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Why Bother

Dear Editor,

I came across your newspaper through a friend and even though I have never lived in Anderson Valley — Healdsburg was the closest I came to it — I feel an appreciation and a concern for it and the people who live there. I also like the fact that you cover real news and topics that interest not only the local community but also add to a deeper understanding of relevant issues.

I'm sending you this letter out of concern about a letter from Tanner Furia Miller in the December 16 edition entitled Why Bother? The tone and content of his letter was very hopeless and depressing. I checked subsequent issues hoping that someone else, someone who knows him, would have responded to him by now but so far that hasn't happened.

Maybe I misread his intention and it was a sarcastic statement or maybe it was a cry for help. I don't know this person and my perspective is probably different than what other readers would have.

You see, I'm currently living in a government-operated gated community — Correctional Training Facility, Soledad, California. I'm not a career criminal. In fact, it's my first trip to the system and I can tell you that life is wonderful even in here. Not that life is better in here. It is what you put into it. It's the attitude you carry around with you and it's what you do with your talents.

We bother with the problems of life because we care about what happens to each other. Find your love and dedicate yourself to it. Go to church. Cultivate a group of friends and always be the first one to reach out. It's hard sometimes but in the end it always works out.

Best wishes,

Marco Castillo

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