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Valley People (Nov 4, 2015)

BIG FOOTBALL WEEKEND just past for Mendocino County as our two best teams, Fort Bragg and Boonville, took huge wins, Fort Bragg's coming over a very strong St. Helena team, Boonville mopping up Tomales, 44-6. Fort Bragg is certain to be moving on to the playoffs while Boonville will play Upper Lake, the only team to beat the Boonville boys this year, a defeat that occurred as three Boonville starters were in Sacramento to take college entry exams for the small school championship. That championship game is Saturday, November 7th, at Upper Lake. Kickoff at 2pm, related festivities beginning at 1pm. It's certain to be a barnburner.

QUIET HALLOWEEN in the bucolic Anderson Valley. Seemed to be more adults in costume than little kids. But nothing that required police intervention.

THE JOY OF BEING AN EDITOR -- Getting out this newspaper is no picnic. If we print jokes, people say we are silly. If we don't, they say we are too serious. If we stick close to the office all day, we ought to be out and around hunting material. If we go out and try to hustle, we ought to be on the job in the office. If we don't print contributions, we don't appreciate genius. And if we do print them, the paper is filled with junk! If we edit the other fellow's write-up, we're too critical. If we don't, we're asleep. If we clip things from other papers we are too lazy to write them ourselves. If we don't, we are stuck on our own stuff. (Homer Mannix, Editor, Anderson Valley Advertiser, February 18, 1958)

AZOLLA. The technical term for what we call mosquito fern. The Chinese use it to revive exhausted ag land. But for the first time anyone can remember it's all over the upper Navarro near Philo, so thick in one old swimming hole swimmers can't see the water for the fern.

IF THERE'S any doubt that wine rules supreme in Mendocino County, there are 12 full color, 2' X 3’, framed and glassed photos hanging on the walls of the main entrance hall of our County building promoting the wine industry. Navarro Vineyards; Handley Cellars; Scharffenberger Cellars; Greenwood Ridge Zina Hyde Cunningham are prominent.


TEN POUNDS of unshelled walnuts for $25? Ho hum, you say, what's so special? The deal is special because the lady selling them, Loretta McCarthy, weighs each nut to make sure it's good. Bad walnuts, you see, weigh less. And how often do you find this kind of scrupulousness in modern retail? Find it for yourself at Dancing TreePeople Farm in Upper Lake. (707) 245-9076. Ps. Loretta always refers to them as "Poe" walnuts. She only got 15% good ones out of last year's crop this year. And she'd sold out, which is understandable. I bought fifty pounds of walnuts at Frisco's Farmer's Market a few years ago and only half of them were good. Poe is a midseason to late leafing cultivar from Lake County. Poe was selected by Oscar Poe near Lakeport around 1900. It is terminal bearing, protogynous and low yielding. The nut is thick shelled and the kernel is small. One gourmet food writer described Poe as less astringent than other walnuts and tasting slightly like butterscotch. (Poes are no longer being planted but older trees are still being maintained.)

Where the most attractive people in the U.S. are

the SF Chron tells us in a recent front pager in lieu of reporting. Why, right here in Boonville. Obviously.

THE GOOD SHIP AV HEALTH CENTER has been righted after months of turmoil. From some recent back and forth among partisans, pertinent info is available on-line; meetings are back on a regular schedule of the last Thursday of the month, 6pm at the HC's conference room, management is transparent; patient revenue is up by over $200,000, and grants are rolling in. Restoration of the dispensary is under way with local guy pharmacist Gary Wakeman's contract signed. Having a local pharmacy is a huge boon to our community, sparing us all the long round trip over the hill.

FOR SOME SERIOUS cough medicine last winter, and our Health Center dispensary here in Boonville being closed for reasons we're unlikely to ever know, I was put through not only a long round-trip to a Ukiah pharmacy, the pharmacist himself subjected me to an over-long spiel on the hazards of the stuff, like I might be trying to get loaded on it. We've all suffered similar inconvenience, especially people who are on regimens of regular medication. Hurry back, Health Center pharmacy!

WE'RE UNLIKELY to ever know exactly why our Health Center's pharmacy was sent to the federal time-out room, but it seems to have happened because of faulty inventory control, and to the feds when drug bookkeeping looks off they assume the junkies have taken over. We never heard so much as a rumor that the local pill poppers were getting their oxycontin at the Health Center, but it's been what? three years since we enjoyed the convenience of a local pharmacy.

CSD still has a few AV phone books available at a mere $5 each. Stop by the office the Boonville Fire House to get your copy of this handy little guide to your friends and neighbors.

MENDOCINO COUNTY DISTRICT DAVID EYSTER will be Jane Futcher’s guest on the pledge drive edition of The Cannabis Hour, Thursday, Nov. 5 at 9 a.m. on KZYX radio. They will talk about cannabis and the law in Mendocino County— past, present and future. There will be time for a few call-ins toward the end of the hour at 895-2448. KZYX is at 90.7 FM Philo; KZYZ, 91.5 FM Willits and Ukiah, and 88.1 FM Fort Bragg. The station also streams on the Web, at Together, they make up Mendocino County Public Broadcasting. To hear programs you may have missed, visit

TAUNIA GREEN’S LONG-AWAITED GARDENING CLASS is finally here: “Tool Care Class, For Home Gardeners — taught by Taunia Green. Where: Goodness Grows Nursery. When: Saturday, November 14 at noon. Bring: Your garden tools, a sharpening stone (from Jack’s or Rossi’s), and rags. Cost: Free. (Although donations for supplies are welcome.) Pre-register: 707/272-2414.”

DUTCH FILM MAKER COMES TO ANDERSON VALLEY and Elk. Please join us for the screening of the documentary 'Garden Grows' with filmmaker and Photographer Marijke Bresser. This documentary spanning twenty years follows the lives of six dutch children into adulthood. This film is an in-depth look into the factors that determine the direction of life. The presentation is thought provoking and unique in its' intimacy of the subject over two decades. With Subtitles. A 10 minute slideshow and talk by Kira Brennan will follow the film. Please see a trailer of the film or marijkes work at:

Schedule: Philo Grange Saturday Nov. 7th  6-7:30pm

Elk Community Center Sunday Nov. 8th

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