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Since Biden Mentioned Bob Dole at Anzio…


  1. Irv Sutley December 11, 2021

    At a minute, 34 seconds there is a glimpse of a Fiat 500. Wonderful rear mounted, two cylinder, water cooled engine.

  2. Douglas Coulter December 12, 2021

    American intelligence used La Cosa Nostra to help the invasion of Italy. They had suffered under Mussolini, much like the opium growers suffered under Taliban rule. Today the CIA uses criminals in every country to support black ops. War always opens the door for unfettered war crimes to that for profit organization disguised as American Intelligence.

  3. Douglas Coulter December 12, 2021

    Prohibition put the FBI in bed with organized crime just like the KGB climbed in bed with Russian Mafia. Like every act of violence in history this only creates more violence. Ban it and it becomes more profitable plus breeds corruption in government. The Untouchables did not exist, they where a government propaganda invention.
    I doubt any Emerald Triangle law enforcement remained un stained from the high profits of untaxed cash flow. One cannot work in a pig sty without getting some stink on themselves.

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