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The Movie The Food Industry Doesn’t Want You To See

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  1. Rick Weddle December 4, 2014

    Yes, Dr. Zack! This is a true hotrod movie for clarity and impact. There are a few Old Lobbies preying in the corridors of Congress, and Sugar’s like a charter member. Not just their toxic addiction product, but the pollution spread through our politics, economies, contaminating even the most basic definitions of our world…
    To think those first corpirate dogs had offices built in Congressional office buildings, alongside ‘our’ public servants, and helped in the composition of certain legislation, and lent a hand in the carving of empire from the flesh, blood, and time of subject peoples and their resources. This ‘lobbying’ pattern, set so early by the Sugar Trust (Civil War?) established a pattern still with us today, going rocket speed. It was one of Henry Havemeir’s Sugar Trust’s bought Congressmen, Sen. Mark Hanna who said, “…You know you can hire half of this country to shoot the other half,…and we’ve got the money to hire ’em.” This kind of ‘thinking’ might have a lot to do with our recent and present forceful and failing best efforts at foreign policy, or cleaning the gutters…
    This has been going long enough, it’s beneficiaries so accustomed to cornering all the pieces, being so vastly obscenely rewarded, they gotta be doing something right…right? Plus, they set the damned thing in motion, now can’t recall where the ON/OFF switch is.

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