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Highlights from Mendo’s 4th of July Parade

We got there early.  Set up camp in the back of a friend's pick-up and awaited the show.


Our buddy the Fire Chief and his family.

My 7th grade Civics teacher telling it like it is.


Another year, another war.


Signs, signs...


It is my understanding that for each death in our wars overseas, there is a cross.  Lots of death.  For what?


A boy and his dog.


Fun friends of our family.


Love this.  Wish I understood it.


A local and national treasure.


Bikini girls on a boat.  Not sure what they're selling.


Horned Elvis biker.


No, that little animal on a leash fighting with all it's might is not a dog.  It is a cow.  It hates to march in parades.  Every year it drags it's tiny little hooves.


Another local treasure.


Beautiful truck celebrating a team we torture ourselves to love.


Nice car, Lindy.  Also, we do love our Giants.


Project Sanctuary.  Those ladies can drum.


This is the cutest puppy.  That's all.


I didn't even know Mendo had it's own Vet.

Kangaroo Kort.  A Fort Bragg annual.


Booneville represent!


Booneville Cabaret.


Studebaker.  Not the cheesecake.  Though if you've never tried it, I recommend the Meyer Lemon.


Check out this guys's feet.


He was bouncing at least 3 feet in the air with these things.


It's Grandma Susan!


There is a weak spot in my heart for Mustangs and chrome.


Andiron goes to Marti Gras.


The end of the line.


Is that all?



  1. Mark Scaramella July 5, 2011

    A very nice collection. Decent photography. And amusing commentary.
    Good work!

  2. John July 5, 2011

    Hoodies and flip flops…perfect Mendocino day. Nice photos, great to see all the folks out and about. Thank you for your effort, we very much enjoy your blog.

  3. λ July 6, 2011

    Nice snaps.

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