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Posts published by “Manuel Vicent (translated by Louis S. Bedrock)”

The Trumpet of Miles Davis

It was in that Paris of the spring in the 1960s, in the Latin Quarter, whose recently watered down streets in the early hours of…

The Rebel

When I was 18 years old a bookseller in Valencia clandestinely offered me, under the counter, a red-covered copy of Camus’s book Summer, which had been printed in Argentina. It came wrapped in brown paper and I read it in a hammock surrounded by the sound of cicadas and the odor of pine needles, sweltering in the summer heat.

Nothing Like Sin

Graham Greene’s childhood was divided between two loyalties. His father was director of the school of Berkhamsted, located in an old building connected to the house in which Graham lived and in which he had been born through a door upholstered in baize.