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Mendocino County Today: February 10, 2012

KRISTI KREBS It’s the worst mystery imaginable for a parent –- a missing child. The parents of Kristi Krebs of Fort Bragg have endured this mystery for 18 years, hanging onto scraps of information hinting she may still be alive, but now they have a powerful new aid in their hunt. The Fort Bragg Police Department has just issued an age-enhanced picture of what Krebs should look like today. The picture is posted at the department’s website ( and is being distributed to search and law enforcement agencies nationwide. Her family and investigators hope this, combined with new leads, will help them solve one of just four missing-person cases the North Coast city has endured over the past 30 years. “I recently got some tips, one from North Carolina and one from South Carolina, that were promising,” said Fort Bragg Police Officer Jeanine Gregory. “The hard part was that the only photo people could work with was an old one from 1993.”

Kristi Krebs when she went missing
Age Enhanced, approximately age 40


THE AGE-ENHANCED photo shows Kristi Krebs as she might appear today. “Now we can do better than that.” The new photo was worked up by a forensics photographer with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Krebs was 22 when she disappeared, and she would be 40 today. Krebs was last seen Aug. 9, 1993, leaving her chef’s job at a pizza parlor, seemingly happy, witnesses said. Her car was found the next day seven miles out of town, stuck in the mud, with the radio ripped out and flecks of blood on the dashboard. Her parents, Bob and Suzanne Krebs, feared the worst, but also held onto hope that she may have wandered off. Krebs had been hospitalized a few years earlier after having a mental breakdown. Investigators also believe there is a strong possibility Krebs had another mental episode and left the area on her own, Gregory said. Over the years, sightings of women closely resembling Krebs have come in from Central California and Utah. “This case is something that is very near and dear to our community and to our police department,” Gregory said. “Her father is a schoolteacher, her family is beloved in town, and we really want to keep hope.” Anyone with information in Krebs’ disappearance can call the Fort Bragg Police Department at (707) 961-2800, or (707) 961-3049 to give anonymous tips.


INCUMBENT CARRE BROWN, Potter Valley’s 1st District supervisor and Dan Gjerde, presently a Fort Bragg City Councilman, will run unopposed in this year Supervisor election, Mrs. Brown for re-election, Gjerde in his first run for Supervisor for the 4th District. Rumors say that a County employee will run against John McCowen of Ukiah for the 2nd District seat.

FORT BRAGG’S CITY COUNCIL and Planning Commission met jointly on January 18th to consider an eight-chapter preliminary draft of the Mill Site Specific Plan. The discussion resumes on February 28th, a Tuesday. The random public lined up at the January meeting to tee off on the plan for the defunct Georgia-Pacific mill that since the 19th century occupied more than 300 acres between central Fort Bragg and the ocean. The tentative scheme for the property, which is now owned by the villainous Koch Brothers, proposes a 30-year development which will eventually consist of 520 residential units, 795,500 square feet of commercial buildings and hotels and motels totaling 450 rooms. Fort Bragg’s Community Development Director Marie Jones explained the status of the property’s proposed new life: “In order for the City of Fort Bragg to accept the specific plan, they're required to complete an environmental impact report,” she said. “The specific plan project includes more than just the document you have in front of you tonight, but [also] the remedial action plans for the remediation of the remaining parts of the mill site that are contaminated, the master tentative map for the subdivision of the site into 27 different parcels, the restoration strategy, the mill pond complex restoration plan and the water rights change petitions for G-P and the City of Fort Bragg.” Critics are holding out for a less conventional development plan, hoping for development consistent with current environmental dreams of post-industrial sanity.

UKIAH, POPULATION 16,000, has 64 Restaurants, or four for every thousand residents. Anderson Valley, with its 3,000 residents, has nine restaurants or 3 restaurants per thousand residents.

IN A PAIR of rulings in 2008, the state Supreme Court held that governors who want to block paroles must show some evidence that a criminal serving a life prison term remains a danger to society and should not be released. It's not enough to consider only the nature of the original crime in making that decision, the court ruled. Governor Jerry Brown, following the law, has released 80% of the persons approved for release. His predecessor, The Terminator, released 25%. But Mendocino County’s Billy Mayfield, now held almost a decade beyond his sentence for second degree murder, has twice seen his court-ordered, and parole board sanctioned, release vetoed by governors. Mayfield’s record as an inmate is literally perfect, not a single infraction or disciplinary write-up.

MENDOCINO COUNTY CEO Carmel Angelo’s report to the Supervisors report on January 24, 2012 explained why Mendo is having trouble refinancing our “Certificate of Participation” debt: “Because the County’s fiscal condition is so poor after decades of deficit spending (unchecked negative general fund balances, poor credit ratings, unsustainable compensation levels, lack of legitimate economic development, and an overall failure to connect County commitments to the reality of available County resources) the County needs the credit enhancement that AG [the bond insurer] can provide in order to increase the marketability of the transaction as well as obtain lower interest rates.”

IF YOU WANT a nice place to eat

Anderson Valley can hardly be beat

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With a cholesterol increase

Go to Willits and walk down the street


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