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Posts published in “Day: May 11, 2016


So, why is it the “Puppeteers” of Fort Bragg seem to send out their “Puppets” every time something comes up they can’t or won’t deal with? What makes it even worse is the fear factor they are using. This is what is happening in Fort Bragg right now. Let's remember these people against Measure U are masters of deception. They are making other Social Service groups fearful. You can make people do anything if you make them afraid. You make them afraid by creating an Aura of endless threat. It’s very sad that the “Puppet People” would use the very people they are claiming to protect in order to please the “Puppeteer”.


Don’t try to get religion out of politics. Politics IS religion. Hillary believers, bah humbug. They’re having fun putting Bernie on the rack. I have…

My Brief Career As A Karate Kid

On my way to the local junior college, where I attended classes for one semester while trying to figure out where better to go, I'd…

The Stony Lonesome: Face Time

When one comes to prison—and in saying I in no wise mean to suggest that you, the reader, ever would, or should, travel down that…

A Dog Story

Big Valley, California – The medical marijuana experiments have been going well here for Ralph Weinstein. His research is proving high grade weed and Russian…

Mendocino County Today: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Kuny Hospitalized;
Sanders Win;
PA History;
Kitties Evicted;
Kunys Evicted;
Proposition 50;
Nutty Candidates;
Influence Peddlers;
Kitchen Fiasco;
Mountain House;
Yesterday's Catch;
Public Works;
Corporate News;
Fire PreVention;
Open Studio;
Panama Gotschalk;
Public Hearing;
Theater Review;
Missing Diver;

Mendo’s Persecution Of An Innocent Man

After ten years and a million dollars in litigation, Robert Forest of Mendocino has finally cleared his name. Pursued by an untruthful cop, a lying…

Fishers Want It For Free

A close inspection of the May 3rd agenda for Mendocino County's Board of Supervisors shows this item in the Consent Calendar: “Denial of Claim from…

Beyond The Bay Area’s Best 100 Restaurants

Where to eat? What to eat? And when to eat? Questions about food and eating proliferate endlessly. Each day brings new challenges, new desires and…