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Mendocino County Today: Thursday, Oct 30, 2014

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GIANTS WIN WORLD SERIES! Bumgarner returns for third shut out appearance to lead the San Francisco Giants to their third World Series title in five years.


Nearly unbelievable considering how awful the Giants were in June and July.

Key Fan Support lead to Giants Series win
Key Fan Support lead to Giants Series win

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Good morning,

My name is Mark Bishop and I was the Director of the Access Center in Ukiah until June of this year.


I was terminated for questioning OMG regarding the delivery of Mental Health services as well as refusing to conduct illegal 5150 holds at the direction of Dr. John Riley. I have maintained several emails shared between me and OMG that I feel clearly point to illegal activities as well as the attempt to have the staff conduct illegal activities on their behalf. The community denies and ignores the fact that OMG is taking them to the bank but I feel I can demonstrate it clearly. I do not fear OMG and am more than willing to share all info I have available as I feel they are criminals of the highest order. The people I am most concerned with at OMG are John and Jessica Riley, Jeff Payne, Todd Harris and Mark Montgomery.


I was terminated on the day that Steve Neuroth was in the Access Center begging for help and witnessed the events that led to his death in jail later that evening. He was refused services and even a bottle of water by Todd Harris and was told that he had no right “spinning in the Access center” and told to leave the property. After I was terminated that day, I stayed in close contact with the Access Center staff who tried all day to intercept Steve as he traveled on his last day. They had several contacts with him but the Cops got him and the rest of the story is well known except for how he died!

I was known for my honest and direct approach at the Access Center and it was too much for the OMG “machine.” I gathered and saved and will gladly share all info I have. OMG needs to have a brilliant light on them as they attempt to further con and steal from Mendo County. I expect to be engaged with OMG legally for about a year but that will not deter me from at least informing you of what I have available to demonstrate the criminal nature and activities at OMG. They are the worst form of PREDATORS!

Regards, Mark Bishop, Psychiatric RN

* * *

GENE HERR REPORTS: Shannon Spiller is “no longer employed by the AVHC”. David Gorchoff has resigned as medical officer. Mark Apfel is interim Medical Officer. Directors have interviewed every present employee, and most past employees in the past week in an attempt to get an accurate view of personnel management problems and staff concerns at the clinic.They are recruiting for a chief executive officer, a procedure which will require collaboration between directors, staff (all kinds), and community; ultimately a change in management will require a report to, and approval of candidate by HRSA (aka the feds). Work to recruit will start immediately. If you have ideas, skills, and want to help recruit talk to Kathy Cox or Ric Bonner. Work on reinstatement of former providers can start tomorrow. All have indicated a willingness to return.

Sandy Parker has resigned from the Board. If you are interested in serving on the Board, contact Ric Bonner or Kathy Cox, stating your interest and any pertinent experience which might be helpful in management of the clinic. They are looking for new directors and to create a file of interested potential directors. They are also looking for community members to serve on the committees of the Board.

None of the former “shared management team” (Diane Agee, Dave Turner, Lucrezia Renteria) have any connection with the center now. All of their access to accounts, and to the HRSA electronic site for management of grants, and to the HRSA project officer have been terminated.

Judy Waterman of Price Waterman accounting in Ukiah is retained as an independent contractor to handle financial management. The Finance Committee met with her today. Report will follow. Bonner stated two years ago financial condition was his primary concern. Now not as “tight”, affordable care act means fewer patients on sliding scale, insurance paying more of bills.

Student Director Maxence Weyrich is working on data input for the new web site. It will take a few weeks before the old site is transferred to the new host.

In general it was a hopeful meeting. If you want to help, tell Bonner, Cox, or Heidi Knott who is coordinating formation of a concerned citizens group.

HEALTH CENTER BOARD CHAIR RIC BONNER ADDS: “I wish I could get people to understand that the way it was is inadequate for the way it must be. We'll keep on trying.”

ED NOTE: The Anderson Valley Health Center's board of directors should now include Gene Herr, Heidi Knott and Fred Martin. They've consistently taken the reform initiative for this community, while the sitting board's arrogant incompetence, startling even by Mendo standards, put the very survival of the Center at risk. Public benefit boards shouldn't operate like secret societies, and why is it even necessary to point out the obvious?

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Ukiah Daily Journal: Anderson Valley Health Center plans for bright future

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CATCH OF THE DAY, October 29, 2014

Ayala-Ceja, Dyer, Franks, Gunter, Hoaglen
Ayala-Ceja, Dyer, Franks, Gunter, Hoaglen

SANTIAGO AYALA-CEJA, Ukiah. Pot cultivation, processing, possession for sale; armed with firearm.

JEWEL DYER, Willits. Pot cultivation, processing, possession for sale; armed with firearm.

SCOTT FRANKS, Ukiah. False ID, probation revocation.

MICHAEL GUNTER, Willits. Probation revocation.

JOHN HOAGLEN, Covelo. Parole revocation.

Jacobson, Martinez, McClellan, McCloud, Perry
Jacobson, Martinez, McClellan, McCloud, Perry

JASCHA JACOBSON, Leggett. DUI, drug sale-transport-furnish, possession of drug paraphernalia, proceeds from drug transactions.

CHRISTOPHER MARTINEZ, Cathedral City/Dos Rios. Pot cultivation, processing, possession for sale; armed with firearm.

MICHAEL MCCLELLAN, Fort Bragg. Probation revocation.

LATISHA MCCLOUD, Stewarts Point/Ukiah. Burglary, failure to appear, probation revocation.

MICHAEL PERRY, Redwood Valley. DUI.

Sahl, Sermeno, Toro-Gonzalez, Zepeda
Sahl, Sermeno, Toro-Gonzalez, Zepeda

MICHAEL SAHL, Gualala. Driving without valid license, failure to appear, court order violation, probation revocation.


ALFREDO TORO-GONZALEZ, Ukiah. Pot cultivation, processing, possession for sale; armed with firearm.

ECEQUIEL ZEPEDA, Avenal/Willits. Pot cultivation, processing, possession for sale; armed with firearm.

* * *

Williams, Anderson
Williams, Anderson

ON MONDAY, October 27, 2014 at approximately 2:48 P.M., Mendocino County Sheriff's Deputies were in the 76000 block of Highway 162 in Covelo, California when they observed a vehicle with a broken front windshield driving recklessly. When Deputies tried to initiate a traffic stop using their emergency lights and siren the vehicle accelerated to approximately 70 miles per hour in a 25 mile per hour zone and would not stop. Due to the vehicle not stopping Deputies went in pursuit of the vehicle. During the pursuit the vehicle, which contained the driver and a front passenger, turned from Highway 162 onto Greely Street traveling westbound in the eastbound lane. The vehicle then turned onto Main Street traveling northbound, but the vehicle was driving in the southbound lane of travel. From Main Street the vehicle turned onto Howard Street and traveled westbound on Howard Street at approximately 60 miles per hour, in a 25 mile per hour zone. The vehicle pursuit ended when the vehicle crashed through a fence leading to an open field on Airport Road. The driver of the vehicle, Harlan Williams, 19, of Covelo, then fled from the vehicle on foot and was apprehended not too far from the vehicle by Covelo Tribal Police, who were assisting on the vehicle stop. Williams was found to be on felony probation out of Mendocino County for criminal threats with an ‘obey all laws’ clause as a part of his probation terms. Deputies also learned Williams had a felony warrant for his arrest out of Mendocino County for violation of probation. The front passenger, June Anderson, 26, also of Covelo, was found to be in possession of approximately 4 grams of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia for smoking/injecting methamphetamine. Williams and Anderson were transported to the Mendocino County Jail where Williams was booked for Evading a Peace Officer, 1203.2 PC, and the felony warrant to be held on a no bail status. Anderson was booked for Possession of a Controlled Substance, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia to be held in lieu of $10,000 bail.

* * *


* * *










Case No: CR-13-74218


WHEREAS the Executive Director of the Medical Board of California ("Medical Board") has appeared in this matter pursuant to Penal Code section 23, and recommended that this Court issue an Order that Dr. Cable not practice medicine as a condition of bail or release on his own recognizance; and

WHEREAS The People of the State of California, represented by the Mendocino County District Attorney have appeared on this matter concerning conditions of bail; and

WHEREAS Dr. Cable has appeared in this matter with his legal counsel Robert J. Sullivan and Keith Faulder, opposing the Medical Board's recommendations to this Court; and

WHEREAS Dr. Cable has surrendered his DEA certificate, is not now practicing medicine, and does not hold active privileges at any hospital; and

WHEREAS Dr. Cable has completed an inpatient treatment program, and is now participating in outpatient treatment and monitoring under the auspices of an independent monitoring Program;

WHEREAS, the drugs or medication that Dr. Cable has reported to the independent monitoring program as his prescribed medications include and are limited to the following, except insofar as additional medications may be prescribed or ordered by Dr. Cable's treating physician and reported to the designated biological fluid testing program or laboratory, the District Attorney, and the Deputy Attorney General appearing in this matter: Wellbutrin, Abilify, Finasteride, Acyclovir; and

WHEREAS Dr. Cable in the near future wishes to seek employment in a low risk area, such as serving as a Qualified Medical Examiner in Workers' Compensation cases, providing telephonic consultations for a telemedicine provider, or other low risk medical practice; and

WHEREAS all Parties in this matter wish to establish a set of practice restrictions and monitoring requirements necessary to protect the public safety, and to aid in Dr. cable,s rehabilitation where consistent with the public safety;

NOW, THEREFORE, the Parties have agreed to the following Stipulation.

THE PARTIES AGREE AND STIPULATE AS FOLLOWS: As a condition of bail or release upon his own recognizance,

  1. Dr. Cable shall not write prescriptions or furnish controlled substances to any person, nor shall Dr. Cable seek reinstatement of his DEA certificate or medical staff privileges at anY hosPital;
  2. Dr. Cable shall not perform any surgery, whether inpatient or outpatient;
  3. Dr. Cable shall abstain from any and all use of alcohol and controlled substances, except as prescribed by a California licensed physician;
  4. Dr. Cable shall submit to random biological fluid testing, on average of at least once per week, administered by a program or laboratory designated by the Medical Board that is reasonably accessible to Ukiah, such as Firstlab;
  5. Dr. Cable shall authorize, and hereby does authorize the designated biological fluid testing program or laboratory to immediately notify this Court, the District Attorney, and the Deputy Attorney General appearing in this matter of any confirmed positive drug test for any drugs or medications not previously noticed to the designated biological fluid testing program or laboratory as prescribed medications. Upon request by the Deputy Attorney General, the designated biological fluid testing program or laboratory is hereby authorized by Dr. Cable to produce documentation of Dr. Cable's biological fluid test results. Dr. Cable waives any objections to such production based on confidentiality, privacy, or other grounds;
  6. Dr. Cable shall immediately notify this Court, the District Attorney, and the Deputy Attorney General appearing in this matter of any confirmed positive drug test of his for any drugs or medications not previously noticed to the designated biological fluid testing program or laboratory as prescribed medications;
  7. Each of the conditions set forth in this Stipulation constitutes a condition of bail or own recognizance, reportable to the Court. ln the event of a violation of any of these conditions, Dr. Cable shall immediately report such violation to the Court, the District Attorney, and the Deputy Attorney General and shall immediately cease the practice of medicine as a condition of bail or release on his own recognizance. Such violations include but are not limited to (i) a confirmed positive drug test by Dr. Cable, (ii) Dr. Cable's performance of surgery of any kind, or (iii) Dr. Cable's writing of a prescription or furnishing of a controlled substance to any person. Dr. Cable hereby waives any hearing to contest or challenge an Order by this Court to cease the practice of medicine as a condition of bail, based on a violation of this Stipulation.
  8. By their signatures below, the Parties acknowledge that they have read the terms of this Stipulation, have consulted their respective counsel concerning its provisions, understand the terms thereof, and fully agree to every term and condition of the Stipulation.
  9. The Parties agree that this Stipulation may be executed in counterparts and faxed or multiple pages are as valid as the original signature.
  10. The Parties request that this court adopt this stipulation as its older in this matter'

* * *

Addendum/Clarification: the court-approved stipulation imposes limits on Dr. Cable's practice of medicine pending actions in Superior Court, and the state Medical Board of California. — Mike Geniella, DA Press Liaison

* * *


* * *


* * *


NPR Guts Its Environment And Climate Reporting Team, Becomes ‘Part Of The Problem’

by Joe Romm

NPR has gutted its staff dedicated to covering environmental and climate issues. Given the nation’s and world’s renewed focus on the threat posed by unrestricted carbon pollution, this baffling move is already receiving widespread criticism from scientists and media watchers. It is “a sad commentary on the current state of our media,” as one top climatologist told me. Katherine Bagley broke the story for InsideClimate News. She reports that earlier in 2014, NPR “had three full-time reporters and one editor dedicated” to cover environmental and climate issues within NPR’s science desk. Now, shockingly, “One remains — and he is covering it only part-time.” NPR’s climate coverage has been fairly stagnant for years, as this graph shows:


Climate communications expert Dr. Robert J. Brulle of Drexel University is the source of that graph. He also emailed me a comment on NPR’s move: The Public Broadcasting Act of 1967 that led to the founding of NPR had as one of its goals that public broadcasting would serve as a “source of alternative telecommunications services” that would serve to “address national concerns.” This latest announcement illustrates how NPR has lost its way. The level of coverage of climate change by NPR has not served to increase public knowledge of climate change any more than any other commercial news outlet. Its coverage has returned to the levels seen around 2006. Reducing the environmental staff will further decrease its coverage of climate change. I would have thought NPR would take a proactive stance toward the coverage of climate change, given its charter to address issues of national concern. Sadly, it seems that instead of being part of the solution, NPR has now become part of the problem. An InsideClimate News analysis of NPR pieces tagged “environment,” found that the number “has declined since January … dropping from the low 60s to mid-40s every month.” Journalists and scientists quickly criticized NPR’s move. The LA Times energy and environment reporter in Washington, D.C., Neela Banerjee, almost immediately tweeted out:

Last year, climate coverage at the New York Times dropped following its closure of its own environmental desk. But the Times recently reversed course and expanded its team. In an email to ClimateProgress, Bagley wrote “With the impacts of climate change becoming more salient, this seems like the wrong time for a news outlet to be reducing the resources or manpower it dedicates to covering this issue.” She hopes NPR ultimately ends up where the Times did: “It closed its desk, but after much criticism and data showing that its coverage declined, the paper made environment and climate a key priority again by assigning a number of new reporters to the beat.” Michael Mann, director of the Penn State Earth System Science Center and one of the country’s top climatologists, told ClimateProgress, “This is a sad commentary on the current state of our media and, in particular, environmental reporting. Climate change is perhaps the greatest challenge we face as a civilization. Yet NPR apparently feels that it only deserves a fraction of one reporter.” How does NPR explain the shift? The move to shift reporters off the environment beat was driven by an interest to cover other fields more in depth, said Anne Gudenkauf, senior supervising editor of NPR’s science desk…. Gudenkauf also said she doesn’t “feel like [the environment] necessarily requires dedicated reporters” because so many other staffers cover the subject, along with their other beats. Personally, I don’t know anyone in the media business who shares that view. Indeed, one of the reasons that Climate Progress greatly expanded its team of reporters dedicated to covering climate change last year is precisely because major MSM outlets like the Times were slashing coverage. Yet, ironically, at the same time that the New York Times has figured out it made a mistake cutting dedicated climate reporters, NPR has made the exact same mistake.

(Courtesy, the Associated Press)

* * *

SYMPHONY OF THE REDWOODS’ FALL CONCERT is an eclectic mix of some of the most exciting and familiar melodies from the world of opera—everything from Siegfried’s Rhine Journey to the Triumphal March from Aida. Along with operatic overtures and melodies for orchestra alone, the Symphony will be joined by the Redwood Community Chorus directed by Jenni Windsor. The majestic sound of full choir and orchestra will take your breath away as they perform some of the most beautiful choruses ever written. This will be a rare opportunity to hear these grand works separately, like a stunning necklace of only the most splendid of gems.

Saturday, November 15th, at 8pm and Sunday, November 16th, at 2pm, Cotton Auditorium, Fort Bragg. Tickets are $20 and 18 and under always free. Available from Harvest Market and Fiddles & Cameras in Fort Bragg, Out of This World in Mendocino, online at, or at the door. For more information, call 964-0898.

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Good morning. I have advised the Berkeley men's shelter that I will exit (happily and voluntarily) Monday morning November 3rd. I do not wish to have housing in the SF bay area, because I do not have a productive reason to be living here now, following 40 years of intelligent social participation. Also, my social security money comes in on November 1st and 3rd...therefore, I will be FAT financially soon!   I am willing to go to Washington D.C. for the seventh time (   Please share with all, that just like the birds in the sky, I am "following spirit". Swami Sivananda quotation: "Discrimination is the faculty which distinguishes between the real and the unreal. The whole world outside and the universe that is inside are unreal. Earth, water, wind, fire, the sky, the ocean, our bodies and the vital force animating them, our minds, our consciousness of ourselves--all are but airy nothingness. The only real thing is the Atman, or Brahman, the Absolute. Craig Louis Stehr Email: Snail mail: P.O. Box 11406, c/o NOSCW, Berkeley, CA 94712-2406 Blog:


  1. Lazarus October 30, 2014

    “Nearly unbelievable considering how awful the Giants were in June and July.”
    Pretty much sums up my position, Perhaps smoke and mirrors does work, if you have a Bum on the team. Go Giants!
    Now if we could only get the 49ers going…?

  2. Sonya Nesch October 30, 2014

    Thank you Mark for your courage in shining a light on the Ortner people and on the likely preventable death of Steve Neuroth. The other story is the deaths in the jail under the for profit-corporation California Forensic Medical Group, a pattern seen in other counties.

  3. Bill Pilgrim October 30, 2014

    RE: NPR Guts Environment Covereage: The “other fields” that NPR toady referred to are simply the same old same old: militarism and market fundamentalism. Anyone paying attention would also know that major corporate “sponsors” of NPR programs are petroleum and natural gas extractors
    Any community radio station that purports to be somewhat leftist in its political tones, as is KZYX, yet broadcasts daily 3 hrs. of NPR as its flagship news program is a sham and a fraud, and doesn’t deserve one dime from the committed workers for change.

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