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Mendocino County Today: Friday, July 10, 2015

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by Mitch Clogg

It's a funny mood around Peggy Templer's house in the northern California woods, a mixture of and dread, relief and fear. Shock waves are still in the air. Lions'll do that to you, this lion in particular.

Up early, it was around quarter to six when Peggy let her puppy, Touchdown (“I'm a huge football fan”), out into the meadow on the north side of her house. On the other sides, her house and the chicken coops are shaded by redwood trees and wrapped around by forest, but there's that open sunny field. The dog bounded out to take care of business and hung a left out of sight. Then Peggy heard him scream.

Mountain lions don't usually growl, but this one did, a mean, low note, not even slightly in harmony with Touchdown's scream. Peggy heard him. The pup is her new Springer Spaniel, black and white, long, soft fur, floppy ears, four months old, twenty-seven and a half pounds, normally bouncing off the walls with puppy joy. He screamed bloody murder when the lion grabbed him, out of her view, and put up a furious fight, banging against the porch, knocking loose a couple of bricks, but it was only seconds before he went silent.

All the animals were in terror. Peggy has three cats and, with Touchdown, two dogs. She gets pets from the animal shelter. Old Ladybug is a mutt, but Peggy had a Springer Spaniel she loved deeply that got old and died this past April. She thought hard about getting another and decided she wanted a papered, pedigreed, purebred spaniel, and she got glowing references for Vanity Fair Springers, in Oregon. Her son Travis lives in Oregon and brought Touchdown from Vanity's Larry Schwartz, a dog-man whose reputation is tip-top.

“It was love at first sight. He and I bonded completely, and the other animals took to him immediately. Ladybug was his new mother.” Game, set, match—a perfect match-up—new pup, new home. Until this.

Cougars are nocturnal. They're seen in daylight, but nighttime is their time, and they are especially active at both ends of it, dusk and dawn. This big cat was out of sight around the corner of the house under the redwoods. Peggy rounded the corner as if on two wheels. A great, tawny beast was moving fast through the shadows, heading back to the woods. It held Touchdown in its jaws, clamped onto the puppy's head, the dog limp now and silent. The lion was so tall, so strong, it held the two-thirds-grown dog in its mouth without any part of Touchdown touching down.

She shrieked.

“I didn't know I could scream that loud.”

The lion found its entry to the woods and vanished.

“I watched its butt disappear.”

Peggy is divorced. She lives alone in this house she's been in for forty years. A short way uphill, her son Carson has moved into a new house with his family. They're all used to wild animals.

“We see mountain lions, black bears, bobcats — there's nothing but woods from here down to the Noyo River. It's a wildlife corridor. We've even seen coyotes. They're white. We haven't heard them howling yet, but we've seen them. I never saw this lion before. He's bigger than any I've ever seen.”

Your typical mountain lion is comparable in size to an adult human, but the biggest can grow to two hundred thirty pounds. This was a big one, maybe visiting from Canada. (Not really, but they do grow bigger as you go north.) They have the biggest range of any land animal in the western hemisphere; they live from north of the Arctic Circle to the tip of South America, solitary beasts except when the males find their mates and when the females have young. They are “stealth predators.” They like to take their prey from behind, using surprise, speed and formidable strength to kill. Their staple food is venison, but they eat raccoons and wood rats. Near major estuaries like Mendocino County's Noyo River, they eat seals and sea lions. They enjoy a varied, all-meat diet, including domestic cats, the occasional dog and the rare (but increasing in number) human. If you see one, look it in the eye and make a huge commotion. Don't cringe, run or hold still. That's what the experts say. Cougars are very respectful of people who threaten them.

Thirty-five minutes later, that mountain lion strolled into Peggy's yard again, sauntered casually by and vanished back into the woods.

Peggy went into the woods, barehanded, after this animal, more full of grief than fear. Also tramping and calling, visiting son Travis and his wife, Rachel. Peggy continued after the others gave up.

“I was scared a little, but I had to search. I had to find something of him. I hoped I'd at least find his purple collar.”

But no. Not a trace.

The next day a lady friend called on Peggy, finding her haggard and still shaken. She came to console her.

At one in the afternoon, 31 hours after he was caught, killed and eaten by an outsized mountain lion, Touchdown...crept...into...his...yard.

At least that was the initial, irrational impression of his mistress. Touchdown wobbled, bloody and blind, but he came on. Her friend saw Peggy's face before she saw Peggy's dog.

“I've never seen anybody look like that. She was in some kind of altered state.”

Peggy: “It did not compute!” When she recovered her balance, she recontacted the people she had passed her doleful news to. “The commonest reaction was 'No way!'”

Dr. Colin Chaves (pronounced to rhyme with “saves” or “waves”), who treated the punctured dog with the swollen, pumpkin-size head, eyes swollen blind and a bite on his back: “Bizarre! I've heard of any number of attacks like that, but usually the victims are dead. I would have doubted the facts in this case, but Peggy's whole family was witness to what happened.” He said the prognosis is good, but with head wounds you have to be watchful.

On her porch, reliving the events of the past few days — the initial attack was Sunday, July 5 — Peggy still shakes her head in disbelief. Meanwhile, granddaughter Leila, age five, who lives what now seems a treacherous hundred yards away, is standing on the ground with just her upper body above the deck level. She is climbing onto the deck. Touchdown, his eyesight still diminished, sees the movement and hears it. He reacts. Peggy says, “I've never heard him do that.” It is a growl, a mean, low sound, sustained until he knows that thing over there is Leila. It is not the sound of a wee pup, not at all.

(Peggy Templer Photo – Peggy and Touchdown, the puppy back from the dead)

* * *





WHEREAS, the City Council entered into an agreement for City Manager services effective February 18, 2006 as set forth in Resolution 2919-2006, and as subsequently amended by Resolutions 3097-2007, 3182-2008, 3308-2009, 3345-2010, and 3477-2011; and 3630-2013; and

WHEREAS, on June 22, 2015, the City Council conducted a closed session for the purpose of discussing the City Manager's compensation and benefits; and

WHEREAS, it is the intention of the City Council to provide an additional 1.5% salary increase effective the first full pay period in July 2015 and an additional 1.5% salary increase effective the first full pay period in July 2016; and

WHEREAS, it is the intention of the City Council to provide a one-time lump sum payment of $1,000 paid as taxable earnings on the regular paycheck for the first full pay period of July 2015, and a one-time lump sum payment of $500 paid as taxable earnings on the regular paycheck for the first full pay period of July 2016; and

WHEREAS, it is the intention of the City Council to allow the City Manager to cash out up to 160 hours of accrued vacation leave in FY 2015/16 and up to 120 hours of accrued vacation leave in FY 2016/17 in acknowledgement of the City Manager’s limited ability to use earned vacation leave due to significant staff transitions; and

WHEREAS, based on all the evidence presented, the City Council finds as follows:

  1. The salary adjustments and one time payments for FY 2015/16 are appropriated in the FY 2015/16 budget.
  2. The adjusted compensation and benefits for the City Manager are appropriate given the scope and level of responsibility associated with the position.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council of the City of Fort Bragg does hereby amend the City Manager's at-will employment agreement as follows:


Section 5(a) is replaced with the following:

  1. As compensation for the services to be rendered by the City Manager in FY 2015/16, the City shall pay the City Manager an annualized salary of $143,656.63 effective the first full pay period in July 2015.

As compensation for the services to be rendered by the City Manager in FY 2016/17, the City shall pay the City Manager an annualized salary of $145,810.84, effective the first full pay period in July 2016.

In addition, the following one-time lump sum payments shall be paid on the date and in the manner described below.

Compensation Plan and are not considered “special compensation” under section 571 of the California Code of Regulations.

  • Effective the first full pay period in July 2015, $1,000 paid as taxable earnings on the on the regular paycheck, paid as taxable income to the extent required by law; and
  • Effective the first full pay period in July 2016, $500 paid as taxable earnings on the on the regular paycheck, paid as taxable income to the extent required by law.


Section 7 is replaced with the following:

The City Manager shall accrue sick leave, vacation leave and executive leave benefits in the same manner and level as prescribed for other City Exempt At-Will Executive classifications, except as follows:

  • In FY 2015/16, the City Manager may cash out up to 160 hours of accrued vacation leave.
  • In FY 2016-17, the City Manager may cash out up to 120 hours of accrued vacation leave.


Section 8(b) is replaced with the following:

City agrees to pay the full cost of the employer contribution and the City Manager shall pay the full cost of the employee contribution to the California Public Employees Retirement System (“CalPERS”) premiums.

The above and foregoing Resolution was introduced by Councilmember ________, seconded by Councilmember ________, and passed and adopted at a regular meeting of the City Council of the City of Fort Bragg held on the 13th day of July, 2015, by the following vote:

* * *


by Justine Frederiksen

A recent court filing will likely delay the building of a Costco warehouse in Ukiah for several months, according to City Attorney David Rapport.

Rapport said William Kopper, the attorney representing the group known as “Ukiah Citizens for Safety First,” filed an appeal of the May decision in Mendocino County Superior Court dismissing the lawsuit Kopper filed declaring that the Environmental Impact Report prepared for the Costco proposed for Airport Park Boulevard was inadequate.

The lawsuit was filed in early 2014 on behalf of four plaintiffs, two of whom were later removed. The two who remained on the lawsuit were Rachel Land and Patty Hernandez, both employees at FoodMaxx.

Land apparently posted on at least one social media website this week that she no longer wishes to be a part of the lawsuit, but later deleted her comments. Attempts to reach her for comment were unsuccessful. A call to Kopper’s office in Davis was not returned.

Rapport said the notice of appeal filed last week did not list the plaintiffs nor the reasons for the appeal. He said the case, if heard, will be before three judges at the First District Court of Appeals in San Francisco. He estimated the appeal would delay the building of the proposed store at least “six months.”

Rapport said it is also likely that Kopper will file a lawsuit against the EIR recently approved for the improvements planned for the interchange of southbound Highway 101 and Talmage Road, traffic mitigations that are required to be completed before the proposed store can open its doors.

The EIR was certified as adequate by the Ukiah City Council at its July 1 meeting, and during the discussion Council member Kevin Doble asked Kopper who the “Ukiah Citizens for Safety First” were and how to contact them. Kopper would only say that the group was made up of “several” people, and that if Doble wanted to contact them, he should go through the city attorney.

Rapport said Wednesday he had no contact information for the group called Ukiah Citizens for Safety First, but he did say that it was very common for plaintiffs in lawsuits filed against EIRs to use the name of an association created solely for the purpose of the court filing.

Rapport said as of yet, he was not aware of a lawsuit having been filed against the EIR for the traffc mitigations, but Kopper and anyone else interested in doing so had 30 days to file one.

(Courtesy, the Ukiah Daily Journal)

* * *


The Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria is pleased to announce the Groundbreaking of the Bear River Recreation Center on the Bear River Rancheria on July 14, 2015. The multi-use Bear River Recreation Center will be a venue for entertainment and concerts while serving as a gym and athletic facility on a day to day basis. The facility will be available and open to Bear River Tribal Members at no cost and available to the public on a daily fee basis and monthly fee basis. The facility will also offer youth and adult recreation basketball and other sports leagues. Programming will be developed and finalized before the facility opens.

“The facility will provide access to health and wellness and Recreation opportunities for Tribal Members as well as options and flexibility for Tribal services and programs,” said Matthew Mattson, Executive Director of Tribal Operations. “We are also excited to be able to offer this facility to the public,” he added

John McGinnis, Bear River Casino Hotel General Manager, said “The Bear River Recreation Center will become the premier concert and event center in Humboldt County and will allow us to bring bigger and better entertainment to our valued customers on a more frequent basis.”

Construction is estimated to take one year with opening in the Summer of 2016. The Tribe selected a local design team and a local construction firm to assist the Tribe in making this project happen. Adams Commercial General Contracting, Inc of Eureka, CA was selected to build the facility after a competitive bid process. The facility was designed by DJ Cleek of CleekCo., also located in Eureka, CA.

“I am honored to have been selected and entrusted as the designer of the Bear River Recreation Center,” said DJ Cleek of CleekCo.

“We truly value the commitment that Bear River has made to using local businesses and are really pleased to be a part of this great project. We cannot wait to begin construction on this beautiful facility,” said Will Adams of Adams Commercial General Contracting, Inc.

The Bear River Band of the Rohnerville Rancheria is comprised of approximately five-hundred and eighty (580) members. The Tribe owns and operates the Bear River Casino Hotel, one of the largest employers in Humboldt County, employing over four hundred (400) people.

* * *


A MARIN-BASED investment company called the Drake Property Group recently bought out a Healdsburg apartment building, immediately raised rents extortionately high and insulted the building's Hispanic tenants in Trumpian style: "We are seeking a tenant demographic more appropriate to the refined nature of the Healdsburg community, tenants who value good design and beautiful surroundings."

HEALDSBURG'S MAYOR, Shaun McCaffrey, is quoted in the Press Democrat blasting Drake Property's implied assessment of the building's present occupants as sounding "blatantly racist."

THE DESCRIPTION of Healdsburg as "refined" seems a pretty long reach, too.

* * *


(But the response is to the wrong question, as usual.)

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KENNY "THE SNAKE" STABLER, who led the Oakland Raiders as quarterback during the 1970's has died at the age of 69 of colon cancer. The Snake, so named for his ability to slither out of the grasp of on-coming defensive linemen and backs, played hard, lived hard and led the Raiders to their first Super Bowl victory. His spirit, and that of the celebrated Raiders teams of yesteryear is perhaps best epitomized by one simple quotation. When Stabler was at his peak as a player, a sportswriter read him the following quote from Jack London: “I would rather be ashes than dust! I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry rot. I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet.” Asked what the quote meant to him, Stabler said simply, “Throw deep.” Stable also once said, “Just stay in the fast lane and keep moving. You can not predict your final day, so go hard for the good times while you can.” Adding, “The players partied hard and played hard, and that combination may have been no small factor in why we won.”


Family’s Statement on the Passing of Ken Stabler

We announce with great sadness that our father, Ken Stabler, passed away Wednesday, July 8 as a result of complications associated with colon cancer.

He passed peacefully surrounded by the people he loved most, including his three daughters and longtime partner, as some of his favorite songs played in the background, such as Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama. and Van Morrison’s “Leaves Falling Down.”

He quietly battled Stage 4 colon cancer since being diagnosed in February 2015.

He wanted to make a difference in the lives of others in both life and death. At his request, his brain and spinal cord were donated to Boston University’s Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Center to support research for degenerative brain disease in athletes.

He was a kind, generous and unselfish man, never turning down an autograph request or an opportunity to help someone in need. A great quarterback, he was an even greater father to his three girls and grandfather to his two “grand snakes.”

We are grateful for the tremendous love and support from friends and fans. We ask that you please respect our privacy during this difficult time as we grieve this heartbreaking loss.

Funeral arrangements are pending. In lieu of flowers, we ask that donations be made to the X0X0 Stabler Foundation to support research of colon cancer and sports-related head trauma. More information will be available on Ken Stabler’s Facebook fan page and the X0X0 Stabler Foundation.

He is survived by his three daughters Kendra Stabler Moyes (husband, Scott), Alexa (fiance, Hunter Adams) and Marissa; his grandsons Jack and Justin Moyes; sister Carolyn Bishop; nephew Scott Bishop; and great nephew and niece Tayler and Payton Bishop. He is preceded in death by his father, Leroy Stabler, and mother, Sally Stabler.

* * *

CATCH OF THE DAY, July 9, 2015

Fuentes, Gonzalez, Luranhatt
Fuentes, Gonzalez, Luranhatt

LAURA FUENTES, Santa Rosa/Ukiah. Probation revocation.

ANTHONY GONZALEZ, Indio/Ukiah. Probation revocation.

NOAH LURANHATT, Willits. Parole violation, probation revocation.

Macias, Magana, Maresh, Oliver
Macias, Magana, Maresh, Oliver

RAMIRO MACIAS, Ukiah. Petty theft, county parole violation.

MARCOS MAGANA, Ukiah. Domestic battery, probation revocation.

TRAVIS MARESH, Clearlake/Ukiah. Under influence of controlled substance, suspended license.

FRANKIE OLIVER, North Highland (Sacramento area)/Ukiah. Failure to appear.

Peters-Pickett, Simpson (2008), Tobin
Peters-Pickett, Simpson (2008), Tobin

ERNESTO PETERS-PICKETT, Covelo. Domestic assault.

TY SIMPSON, Potter Valley. Burglary, loitering, child endangerment.

SHANNON TOBIN, McKinleyville/Ukiah. DUI.

* * *


Re Confederate Flag:

As a Southerner, I like to know who the enthusiastic idiots are. They could be saying Hey I’m proud to be a so called hick. I need a tattoo right now. Or they like Dale Earnhart. Go NASCAR. Or they think states rights is a constitutional idea. Or they are in fact racists and Klan sympathizers. Nobody alive has had anything to do with slavery and I have never heard anyone say the flag represents slavery. It represents the South that had slavery. It is “us”, the South vs ”you” all those other people. Are we on the same American team? Yes. In fact a greater percentage of Southerners do the current fighting for the old US of A. Should we officially get rid of the flag? Yes. Come on SC strike the colors. I’m from Alabama. But if the flag means something to you besides I hate black folks, then fly it proudly. And if it means, I am a racist, great, we don’t have to invite you to the neighborhood picnic. As for me I can’t get the pictures of all those ridiculous Klansman out of my head and will demur. 
If my neighbor does not like my BMW because it is a German car and reminds him of the holocaust, whose problem is it?

* * *


Mendocino Supervisors John McCowen and Tom Woodhouse of the county's Marijuana Ad Hoc Committee will be live in the KZYX studio on The Cannabis Hour, Thursday, July 16 at 9 a.m. The supervisors will talk with host Jane Futcher about the challenges, opportunities and impacts of marijuana and cannabis farming on our communities. On July 30, Jayma Shields Spencer, coordinator of Laytonville’s Healthy Start Family Resource Center, will be present in the studio to discuss the cultural, social and family impacts of cannabis on the population her agency serves. Listeners are invited to call 707 895-2448 with questions or comments. KZYX is at 90.7 FM in Philo, 91.5, Willits and Ukiah, and 88.1 in Ft. Bragg. Together, they make up Mendocino County Public Broadcasting.

* * *


Dear Editor:

The Guardian newspaper reports that "Hillary Clinton condemns anti-Israel boycotts as 'counter-productive'" in a letter to Jewish leaders. She asked one of the leaders for his advise on "how leaders and communities across America can work together to counter BDS" and that BDS "seeks to punish Israel and dictate how Israelis and Palestinians should resolve the core issues of their conflict". I am not sure from her comments if she understands the Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) is a grass roots organization that focus its efforts against the companies that operate in the occupied territories and assist Israel in the apartheid state Palestinians live under such and the internal passports that limit their movements. Mrs. Clinton apparently does not have a problem with the internal passport program. For your readers not familiar with the program: every Arab in the occupied territories has an internal passport which indicates if the holder is from the West Bank, Gaza or East Jerusalem. The passport holder can not travel from one area to another without the permission of the Israelis which may be denied. One other question is how Mrs. Clinton who apparently is a running dog for the pro-Israel lobby will react if an agreement is reached with Iran. It is certainly true Bill and Hillary do an excellent job of following the money regardless of the source. Her statement on BDS will certainly raise a bundle of cash for her campaign.

In peace and love,

Jim Updegraff


* * *


Homer takes a voyage inside Trump’s hypnotizing hairpiece.

* * *


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A diagnosis of cancer is frightening. Many people feel helpless or want to rush headlong into action. In either case, some find themselves following treatment plans they barely understand. Slowing down and utilizing a few strategies for making the most of a medical appointment can be useful and calming, especially when the outcome of a health care decision will have significant impact.

Preparing For The Appointment

  • When scheduling, let your provider know if you have special needs, such as hearing or language. You may want to bring an interpreter or a support person to the appointment. Let your provider know ahead of time.
  • Read all of the paperwork that your provider sends, and check with your provider’s office to make certain they’ve received all test results.
  • Write down a list of questions. Bring the list with you (or drop it off at the office beforehand).
  • Organize your paperwork. Keep it in a binder or folder, and bring it with you. Include: test results, insurance information (including a copy of your card), medical history, current medications, contact information of all of your doctors, a calendar of appointments, appointments notes, etc.
  • Ask someone who is a good listener and note-taker to be your support person and to attend the appointment with you. Beforehand, discuss with this person how they can help.
  • Bring a recording device. (Ahead of time, ask your provider if you may record your session.)

The Appointment

  • Introduce yourself and the people with you.
  • Remind the provider that you will be recording the session.
  • Discuss all medications that you are taking, including: herbs, vitamins, home remedies, etc.
  • Ask about treatment options. (Keep an open mind about the information provided.)
  • Ask the questions on your list and any additional questions that arise. Make certain that you understand the answers.
  • Find out whom to call if you have additional questions after you leave.
  • Ask what comes next. When is your next appointment? What tests do you need? Why are you doing this treatment?


  • Review the information with your support person. (Read over the notes and/or listen to the recording. Make sure you understand everything. Write a list of additional questions (if you have any), and call the provider’s office for answers.
  • Put any papers that you received into your health binder.
  • Remember, if you feel uncertain about information, you have the option of getting a second opinion from a different health care provider.

Rita Martinez
Client Services Manager, Coast Office
Cancer Resource Centers of Mendocino County
P.O. Box 50
Mendocino, CA 95460
707.937.3833 (phone)
707.313.0013 (fax)

* * *


The U.S. House of Representatives last night unanimously approved two amendments offered by Congressman Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael) to prevent the future sale of Confederate flag merchandise in National Park Service (NPS) stores and to disallow any grave in any Federal cemetery operated by the Park Service to be decorated with a Confederate flag.

While many concessionaires have agreed to follow the request of the National Park Service, I am dismayed by reports that some will continue to sell items with Confederate flag imagery. I am very pleased that the House has now, in a bipartisan manner, supported my amendments and joined the movement to end the public promotion of the cruel, racist legacy of the Confederacy.

In June, the National Park Service urged gift shops and bookstores to stop the sale of Confederate flag merchandise. Huffman’s amendment to the Interior Appropriations Act of 2015 would prevent the future sale of all non-educational merchandise, whether belt buckles, lapel pins, or posters. In some Southern states with “Confederate Memorial Day,” the National Park Service currently allows local organizations to decorate Confederate graves with Confederate flags. NPS policy is to remove these flags as quickly as possible after the “Confederate Memorial Day.” Huffman’s amendment would prevent them from allowing the local organizations to decorate the graves in the first place.

(Press Release from Congressman Jared Huffman


* * *


by Dan Bacher

The state and federal governments released the EIR/EIS for the revised Delta Tunnels project, formerly known as the Bay Delta Conservation Plan, on Thursday, July 9, a day earlier than environmentalists, fishermen and Tribal leaders had anticipated.

The Brown and Obama administrations touted the revised documents as "describing the changes and refinements made since last summer to the plant that seeks to secure California’s water supplies and improve ecosystem conditions in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta."

Continuing the lack of transparency and accountability to the public that the Brown and Obama administrations have become notorious for, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and the California Department of Water Resources announced that they will host a "media-only conference call" on Monday, July 13, 2015, to discuss the release of the revised document.

In their zeal to rush the plan through, the agencies are doing everything they can to limit and suppress public comment, with a public comment period of less than two months put in place. Comments are due by close of business Monday, August 31, 2015, just 54 days after the release of the EIR/EIS.

DWR has identified sub-alternative 4A (California WaterFix) as its preferred "conveyance" alternative The 2013 Draft EIR/EIS had previously identified Alternative 4 (BDCP) as DWR’s preferred alternatives, according to the agencies.

“The new alternative described in these documents would help restore natural flow patterns in the Delta,” claimed California Department of Water Resources Director Mark Cowin.“With California WaterFix, we will not need to rely solely on south Delta pumping plants that can cause harmful reverse flows in nearby channels. We’ll gain the flexibility to move water when and where it is safest for fish. With the release of a revised plan today, we are a step closer to finally modernizing our 50-year-old water conveyance system in the Delta and improving the reliability and sustainability of water supplies for California.”

A "fact sheet" and "answers to frequently asked questions" are available at and

In anticipation of the release, Restore the Delta and a coalition of advocates for the San Francisco Bay-Delta Estuary held a teleconference on July 8 to preview the tunnels plan. While the Brown and Obama administrations claimed the "revised" plan would "restore natural flow patterns," tunnel opponents characterized the revised plan as a massive water grab by corporate agribusiness, Southern California water agencies and oil companies conducting fracking and steam injection operations.

The teleconference took place the same day that Jerry Brown, the worst Governor for fish, water and the environment in recent California history, cynically called on states and provinces to join California in the "fight against climate change" in keynote remarks at the Climate Summit of the Americas in Toronto.

“The real source of climate action has to come from states and provinces,” gushed Governor Brown, whose administration recently approved nine new offshore fracks in Southern California. “This is a call to arms. We’re going to build up such a drumbeat that our national counterparts – they’re going to listen.” (

While Brown was greenwashing his abysmal environmental record, RTD and public trust advocates issued their own "call to arms" about how Brown's deeply flawed Bay Delta Conservation Plan failed to meet federal standards under the Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act, or to pencil out for water users.

They pointed out that the leadership of Governor Brown’s administration and tunnel boosters have employed public relations efforts like Californians for Water Security to rebrand the project “CA Water Fix” and “CA Eco Restore,” though it will do neither, according to the groups.

Advocates warned that this repackaging of the water export tunnels will "waste up to $60 billion dollars without creating any new water, won’t help desperate communities during the drought, or fund innovative water conservation, stormwater capture, or water recycling projects that cities are eager to build for resilience in a changing climate."

In addition, they said the lack of scoping meetings for the new plan, lack of details regarding financing, and addition of 8,000 new pages for public comment on top of the existing 40,000 pages, reveal that the Brown administration is seeking to move forward with the project without transparency.

"$248 million spent thus far on drafts and publicity have netted a project-concept that will not produce one drop of new water for the state, but that has enriched special interest water and engineering consultants over the last eight years," according to the groups.

In the teleconference, Delta experts outlined three ways present State and Federal government action is harming the San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary:

  • Mismanagement of the Delta by the State Water Resources Control Board during the drought by suspending water quality standards;
  • Federal legislation aiming to further weaken Delta protections and increase water exports;
  • The plan to build massive Delta tunnels that will imperil Bay-Delta water quality and Northern California fisheries, inundate Delta family farms with salt water, and continue California’s history of unsustainable water policy paid for by water rate and property tax payers.

"In this drought year, it is obvious there is not enough water in the system to meet species and in-basin needs and satisfy the insatiable water demands of the Delta water exporters," said Osha Meserve, Delta Water Rights attorney. "The tunnels, unlike water conservation, would not create any new water and would substantially degrade water quality, impairing the Clean Water Act mandate for the estuary to be fishable, swimmable and drinkable. The billions slated for investment in tunnels to literally reroute the Sacramento River will create even more pressure to push any remaining fish in the estuary over the brink of extinction, just like they have done this year.”

"The revised EIR does not consider the Environmental Water Caucus’ sustainable export plan, which we have tried to get them to consider for more than three years," said Bob Wright, Friends of the River. "They have ignored the 8,000 public comments demanding a better plan. Rather than go back to the drawing board, this tunnels plan looks exactly like the old one. The deliberate suppression of alternatives reducing exports, coupled with the suppression of independent comments from the BDCP and Water Fix websites, is calculated to deceive the public about the adverse environmental effects and true costs of the Delta tunnels.”

Bill Jennings, California Sportfishing Protection Alliance, stated, "Virtually every promulgated statute and regulatory standard protecting the Delta has been routinely ignored and violated over the last three decades and, consequently, any assurances and promises by Delta tunnel proponents are worthless. California has been in a drought cycle more than forty percent of the time over the last hundred years and the tunnels will not provide a single additional drop of water. They will, however, further degrade Delta water quality and exacerbate conditions that have brought fisheries to the brink of extinction.”

Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, Restore the Delta, revealed, “The recently introduced H.R. 2898 (Valadao) would maximize water exports from the San Francisco Bay-Delta Estuary and further weaken regulations for endangered fish species. Today, Delta communities face invasive plant species and toxic algal blooms as a result of inadequate flow. HR 2898 does nothing to help with drought relief for 55 of California’s 58 counties. It does nothing but shift public health and wealth to private hands through water transfers. HR 2898 is not in the interest of taxpayers and the general public, it is the same old water grab for industrial mega-growers.”

Conner Everts, Environmental Water Caucus, concluded, "Historic drought is proving, again, that local, cost effective and environmentally beneficial water solutions are immediate and eliminate the need for far away, costly, and environmentally detrimental speculative projects. With unprecedented response agencies like MWD are having to fully fund the huge demand for incentives and we are witnessing the future now."

"First things first: invest in local infrastructure and leaky pipes-LADWP today is announcing their local water and energy investment rate increase-stop dumping billions of gallons of treated wastewater into the ocean, and greatly increase efficiency while capturing and reusing stormwater, rainwater, and greywater. Our groundwater basins are being cleaned up and the opportunity to recharge and maintain like Orange County has been doing for years are the solutions of this century and the appropriate reaction to climate change and the extremes of this, the new normal," Everts said.

For more information about the campaign to stop the tunnels and the destruction of the San Francisco Bay Delta Estuary, go to:

Two public meetings, one in Sacramento and one in Walnut Grover, are scheduled regarding the EIR/EIS.

  • Sacramento – Tuesday, July 28, 2015, 3 to 7 p.m., Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel, Magnolia Room, 1230 J Street, Sacramento, C.A., 95814.
  • Walnut Grove – Wednesday, July 29, 2015, 3 to 7 p.m., Jean Harvie Senior and Community Center, 14273 River Road, Walnut Grove, C.A., 95690.

Written comments are due by close of business Monday, August 31, 2015. Comments should be mailed to BDCP/WaterFix Comments, P.O. Box 1919, Sacramento, C.A., 95812, or emailed to BDCPComments [at]

Rather than taking Brown's cynical words about "climate change" and "green energy" at face value, people must look at Brown's actions, including expanding fracking in California; planning the construction of the most destructive public works project in California history, the Delta tunnels; driving Delta smelt, winter-run Chinook salmon and other fish species to the abyss of extinction; promoting pollution trading policies that benefit corporations at the expense of public health and the environment; and creating deeply flawed "marine protected areas" that don't protect the ocean from oil spills, fracking and oil drilling.

For more information about the real environmental record of Governor Jerry Brown, go to:

* * *


Warmest spiritual greetings, Please know that the Earth First! Round River Rondezvous held in Vermont's Green Mountains (on Romance Mountain, next to a blueberry management area), was an intense eight days from July 1-8. Arriving in the rain with my neo-pagan friends the Novack family farmers from Massachusetts, we set up tents in the woods above the main fire circle and tarped workshop areas. I volunteered with the Seeds of Peace/Eastern Kitchen and bottom-lined the pots 'n pans/dishes washing pit, when not chopping vegetables for the three daily meals serving a peak of 300 Earth First!ers, assorted generic anarchists, and the general public who attended. The week was characterized by intense soul searching in regard to racial issues, native American colonization issues, transexual/gay lifestyles, and to what extent Earth First! has succeeded or failed in realizing a necessary diverse movement identity over the past four decades. [Regardless of the heated debates, the February 2016 Earth First! Organizers Conference will NOT be held in Oakland!] The week was educational for all, mostly intelligent and respectful, not fully satisfying for everyone, and yet the EF! Green Mountain Vermont host group was gracious, in spite of receiving a disproportionate amount of the criticism for the gathering's not appearing more like a world social forum. The after rondy direct action took place at three locations, and to see the photos, please go to the Earth First! newswire on the internet. Nota bene: I was presented with the "hero of action camp" award, a wooden handled vintage monkey wrench, given to me by the Seeds of Peace radical catering collective, for having gone beyond the third dimension to ensure that there were no cases of illness food related. Subsequent to the post rondy direct actions, I was driven to Bucksport, Maine for three days of rebalancing. The EF! icon and saltwater specialist Ron Huber is picking me up tomorrow morning to visit with him in Rockland, Maine where he is director of Penobscot Bay Watch. I am advocating the possible development of a saltwater issues insert for the Earth First! Journal, which may contain a CD or two; and it will not affect the price of the publication. If you have any suggestions for this, please email Penobscot Bay Watch at

I love all of you eco-warriors madly, Craig Louis Stehr

Craig Louis Stehr

Bucksport, Maine

* * *

John Sakowicz,

Thank you for this action! [the FCC complaint and recent demand letter for disclosures]

The sickness of KZYX is one I've decided is terminal and am now deeply committed to KMUD. I worry about KMUD getting cooperative with KZYX, because I fear losing our 1st Amendment Rights again. (See last nights' KMUD Board call-in.)

Censorship, I've learned, is contagious; particularly if fiefdoms and their retirement programs are at stake. You know WHO the problem is, and so do I.

Before I quit KZYX, I wrote several hand-written letters to the Board; follow-up phone calls to individual members revealed that they had never been received. KZYX walks on the dark side of Power. No wonder free speech is no longer an issue at KZYX! It doesn't exist!

I hope your effort leads to the return of respect for Free Speech at KZYX; and I thank you for your efforts to clean up this self-aggrandizing bait-and-switch sickness, but I personally think it's way too late.

I'll be watching and hoping for the best.

Thanks again,

Anon Forrest, Ukiah

* * *


(or something like that…?)

National Teen Library Lock-In!

Friday, July 31st 7pm - Midnight

Teens entering 7th-12th grades are welcome to attend our first Teen Lock-In at the Ukiah Library, an after-hours event to take place on National Teen Lock-In Day, July 31st from 7pm-midnight. Teens in libraries nationwide are participating in this event. With games like Minute–to-Win-It, Super Smash Bros, Minecraft, a photo scavenger hunt, and tie-dye tees, fun & adventure are guaranteed. Please bring your own 100% cotton tee shirt to participate in the craft activity. Pizza, snacks, refreshments & all other materials will be provided.

Registration and parent/guardian permission are required for teens to attend. This event can be counted toward the summer reading raffle for teens and adults. To obtain a permission slip or for more information – please contact Melissa at the Ukiah Library at 467-6434 or

Sharpie® Permanent Marker Tie Dye Maker Space

Thursday, July 23rd, 2:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Come and create amazing tie dye effects using Sharpie® permanent markers. Enjoy learning this fabulous, no mess, no hassle fabric dyeing technique. Bring your own 100% cotton tee shirts and we will provide the instruction, art supplies and inspiration to express your creative self. This is an all ages event.

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  1. Bruce McEwen July 10, 2015

    Re: Huff takes on the necks,
    Ukiah attorney and archconservative Al “Matlock” Kubanis has been wearing his controversial rebel flag neck tie this week and lambasting other members of the defense bar with the odious L-word. Fun-loving bigotry always spices up a day at the courthouse. Thank’s, Matlock.

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