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Posts published by “Nadya Connolly Williams”

Lawrence Ferlinghetti – A Veteran For Peace

In 1962 a group of San Francisco veterans of World War II and Korea - knowing the Viet Nam war was looming - marched unofficially…

A Sanctuary City For The Irish Too

A starkly political film from the north of Ireland was an unusual choice for this year's annual San Francisco Independent Film Festival, "Indie Fest"- held…

Veterans For Peace: A NorCal View

After nearly three days of deliberation at the recent annual conference of Northern California Veterans For Peace, the 10 chapters in attendance decided that one…

The Lincolns Are Leaving Us

Del Berg, of Tuolumne County, is the last known member of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, one of the nearly 3,000 Americans who volunteered to fight fascism in Spain in the opening years of World War II.

You Can Shove Your Wars!

“Black Watch,” the ‘Five Star’ Scottish military play that has been touted in expensive ads all over the Bay Area as “The #1 Theatrical Event…

Report War Crimes, Go To Jail

A ripple of cynical laughter went through the 50 attendees of a recent Northern California Regional meeting of Veterans For Peace (VFP) in Ukiah when…

The Philanthropist Of Greenwood Road

Philanthropist is a Greek word that means ‘friend of the people.’ Local Englishman John Williams was certainly that to many. He died of a heart…

The Forgotten People

A computer engineer by profession, Salam Talib had moonlighted in Bagdad as a translator and driver for foreign progressive journalists during the early years of the US invasion and occupation.

Carrying a Backpack of Sorrow: Soldiers On The Edge Of Suicide

More of our young soldiers are now killing them selves than are being killed in our wars in the Middle East. The following poem by a 24-year-old former Marine, who slashed his wrists twice after four years of duty and two tours of combat, tells it all.