even though the violent crime rate was much higher than now (contrary to what many would have us believe) and I got mugged, I knew I’d end up living here sooner or later…. And here I still am.

  3. Fred Gardner December 27, 2021

    The cars are now in Havana.

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