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Ukiah Co-Op Vandalized by Anti-Maskers

FOR THE SECOND TIME, roughly two dozen unmasked people, including children, invaded the Ukiah Co-Op on Saturday, allegedly in protest of the store's mandated mask policy. The protesters denounced CoOp employees as fascists while encouraging their children to help themselves to whatever food they desired as their parents loaded shopping carts with food items they left in carts. The response by the Ukiah police was [suspiciously] slow. No one was cited although the store sustained minor damage and staff had to spend several hours cleaning up deliberately spilled goods and re-shelving items the demonstrators left in loaded shopping carts.


  1. Jim W December 13, 2021

    This is exactly the actions of people who don’t respect rules that they personally don’t like. Stopping at red traffic light signals, like wearing masks indoors, is also a measure put into place to protect people in an environment where large concentrations of people exist.

    • Pat Kittle December 13, 2021

      “This is exactly the actions of people who don’t respect rules that they personally don’t like.”

      Exactly! >:-(

      It’s only OK if BLM or Antifa do it!

      Or “undocumented” immigrants swarming the border!

      Or politicians!

      • Bruce December 13, 2021

        Can we stay on subject. Our county and a great co-op that provides excellent products and service gets attacked. That is it. Leave other topics off the table, while we attend to supporting a good business and not supporting outrageous and illegal behavior, that models more poor parenting.
        However, it that group of attackers were black, brown or immigrants, would the police have come faster? Perhaps.

        • Pat Kittle December 13, 2021

          “However, it [sic] that group of attackers were [sic] black, brown or immigrants, would the police have come faster?”

          You’re funny, Bruce.

          I’d answer that question for you with overwhelming evidence, but you’d censor it.


          • Bruce Anderson December 13, 2021


            But great game, Sunday, George. Those clutch catches were something! Go, Niners!

            • Pat Kittle December 13, 2021

              You never understood
              that it ain’t no good
              You shouldn’t let other people
              get their kicks for you
              — (Dylan)

              • Bruce Anderson December 13, 2021

                Got it the first time, George.

            • Pat Kittle December 13, 2021

              You never understood
              that it ain’t no good
              You shouldn’t let other people
              get your kicks for you
              — (Dylan)

      • Tricia December 13, 2021

        Ummm no. Don’t presume to speak for others. Must be a GOP.

  2. Michael Geniella December 13, 2021

    Outrageous. Prosecute them to the fullest extent possible.

    • Marmon December 13, 2021

      Oh yeah, but let real criminals walk the streets freely. More bail reforms and close down a few more prisons except for the ones needed for anti-maskers and Trump supporters.


      • Bruce Anderson December 13, 2021

        Excellent idea, James. Lock ’em up as the public health hazard they are!

    • chuck dunbar December 13, 2021

      Exactly, Mike and Jim, and there should be security camera footage that can help LE identify these criminals. I hope the DA pursues this case aggressively. These kind of actions are hard to believe, in our small towns where civility is so crucial, and where so many of us know each other. That should matter… could it not matter?

      • chuck dunbar December 13, 2021

        Forgot to note that these folks did this in front of their children! Teaching them what? How stupid and irresponsible can one get?

        • Marmon December 13, 2021

          Yeah, where is CPS? Get out there and take those kids from those parents. Screw the 14th Amendmant, school choice and parental rights.

          The Fourteenth Amendment of the United States’ Constitution protects against the state’s taking a person’s life, liberty, or property, without due process of law. … This constitutional right to parent without government oversight overlaps with other constitutional interests.


          • chuck dunbar December 13, 2021

            Over-reaction, James, no one suggested this action. You are a trouble-maker.

            • Professor Cosmos December 13, 2021

              Wrong. I did, to evaluate parental influence in encouraging violent criminal behavior.

              • chuck dunbar December 13, 2021

                Sorry, had not seen your post, so semi-apologies to James. But all that CPS might do would be to slap the parents’ hands–figuratively– and tell them they did something stupid, and warn them not to do it again. No chance that CPS would file a petition on this issue, or ask a judge to grant a warrant of removal–no issues of imminent safety issue as to the children. It’s a kind of lower level emotional abuse….

                • Professor Cosmos December 13, 2021

                  I agree….a counseling response only should be the action taken.

                • Marmon December 13, 2021

                  “No chance that CPS would file a petition on this issue, or ask a judge to grant a warrant of removal”

                  When did the County’s CPS workers start petitioning the court for warrants? I thought they were confortable with just falsifying documents to make it look like a child was in immanent danger. “Screw warrants, we don’t need no stinking warrants”.


  3. bruce December 13, 2021

    Where is a Grand Jury investigation into the police depts. ?

  4. Bart Kaplan December 13, 2021

    Obviously many people completely disbelieve anything our fascist government pronounces. We know the pathogen came from a USA bio-warfare lab and was deliberately released on the masses of people. The New World Order announced they were reducing the world’s population to half a billion. First there was poisoned foo. All agbusiness GMO food is laced with cancer causing chemicals. Now people take for granted they will get cancer. When The nazis-fascists, who rule us, state eternally that draconian control is their agenda, people in the underclass look at what is happening by most people socially as the behavior of total dupes. We now who Fauci is and the big pharma he represents which is making billions off an experimental substance that is not a vaccine. I don’t take part in any demonstrations because i am 80, but I am thankful for all the rebels out there who know what really is going on.

    • michael geniella December 13, 2021

      Gee, I missed the proclamation by the ‘New World Order.’ Do you have a copy you could share?

    • Bruce Anderson December 13, 2021

      Fascist government? If you’re 80 you’re old enough to know something about fascism, and you come up with this nonsense?

  5. Professor Cosmos December 13, 2021

    Insist that charges be filed and people arrested and jailed and CPS brought in to evaluate parental influence in encouraging criminal behavior.

  6. michael geniella December 13, 2021

    Pat Kittle, you forgot the Jan. 6 crowd who stormed the nation’s Capitol.

    • Pat Kittle December 13, 2021

      AVA readers don’t need any reminding of “the Jan. 6 crowd” not wearing masks.

      Curiously, the AVA (& CNN, MSNBC, NPR, etc.) never reminds us when…

      — BLM,
      — Antifa,
      — “undocumented” immigrants swarming the border, &
      — often when pro-mask politicians…

      don’t wear masks.

  7. J.B. December 13, 2021

    The Cops would not show up to help and when, after many calls, they finally did show up, they stood around and talked and joked and laughed with the head Karen.

    • Pat Kittle December 13, 2021

      You mean those cops you want to defund?

  8. Marshall Newman December 13, 2021

    Because you cannot teach stupid.

  9. sam kircher December 13, 2021

    You really think “Trumpers” are going to choose the Co-op to plant their flag. Dollars to donuts the Co-op was selected for this “protest” by those within the ranks of that establishment’s own (largely non-Trumpist) members/loyal clientele. The ugly secret is that resistance to mask (and vaccine) mandates is home to a curious intersection of people from across the entire political spectrum, uniting both hardcore fascists and anti-fascists. The scenes in front of the courthouse and schools lately evidence this as well. Enforcement of the mask mandate has only ever been provided by proprietors of affected businesses. See how long it takes for law enforcement to respond to a maskless church-goer next weekend…

  10. Marmon December 13, 2021


    Newsom just announched a Statewide indoor mask mandate for everyone, including the fully vaccinated. Apparently those vaccines or whatever they are, are not effective against Covid.

    His order takes effect on Wednesday the 15th. I need to hook up with those folks who protested at the Co-Op. Maybe start a group like theirs here in Lake Co.


    • Jessica Applegate December 13, 2021

      Heck yeah! Northern California is too beautiful of a place to give over to these communists.

  11. Jessica Applegate December 13, 2021

    This a total misrepresentation of the “maskless shopping” event. This news outlet is a joke and is just trying to “fan flames” within our communities as admit in their tagline. I was a witness to the event, and they were all peaceful and simply tried to purchase goods without masks on. The co-op flipped out on them and refused to check them out. The police came and saw that the group was peaceful and asked them to leave, they did! “vandalizing” is a severely incorrect and dangerous word to use. If you want to see what “vandalizing looks like, check out what’s going on in LA right now.

    You all need to wake up and stop subscribing to the covid narrative. You really think the government and big pharma care about you? Wake up!!!!

  12. michael geniella December 13, 2021

    Ms. Applegate, this is no joke. The Co-Op, like many responsible businesses, requires masks for the benefit of their customers. If people don’t like it, stay the hell out of there. The protests going on around town are pathetic, reckless, and an embarrassment to the great community we all share. Grow the eff up, and get vaccinated so we can get past this.

    • Marmon December 13, 2021


      I’ve had discussions with a lot of different nut cases that think mandatory masks should continue even after Covid is gone. They think its the greatest thing since tie dye.


      • Mike Williams December 14, 2021

        Anecdotal nonsense! The weakest of logical argument.

  13. Bruce McEwen December 13, 2021

    We go by the best of our knowledge in these things. We trust our reason, not our faith, if we have any. During the plague, people were astute enough to know that most disease passes, like the common cold, through coughs, sneezes, and close human contact — such as exchanging currency. Those who were rational wore gloves, masks, and kept their distance. They had no idea the plague was being transmitted through flea bites, fleas from rats.

    There will come a day, probably long after the readers of this paper are gone under the sod, when we learn where the current disease came from, how it is commuted, and whether the government was involved.

    In the meantime, we ought to follow our best science — rather than anybody’s “instincts” or “intuition” that it is all a government plot …or, maybe, it’s just the most recent in a series of disasters we’ve brought on ourselves thru sloth and greed; things like outrageous wildfires, stupendous storms, unimagined droughts, growing homelessness, mass shootings, widespread addictions and lunatic insanity.

    Time will tell, not me.

  14. Jessica Applegate December 13, 2021

    Yes, time will tell. There is plenty of evidence that the covid jabs are causing significant adverse reactions and death- it makes logical sense that those in power (One World minded) groups are advocates of de-population (what better way to solve global warming). These covid jabs and mandates are coming directly from them! Do you really trust big pharma and big government enough to let them jab you with an untested, completely experimental mRNA concoction? That sounds insane. And if you are truly sold into this, and that they all want the best for you, let’s check back in with each other in 10 years.

    Intuition and instincts are basic survival mechanisms operating throughout nature. Sometimes, and perhaps even the majority of the time, it is best to trust your intuition, and not those in charge. Remember, Nazi Germany didn’t hit all at once, it was a gradual progression. Those who recognize these historical patterns, are often those more inclined to stand up against overreaches at their first hints.

    • Tricia December 13, 2021

      give up the opinions and get the stats.
      A handlful of people have had a negative reaction to the vaccine compared to the over 800,000 in the US dead, and many more disabled by Long Covid.
      Over 339 million vaccine doses were given to 187.2 million people in the US as of July 19, 2021. Only three deaths have been linked to vaccination.
      Stats without the drama….
      Let’s see 800,000. 3… no contest. Even if 100 still no contest.

    • izzy December 14, 2021

      You’re fighting a losing battle here, in a forum not easily amenable to nuanced discussion.
      Two years in, the clinical evidence and data piling up around the vaccines and mandates is highly alarming, but a large portion of the population has already bought in, and in a way that is now irreversible. Spinning the story to continue covering up the damage keeps getting more difficult, but that’s apparently the operating plan, at least in the US. It’s all too far gone to end well.

      • Mike Williams December 14, 2021

        Did you not read what you are referring to?

  15. Bruce December 13, 2021

    How about this conspiracy theory: The New World Order people started “the shots will kill you and not Covid” so more of the unhealthy folks will die for sure?

      • Marmon December 13, 2021

        Thank you


      • chuck dunbar December 13, 2021

        Now we’ve veered way, way off–in these last several posts–into crazyland…

      • Bruce McEwen December 13, 2021

        Sure, you’re right. My redneck brother said he had had Covid-19 before it became popular! Then he added: “You probably did, too.”

        I thought about that and, yes, I had something severe back in December 2019, which I transmitted to my wife, who had her shot, and she caught it, too. It was passing strange… Then there came that remarkable report on NPR, early on in the lock-down period, when all the Covid-19 antibodies had been found in people who gave blood at the plasma centers, where bums get their beer money.

        Yes, there’s that.

        Then, there’s this: It doesn’t matter where it came from. What matters is where it goes. A great many smart people think they know. You seem like one of them. I understand how sensible it is to let the kids build their immune system naturally, it is a very hip thing to do. And if a few old codgers die off in the process, well, C’est la vie!

        Our friend Mr. Marmon will be delighted with this patriotic website you recommend. He will undoubtedly find your assertions sound. I, on the other hand — until you posted up that website — will never take you seriously again.

        • Douglas Coulter December 14, 2021

          The VA refuses to offer me a antibody test. I must pay out of pocket, I think it costs 42 dollars. I have taken zero personal protection from Covid 19 yet do believe it is a designer eugenics disease to reduce the baby boomer population. Buck vs Bell has never been opposed. It says exact opposite of Roe vs Wade. You do not own your womb, you just a share cropper on government land.

      • Jane Dont December 13, 2021

        Ms. Applegate has now supplied a link which may be construed as a demonstration of conspiracy to commit crimes. I hope the District Attorney is reading this thread.

        • Jessica Applegate December 14, 2021

          Hi Jane, aren’t you guys the ones who hate law enforcement and want to de-fund the police? It’s funny how you all come crawling back to the law when it’s not in your favor.

      • Mike Williams December 14, 2021

        Just a wild guess but I’d bet money that the majority of these “patriots” had a hard time learning how to share in kindergarten and beyond.

  16. Douglas Coulter December 13, 2021

    I was confronted three times at Co-op about riding my adaptive wheelchair inside the store, I had proof of disability. I go once a month and fill four jugs for ten gallons total purified water. They insisted it was a bicycle but it has three wheels and no motor. I can get my water and bring it home right to my front door, even up the elevator to my second floor apartment. Because I don’t drool I must not be disabled.
    They threatened to call police, I invited them to do so. The police never came.
    It is a great store but they do seem extreme in their rules.
    As for masks, that is a non-issue, what about the right to peaceable assembly? That is also in the first amendment but woke people can’t read that far.
    PS, did they close any prisons? Who needs schools and libraries when the DOJ has orange jumpsuits for everyone.

  17. Tricia December 13, 2021

    It’s truly too bad that COVID can’t be restricted to those underevolved people. Unfortunately, it affects people for whom any vaxes are problematic due to cancers, and children and dependent adults who have no say. If ONLY the antimaskers and antivaxers caught it, I’d say good riddance to bad rubbish. Yes I mean that. More and more however as the vax spreads, it death will be more and more among their numbers. And I expect them to throw bigger fits because their brains will explode trying to keep up the delusions.
    But that’s not how it is. I’m so glad they weren’t here in WWII when rationing and civil defense rules “took away our rights” for several years. These maskphobic whiners would have caused us to lose the war. It certainly tells me who would be in MY bugout place… not them. Don’t need weaklings and cry babies given to hissy fits.

    • Television is your God December 14, 2021

      Just 2 more weeks to “flatten the curve”!

      3 forced, experimental injections per year might not be enough. Hurry and get your 4th so we can get back to normal!

      Follow the “best science”!

      We are all in this together, but I hate you!

      The violent fascists are letting their masks slip, but they aren’t the folks protesting at the coop.

  18. Tricia December 13, 2021

    and we all know they really just wanted their moment in the sun and get free stuff. That’s why the outcome.
    and the cops have shown crime is not their concern.
    So my advice is for people to start learning to defend themselves forcefully and push to change CA gun regulations so we, like many other states can carry concealed without permits. Open carry is foolish and playing cowboy.
    That way people can defend themselves and cops won’t have the option of taking guns away from non criminal carriers they don’t like, and let people they do like carry illegally.

  19. Professor Cosmos December 13, 2021

    Saturdays are the scheduled maskless shopping day events. Good to know: I just recovered recently from a heart attack and I don’t know if all the beta blockers, ace inhibitors, blood thinners, and little nitro pills will get me through close encounters with these deluded disturbers of the peace.

  20. Bruce McEwen December 13, 2021

    Mandate-schmandate: there’s no teeth in the Gov’s edict; which is why the cops acted the way they did, asking the disruptive party to depart (which they did). Correct me if I’m mistaken, Mr. Eyster, but I suspect you will not be bringing these mandate breakers to court –? — despite the above assertions that the culprits should be pilloried.

    • Professor Cosmos December 14, 2021

      That radio reporter’s derailed reporting, based on her witnessing the events and interviews, appear to show some serious crimes including “contributing to the delinquicies of minors”. Also an elderly man reports on facebook being blocked in at his handicapped parking spot. So, beyond mandate issues. Vandalism issues beyond $950 damage, easily also (I was present when a cop told someone on another vandal event that cutoff number for serious charges.)

  21. Bruce December 13, 2021

    Hear hear to that!

  22. ac December 14, 2021

    Clearly, my growing up in a home that taught us Morals and Values – is something these pathetic people were not taught nor have they learned. We should form a group and visit each of their homes during the holidays, and push our way in, and take whatever we want from their home, since they truly feel it is OK to do this to others.

  23. Marmon December 14, 2021

    None of those hoodlums looked like Trump supporters.


  24. Sarah December 14, 2021

    It is illogical that 30 or so people would all suddenly spontaneously show up to do “maskless shopping”, innocently thinking they had the right to go into a store that requires masks, open food packages and block aisles, etc etc. This was a concerted attack on the Co-op, which is, by the way, a store in which I and many others have a share in the ownership. So when these marauders enact their attack, they are actually infringing on the rights of many people, all part owners in the store. It is pretty much certain that the “protesters” are not regular customers or part owners in the store, and simply picked it out because they assumed the store’s politics were not like their own. If that is the case, the protesters should abide by the law and protest outside if they can’t wear a mask inside, and, if they do go inside with masks on, should not bar the shoppers from doing their shopping. It is unimaginable that they are allowed to expose workers and customers to Covid, especially with the new variant out there. If there is no law against it, we need to get one right away!

    • Marmon December 14, 2021


      Sarah, there will always be a new variant, we will never eradicate Covid. The experimental vaccines, if you can call them that, may lesson the severity of the sickness, but they will never defeat it like real vaccines did polio and other serious conditions. Furthermore there is absolutely no evidence that masks work against this new variant, absolutley none.

      Also, Ukiah Natural Foods is not solely a membership store, it is open to the general public. By the looks of the video that the Patriots shared, you guys have that place looking like a intensive care unit. Furthermore, the protesters did not tie up all check out lanes, other shoppers we able to complete their transitions unimpeded.


  25. Christine F December 14, 2021

    The woman who carried the signs and others that states that mask are equivilent to Nazi Germani and Jim Crow is racist. How dare one minimize the strife, pain and grief of real crimes to those of people that are so self involved that there is no care for the welfare of others. A mask is no comparison to executions, slavery, Native Genocide and those who do may be just too white and unevolved to know the difference. This is sad and tragic statement of this group. Anyone who associates with them and those already members aren’t bad people just unconscious to the hurt they cause……I think stores and businesses need to be even more vigilant about mandating people enter if only masked. Too bad we have to teach Adults to care about the welfare of others. I guess they believe it’s ok to violate other’s boundaries and health. Please keep the boundaries for many who are vulnerable to the diseases. Overall, white people do fare better when getting covid. So I guess we know where this group stands. And yes I am white and I have no problem stating the facts.

  26. Hairy Frog December 14, 2021

    The state/county has required that the business require mask. This ties the hands of the business. So far, the county has only fined one business in the town of Mendocino. Although, don’t business have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. Your big debates were, that mask don’t work ( a very big debate) and ADA (although no one in the group offered proof of ADA, similar to someone bringing their dog into the business with no service dog proof. I’m not allowed to smoke in the business, so should I go around smoking indoors in public now. You seemed like a nice group of people, but when you disrespect people, it causes fear and confusion. Luckily, only a small amount of illegal procurement was done and that by minors. By making a mess in the store, you cause more work for the staff. Since the State/County has drawn a line in the sand, cross it at the State offices (CHP/DMV) and the County health offices and the Police and and Sheriff offices

  27. Sarah December 14, 2021

    Hey Marmon,
    First, Covid will continue to evolve if we continue to let it by letting down on masking and vaccines and therefore increasing the numbers of people who have it. The more people who have it, the more likely it is to come up with a variant we can’t deal with. So it makes sense to reduce the numbers who have it by wearing masks and getting vaccinated. Simple!
    These “patriots” seem to write off Covid because they think people who get severe Covid are to blame for their disease because they have “co-morbidities” and therefore don’t count. That is consigning almost 800,000 deaths (and counting) to just throwaway people. I want to cry when I hear that. There is no excuse for thinking that way. Hard-hearted is way too kind a term for these people.
    Finally, I know the Co-op is not a membership store like Costco. Many people have ownership shares in the Co-op. This does not preclude others from shopping there unless they fail to go by the very simple rules which are in effect all over Mendocino County and the rest of the state, and in fact are mandated starting tomorrow.

  28. michael geniella December 14, 2021

    Thank you.

  29. k h December 15, 2021

    There’s so much in a name, isn’t there?

    It seems anything is allowed as long as you call yourself a “patriot.”

    You can proudly display your disrespect of the law, and dismiss and disregard any rule or community standard you disagree with, as long as you call yourself a patriot. Endanger your fellow citizens, intimidate people, disrupt businesses, attack political representatives.

    As long you operate under the patriot mantle and throw in some half baked ideas about patriotism and freedom, it’s all good.

    The anti-mask marauders running around town carrying flags and shouting at neighbors under the guise of trying to “educate the masses” can find the conspiracy-minded fascist movement they seek simply by looking in the mirror.

  30. Jane Doe December 16, 2021

    This has proven to be false by the co-op manager, Ukiah PD and the video posted on the Mendocino Patriots website. Not correcting this and posting their photos therefor is defamation of character and you can be held accountable in court for publishing it.

    • Stephen Rosenthal December 16, 2021

      Toe-tagged bodies in the morgue are now commenting?

  31. Hairy Frog December 16, 2021

    Are the protesters afraid to go to the state/county offices (CHP/DMV, County Health offices, Police and Sheriff offices) ? They are the ones enforcing the mask law. The business gets covid in their store and they have to shut down and clean the whole store, losing $’s and employees losing pay. Protesters are not very effective. The video did not show the police. Try going into your bank and withdraw money without a mask, I’ll bet that you will have to go use the ATM instead.

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