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Sheriff’s Log

9/20 10:08pm A man in one vehicle was following a woman in another as both raced down Highway 128 in what seemed to be a motorized domestic dispute.

9/20 9:56am An area off deep Mountain View Road west of Boonville was reported to be "occupied by several Hispanic Male Adults" engaged in marijuana cultivation. Marijuana cultivation commences on Mountain View Road just west of Anderson Valley High School and continues 33 miles west to the Pacific Ocean.
9/20 9:03am A Philo resident reported a burglary.

9/20 1:53pm A Little Mill Creek resident said a neighbor's heavy equipment was causing "a problem."

9/22 9:17pm A lurk was observed at Anderson Valley High School in Boonville.

9/22 10:49am An elderly Philo woman said some her household items were missing.

9/22 11:59am The elderly woman's son was summoned to account for the missing items. The items weren't missing.

9/22 12:26pm The missing items were again reported by the elderly woman and, again, they weren't missing.

9/22 11:59am A Navarro resident reported that an unidentified Mexican man had brandished a knife at him after threatening to assault him.

9/22 8:22pm A Navarro domestic dispute required law enforcement mediation.

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