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Posts published by “Tom Cahill”

Redwood Summer 1990

Judi Bari promised us "the Nineties would make the Sixties seem like the Fifties," and she damn near pulled it off almost single-handedly during "Redwood…

The Prince Of Alienation

I wasn't born a crazy, radical, hippie. I had a lot of help getting here over the years. My mother passed her bipolar gene on to me but I haven't had a problem with manic-depression in almost twenty years. PTSD is my biggie. My first major trauma occurred while I was still a very impressionable teenager with an Above Top Secret clearance in US Air Force Intelligence in Germany in the late 50s.

Hippie: The Beast That Won’t Die

An entire age ago, in his book The New Journalism, Tom Wolfe reported in his unique, sometimes long-winded style; “I wrote The Electric Kool-Aid Acid…