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Posts published in April 2020

MCT: Thursday, April 30, 2020

Light Drizzle;
Covid Update;
Grad Anguiano;
Evelyn McManus;
Grad Kerski;
Opie Hendricks;
Grad Medina;
Exorbitant Lease;
Testy Exchange;
SIP Updates;
Floral Art;
Cookhouse Mayhem;
Willits Sunset;
Bridge Jumper;
Who Rules;
Ed Notes;
Trust Science;
First Wave;
Wear Mask;
Nabbing Thieves;
Chinese Village;
Beach Access;
NY Stickball;
Student Photographs;
Yesterday's Catch;
Economic Weaknesses;
Healing Behavior;
Trump Cult;
Ambulance Drivers;
Rural Broadband;
Market Volunteer;
Spiritual Renewal;
Challenging Time;
November Election;
Soft Strong;
Food Cooperatives;
Found Object

Letters (April 29, 2020)

It appears as if the runner trips over the hill for food, etc are slowing down. I have thought long and hard about “needing” to go to Ukiah

Revenues Down

CEO Carmel Angelo opened Monday morning’s Supervisors meeting by saying that Mendo has been approved for a “phenomenal” $750k reimbursement from FEMA, 75% of about…

Things Working for Now

Fort Bragg's Coastal Trail reopened last week to the gorgeous weather that has visited the Mendocino Coast during the COVID-19 lockdown. The trail — literally…

The Presidio Mutiny

The event that came to be called “The Presidio Mutiny” was a non-violent sit-down in the stockade yard by 27 prisoners to protest stockade conditions…