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Posts published by “Nate Collins”

March to Kennedy Lake

We left the east bay at 4am sharp headed for Tuolumne county in the area of the Sonora pass. We rolled up in Jake’s diesel…

Block Freeway Report

We marched from downtown Berkeley down University Avenue towards the Bay. At the extended entry ramp to the Eastshore freeway from University Avenue we were met for at least the third night in a row by at least 100 Berkeley Police in full on stormtrooper riot gear. This night the march on University to block the freeway seemed closer to 3,000 which was more than any other night. Perhaps due to a critical mass of sheer numbers the people collectively figured out we should make a quick left on sixth street in front of the police blockade and then a quick right toward the footbridge at aquatic park that goes over the Eastshore Freeway.

Time To Grow Up Oakland

Muhammad Diop was shot down in cold blood in front of his house on 864 31st street in Oakland on Thursday March 4th at 7:30pm. Muhammad Diop was murdered by the pervasive culture of violence in Oakland that is gripping our inner-cities nationwide.

The Censorship of Ward Churchill

Dancehall Reggae and many of its most prolific and articulate artists have as of late been treated the same as Ward Churchill, and have been…