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Off the Record (November 24, 2023)

Georgina Avila-Gorman

MS. GEORGINA AVILA-GORMAN has announced she will run for 4th District supervisor. She works as a realtor, and is opposed by mayor of Fort Bragg, Bernie Norvell.

WHEN OUR NINE (COUNT ‘EM) Superior Court judges were promoted from Mendo’s far flung justice courts to full-time Superior Court status, they no longer made the bulk of their annual pay sitting in as bullpen judges around the state. Where we used to have 8 part-time justices, who didn't have to be lawyers, we now have 9 full-time Superior Court judges for an adult population of about 90,000. But as a person who used to spend a lot of time in court as both observer and defendant, I'd say the fortunate 9 typically render just and proportionate sentences. There aren’t any mad dog magas among them. 

WHICH is as it should be given that the large majority of defendants are half-crazed, or otherwise incompetent, or have been run over by life so many times they should get free meals and ball game tickets for the rest of their days. In most of the matters before them judges can either add to misery's burden or lighten it a little. Our judges are merciful, although I’d suppose if, say, it was your life or their life-time sinecures, you’re for certain going to get the midnight needle. 

ONE of the victories achieved by Boonville's beloved weekly I'm most proud of is having produced the stories that lead directly to the conversion of the Courthouse Law Library from a sort of back room afterthought to the accessible, competently-staffed, comprehensively useful public service it is today. These days, one can walk right in to the library upstairs in the Courthouse and be met by Dan Helsel or Ashley Ashford whose legal assistance one can tap at no cost but would pay mightily for at the law offices on nearby School Street. (And which would probably be not only costly but wrong, craven, compromising, or lead directly to long periods of incarceration.) Where one used to have to search out a judge and, beg him for the key to the library door, and once through the door plow through volumes of mystifying, mis-filed legal bafflegab on one's own, there is now a friendly welcome and efficient help. 

IN ITS PREVIOUS incarnation, the law library operated almost completely outside its enabling legislation, not that that fact seemed to disturb the legal eagles who theoretically oversaw it. Today, in its own description, “the Law Library is a public library that gives all Mendocino County residents access to legal research materials” with extended services to the Mendocino Coast at the Fort Bragg Library via computer hook-up which “has quick links to state and federal cases, laws, regulation, courts, and agencies.” 

JEFF BLANKFORT:  This headline? Zionist hasbara! 14,000 Palestinians dead and what does the Zionist NYT headline, approved by its editors say to its readers, a large percentage of whom are Jews? That the problem with Israel's genocidal attacks on Gaza is not the number of Palestinian dead but that their numbers have been fueling sympathy for the Palestinians which is bad. It is also, I would guess, that it is fueling a broader understanding of what impelled the response by Hamas to the Nakba and three-quarters of a century of experience with oppression and imprisonment.

P.S. And I should emphasize the sadism, the degree of which I have witnessed among no other peoples where I have traveled in my long life.

KZYX REPORTER SARA REITH asked a pertinent question of Supervisor John Haschak on in response to Haschak’s skimpy “Supervisors Report.” Haschak “reported” that “The County received a $25 million grant from the State to build the [new jail] wing. The County’s cost was to be $1 million. The State’s contribution stays the same while our County must pay for all increases. The latest, and supposedly last, overrun is $6.8 million. That is why the Board decided to borrow that amount from Measure B funds. This will be repaid. Former Sheriff Allman, author of Measure B, supported this approach.”

REITH “What is the basis of your belief that the county will repay the Measure B fund? There has been no public discussion of a repayment plan. There has been no public discussion of any analysis of what it would cost not to build the new jail, nor has there been any public assurance that this last $6.8 million is the last time the costs will rise exponentially.”

MS NOTES: Supervisor Haschak was on the ad hoc committee that came up with the idea of “borrowing” the Measure B funds. His committee’s task was to work with staff and determine the amount of Measure B funds that were available to begin with. But there was no such accounting. All they said was that there were millions available. They did not start with the estimated total amount nor did they calculate the ongoing 1/8 cent tax receipts. Nor did they work up a proper spreadsheet showing the amounts already spent, already committed or earmarked, held in reserve, or to be allocated to “services” as Measure B specifically calls for. The Board did seem to want to pay it back, albeit vaguely, but as Ms. Reith notes, there’s no plan to do it and given the County’s financial condition and the Board’s insubstantial response to it there’s very little chance that it will be repaid. Supervisor Ted Williams has suggested raiding the Measure P funds that the Board promised to allocate to fire and emergency services as well. If they do — and nobody on the board disagreed with Williams when he brought it up — they’ll probably promise to pay that back too. This is the most irresponsible and sloppy board I’ve seen in Mendo history.

WILLIAM JOHN DALTON was 44 and living in Redwood Valley when he was found guilty by a federal jury in San Francisco of growing marijuana. Dalton was looking at life in prison for running what the government claimed was a “continuing criminal enterprise” that allegedly took in millions off a pot patch in Branscomb, west of Laytonville. 

WHICH WASN’T THE HALF OF IT. The feds convicted Dalton on a snitch-built case which must have cost as many tax dollars to construct as the big money Dalton was accused of generating. Teams of dope cops followed Dalton around for five years without nailing him for anything until they stole his wife. 

A MARRIED DEA AGENT named Nelson seduced Dalton’s wife. Nelson had no trouble persuading Mrs. Dalton to place a tape recorder in the Dalton bedroom, hoping to record Mr. Dalton’s alleged activities in the drug biz. Agent Nelson tape recorded nothing of evidentiary value. He was soon reinforced by FBI agents, and the feds then moved Mrs. Dalton to the state of Washington as Mr. Dalton wondered where his wife went. DEA agent Nelson also arranged for Mrs. Dalton to see a divorce attorney to shed Mr. Dalton while taking Mrs. Dalton for a joy ride in a cop helicopter, getting drunk with Mrs. Dalton in a tax paid so-called “safe house” in Ukiah, funded Mrs. Dalton’s move to the state of Washington with $4,800 in tax money while the government of the United States placed Mr. Dalton in federal prison for two years without bail, confiscated all his property as he was without charges until he finally got into court. 

U.S. District Court Judge Susan Illston, appointed by Clinton as recommended by senators Boxer and Feinstein, presided over this travesty. Illston ruled that the government's police state pursuit of Dalton did not amount to “egregious government conduct.” And Dalton spent the next 23 years in federal prison.

The Dalton Case: Egregious Government Conduct

by Tim Stelloh (April 2010)

It was a little over a decade ago [from 2010] that John Dalton, formerly of Redwood Valley, was sentenced to 27 years in federal prison for growing large amounts of marijuana in the rugged hills near Branscomb. He received the sentence after the DEA agent investigating him amassed a mountain of on-the-job improprieties — including a romantic tryst with Dalton's alcoholic, drug-using, unstable wife, Victoria Horstman, who the agent had cultivated as an informant and who was found dead in 2007 under mysterious circumstances in Montana.

Those improprieties were the spine of a civil lawsuit filed late last year by Dalton in San Francisco Federal District Court for $44 million against Janet Reno, the DEA, the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office, Mendo’s pot raiders (COMMET) and everyone in between.

The agent, Mark Nelson, met Horstman in the summer of 1994. She had long harbored law enforcement ambitions, so she began aiding the drug cops in their investigation against her husband. It started with Horstman handing Nelson bank deposit slips from her husband's machine shop. The agent subsequently made her a snitch (and allegedly threatened that she could be prosecuted for money laundering if she refused). In an effort to collect more information on her husband — and with Nelson's encouragement — Horstman placed a DEA recorder behind the headboard of their bed, a violation of marital privacy rights. It was around then that things turned romantic between the agent and his informant. When it came time to fingerprint Horstman — who was now officially a “source of information” — Nelson blindfolded her and drove her to the county drug cops' secret “safehouse.” Then he gave her a beer.

“Soon after, he put his head in my lap as if nothing was abnormal,” Horstman later wrote in a letter to prosecutors. “I froze up out of disbelief of what was happening to me. Soon after he then turned over on his side on the couch and swung me down and over facing him and began kissing me while he took my left leg and pushed it into his crotch area.”

In Horstman's telling, Nelson tried, over the course of their relationship, to have sex with her multiple times — though she refused — and he even drove her to a divorce lawyer and “forced” her to leave her husband (which she did). During Dalton's trial, a close friend of Horstman's testified that it was far more than fondling, kissing and “trying” to have sex, however — she said that Horstman and Nelson were having an affair.

In those letters to prosecutors, Horstman said that all that DEA pressure had damaged her irreparably — that she'd filled her garage with exhaust in a suicide attempt. In the years following Dalton's eventual conviction, in 1999, Horstman moved first to Potter Valley, then to Montana, according to her son, Josh Corrigan, who testified in Dalton's trial but soon after left Mendocino County for Oakdale, near Modesto, to live with his grandparents.

“She went up there because part of her heritage is Blackfoot Indian,” said Corrigan, now 31. “When we were kids, she talked about going back there, about knowing her roots. One of her favorite movies was ‘A River Runs Through It.’ But she couldn't handle it. I felt so sorry for her.”

Corrigan kept in touch with his mom through letters, and occasionally they talked on the phone. Then, several years ago, she sent family photo albums — the only possessions she'd taken with her up north — to Corrigan's sister. On the evening of July 5, 2007, her body was found floating in the Clark Fork River in downtown Missoula. Horstman was taken to the hospital and placed in intensive care — but she was already brain dead. She died 15 days later.

The medical examiner found that Horstman had drowned, and classified her death as undetermined. Detective Chris Shermer, who investigated the case for the Missoula Police Department, said her apartment — which was at an Elk's Lodge — was nearly empty, save for a few jugs of wine, some bottles of anti-depressants and recently purchased bed sheets. Neighbors described a troubled woman to Shermer: On one occasion, he said, Horstman was seen crouched in the lotus position outside her apartment, a bottle of booze beside her. She'd been screaming. Other times, she told neighbors that she worked for the DEA and that the KGB was watching them through their televisions.

“They drove her insane,” Corrigan said. “When my sister visited my mom, she was really paranoid, especially with TV screens. She thought the DEA was watching her.”

When agent Nelson was questioned about Horstman's allegations during Dalton's trial, he denied some, admitted some, took the fifth on another, crucial point — and was accompanied by a non-government lawyer to the witness stand. Yes, he'd taken Horstman to the safehouse. Yes, he'd given her a beer. No, he didn't know she was an alcoholic. Yes, he'd kissed her — but only once, at the safehouse. No, he'd never fondled her. Yes, he knew he'd broken DEA rules. Yes, he'd driven her to the divorce lawyer. No, he'd never forced her to leave her husband. Maybe he'd threatened her with prosecution. When Nelson was asked about the precise day he'd taken her to the safehouse, he took the fifth. Nelson, prosecutors told the court, had falsified the date on Horstman's fingerprint cards so as to conceal when he'd taken her to the safehouse.

Tony Serra, Dalton's attorney at the time, tried getting the government's indictment dismissed based on Nelson's “outrageous” conduct (he also argued that Nelson's search warrants were based on bogus info). While the judge, Susan Illston, found that the agent exercised “poor judgment,” and that what he did was “highly inappropriate,” she didn't find his behavior so “grossly shocking” that it violated the “universal sense of justice” and tainted the government's entire case.

She barred the bedroom recordings, but allowed the prosecutors to proceed. Though they had no physical evidence linking Dalton to the pot gardens the DEA said were his, the government got a conviction based on the testimony of several informants, including Horstman.

Dalton — who filed the same civil lawsuit in the late '90s but voluntarily withdrew it in 2000 due to lack of access to a law library — says despite potential statute of limitations problems with his case, he's confident the judge will agree to hear it. “The lawsuit is a dead-bang winner,” he wrote in an e-mail. “I just basically need someone with some balls to go after the government and hold them accountable for what they have done.”

RICHIE WASSERMAN: “Your mention of Denis Johnson, in comparison to Hemingway was apt, although both often illustrated the dark underbelly of human behavior. Denis partially wrote the novel ‘Already Dead” in the mid 1980s while living on my property on Eureka Hill, near the Point Arena radar station. We connected through his ex-wife, Lucinda Johnson, then married to Raven Earlygrow, a good friend and ex-mayor of Point Arena. The novel was set in Northern California and Denis drew some of his characters based on locals that he knew here. One was Bill Winkelholtz, a real life giant (he was 6’10”). Denis was one of Bill’s caregivers as he succumbed to liver cancer, which also claimed Denis a short time after, while living at The Sea Ranch in 2017. “

DEAR AVA, Very much appreciated are the recent and occasional notes in the AVA from Jim Dodge, a literary hero of mine from whom I first learned that fup duck does not refer to a state of being and, lately, the finer points of the curiously popular game known as cornhole. Jim's vivid stories, poems and lessons on life contained in his glorious book “Rain on the River” provide daily reminders of independent living and a rewarding life. Basic precept #6, pp. 61, counsels: “Avoid living any place where you can't take a piss off the front porch.” I think of Jim almost daily as I practice his counsel, fortunate to live in a place that allows such freedom without fear of offending.

All best to you and the Major.

Jake Rohrer, Haiku Maui

P.S. Manila?

ED REPLY: Manila? Was there for a few days in '63 on my way to Sabah, and then on to Sarawak, land of the hornbill, former headhunters, the White Rajahs, and my future wife. Manila was the most unsettling place I'd been in my young life. The blast furnace heat and Manilla International was rather a shock. The terminal seemed to be falling apart. The urinals overran into the main, trash-strewn hallway and, as I sloshed up to one to relieve myself I suddenly felt a vibration on my upper back. I probably yelped as I whirled around to face a grinning little guy with a hand vibrator. It was explained to me that the back massage was a common service in the airport's men's room, and didn't seem to be optional. The cab driver wouldn't take me directly to my hotel but kept trying to sell me on a trip to a brothel. Downtown there were prosperous-looking people moving around with phalanxes of men carrying rifles. I was happy to leave for the much less fraught state of Sabah (North Borneo) on mucho cool Cathay Pacific Airlines where I couldn't help but see that the equivalent of Caltrans workers were almost all women. It was explained to me that hundreds of men had been murdered during the Japanese occupation in mass reprisal killings. The Borneo states were much less menacing than Manilla which, I'm sure, is much less menacing today from what I can gather.

MIKE GENIELLA:  A $1.6 MILLION COTTAGE at Little River on the Mendocino Coast. Hope the county appraisers/assessors are keeping all eyes on sales like this.

ED NOTE: I don't know how large the lot is, but this house, in 1970, would have gone for about $25 grand.

SUPERVISOR WILLIAMS' surreptitious-like announcement that he is running for the state assembly reminds me of Johnny Pinches' unsuccessful attempt at state office a few years ago. Mendo doesn't travel well. But one would think that Williams would have made his big reveal before a cheering crowd of Albion bongs, not just Twitter-whispering it.

UNLESS WILLIAMS has somehow been anointed by the mystery bigwig Democrats who decide our candidates for us up here in the backwoods of the Northcoast, he has zero chance of election. Our state and federal reps, thanks to gerrymandering by Willie Brown and his state legislature gofers, come out of the population centers of Sonoma and Marin counties, Marin having brought us Congressman Jared the Bold fresh off his about face on Israel-Hamas, first signing onto a plea for the Israelis to lighten up their carpet bombing of Gaza then, when his major donors complained of his humanity, Jarod the Bold said he'd made a mistake opting for mercy and sent out a groveling letter of apology. 

W.H AUDEN'S “low, dishonest decade” has been extended from 1939 until now, as our fragmented country shows every sign of dissolution with the elections of '24 in a presidential race between senility and dementia.

WILLIAMS, whatever his deficits, and they seem to be many, is certainly no less plausible than the two Healdsburg ciphers, McGuire and Wood, each as vacuous as the other, and exactly who installed them in state government in the first place? 

WILLIAMS FOR WOOD is your basic lateral political move, but Williams' hubris, given his destructive tours as Mendo supervisor in a county of amnesiacs where history starts all over again every morning, has no chance of wafting him outta here and into Sacramento. A buncha better placed Democrats have also since announced, and one these bullet heads will take Wood’s place in a well-paid sinecure requiring only the occasional bullshit press release ad a photo-ops.

JAY LYON, 71, marching in SF against the slaughter in the Middle East: “It is obscene that in this very city that we have people sleeping in the street when billions are sent to murder people with weapons. I am a Jew and I have never been prouder than I am now. So many Jews hate the occupation, we are not zionists. We hate the fact that zionists pretend that all the Jews in the world are on their side. The Jewish religion honors justice. And Zionism is not justice.” 

JULIE BEARDSLEY (Retired Public Health Staff, former President of SEIU Local 1021):

Regarding Supervisor Williams announcement that he is running for Assemblyman Jim Woods’ seat in Sacramento. How does he plan on doing his job that we elected him to do, and campaign at the same time? The County is in crisis. The Supervisors all seem to be dithering about what to do. Williams comments at the last BOS meeting about changing the light bulbs in the BOS room are akin to re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Much chaos has been self-inflicted because upper level management does NOT talk to the people doing the actual work. Combining the Auditor Treasurer Tax Collect offices for example. Moving Public Health and Behavioral Health out of their former offices in Willits, and moving them into the Justice Building where people in crisis have to march past the police department. Not a very “trauma-informed care” policy. Making the Willits home-visiting team nurses meet with their families in a cement room with no rugs, furniture or windows that was formerly an evidence storage room. Wtf is wrong with these so-called “managers” who clearly have no clue? Money – your money – is being wasted on stupid ideas, ad-hoc committees and outside contractors. The boots on the ground will tell you what needs to happen. Fewer middle-management positions, put an end to managers creating a toxic work environment resulting in losing experienced staff, and talk to your employees! Supervisor Williams would do better to focus on cleaning up the financial dumpster fire that we’re in.

NAME CHANGE FORT BRAGG has irritated most people in Fort Bragg by implying that the town is not only ignorant of its history but is probably Klan-disposed because the town resists changing its name. And now the Name Changers seem to have resorted to denouncing at least one person at her place of work, and writing insulting letters to others threatening business boycotts and, get this, lack of education! 

THE NAME CHANGERS number about a dozen people, none of them native to Fort Bragg. They think Fort Bragg should change its name because Fort Bragg was named after a Confederate general and slaveholder, nevermind that Fort Bragg was so designated 150 years ago, nevermind that apart from a nearly invisible plaque on Main Street the town has never in any way honored or even recognized its namesake.

EVERYONE except apparently this small, isolated, deeply unpopular band of virtue signalers knows that despite its unhappy founding years America has largely overcome its beginnings to become a functioning multi-cultural society where there are now millions of loyal, affectionate, color blind relationships.

LOGICALLY, FORT BRAGG can be proud that it and our mother country has made such progress in race relations since the Civil War, and continues to serve as a measure of how far we've come since the Civil War. Viva, Fort Bragg!

VISHNU WITH CRAIG? Our favorite post-modern Hindu is recovering after heart surgery at St. Helena. He has been moved to the Heart and Vascular Unit where he can be reached at 707 963 6502, ext. 2553.

FOR YOUR INERTIA FILES. The burdensome process by which Mendocino County issues restraining orders still prompts some of us to hope that the process will be made less burdensome. But it's still the same old, same old. The person obtaining a court order aimed at keeping another person or persons from his or her proximity remains the same, and the burden is entirely on the person — invariably a woman — seeking the order. Once a judge has been convinced that there are grounds for issuing a restraining order it is then the responsibility of the victim to serve a copy of the order on the restrained person. That means finding a friend to do it or paying a cop to do it. By the time the order can be officially considered served, the lunatic has ample opportunity, and usually more incentive because now his aberrant behavior has been certified by a judge, to do whatever it is he is restrained from doing. Lots of counties immediately notify the police that a restraining order is in effect when the judge approves it. Here, the process depends on the victim getting off work to get copies of the order, trudging out to the Sheriff's Department to file it, then finding someone to serve it. No excuse for a cumbersome process like this in the age of computers.

PG&E Bills To Soar nearly $400 a year in 2024.

“The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) promotes and serves the public interest by protecting consumers and ensuring the provision of safe, reliable utility service and infrastructure at just and reasonable rates, with a commitment to environmental protection and a healthy California economy.” 

PROPORTIONALLY, individual home owners and renters pay at a much higher rate than large businesses as this power monopoly pays its way out of fire damage claims and funds its minimal undergrounding program.

GOVERNOR NEWSOM appointed five active Democrats to this alleged oversight commission. They are:

Alice Reynolds, lawyer

Genevieve Shirama, lawyer

Darcie Houck, lawyer

John Reynolds, lawyer

Karen Douglas, lawyer

I APOLOGIZED for forwarding photos opened only via complicated procedures, which inspired the AVA's night editor to comment: “Not your fault. It's primarily Google trying to maintain their absolute stranglehold on all online activity. The sender is just a small potato aiding and abetting that process. (She is not alone). This was simply a small reminder of how it works. Facebook, Google, and all the rest of the internet behemoths, try to keep everyone logged into their systems all the time so they can track all online activity, and then turn around and sell it to whomever. It's a bunch of evil nonsense for money.”

WERNER HERZOG: “Dear America, you are waking up, as Germany once did, to the awareness that one-third of your people would kill another one-third, while the other one-third watches.”

THE OVERWHELMING majority of Americans support a cease-fire according to the latest polls. 66 percent of Americans, including 80 percent of Democrats, believe the United States should put pressure on Israel for a cease-fire.

I ALWAYS ENJOY the creatively unhinged comments on the state of our nation. I don't know anything about Philadelphia, but the chaos referred to in SF and Portland is pretty much confined to the downtown areas, not that tolerating it anywhere should be permitted: “It’s too late for cities like Philadelphia, San Francisco or Portland. The damage has been done, the squalor & dysfunction goes too deep. Look for those benighted wastelands to sink ever further, to slowly depopulate, to end up as smoking ruins inhabited solely by fentanyl addicted zombies, wild dogs, & federally sponsored free needle clinics. Rule by cat lady — ‘Cat Lady in Charge’ — 50 year old childless, unmarried, embittered crones with PhDs, alone in their dank, unkempt condos, smelling like cat piss and the cheap, boxed wine they drink, surrounded by fifty cats all over the place, Subaru Outback parked in the garage, TV flickering … thinking up ways to get even with men, the system and the world.”


I click the box “Remember me”

the website never does

And I myself cannot recall 

what my password was

I go to where I wrote it down

but cannot find it there

Technology has passed me by

I thought I wouldn't care

If you don't speak the language

The kids will take your role

In dealing with society

(Survival's now's the goal)

I don't get the algorithm 

the program or the plan

I should have heeded Albert

When he took Fortran. 

Which is to say, the AVA site won't let me open the piece by Doug Holland about Fatty Arbuckle to note that the great Art Spiegelman illustrated a long poem by Joseph Moncure March called "The Wild Party." Pantheon published it in 1994. The jacket calls it "a lost classic" and it certainly is.

GARY KOSKI: There is something terribly wrong with the group Fort Bragg Businesses matter; they filed another suit against the grocery outlet. These people don't care about the citizens of Fort Bragg, the poor and struggling, the senior citizens, working class families, they don't care one bit about us they only care about keeping businesses that they don't like out of Fort Bragg. It's time to stand up against these few people that are causing harm to our community, we need to stop them in their tracks, they are selfish uncaring people who want to control the business aspects of our town, and decide for us what we need, while protecting their profits. The people proposing this project have jumped through all the hoops It's time to speak up to Fort Bragg business matters and say enough is enough, we want this It's been approved, so stop doing harm to our community by trying to dictate what stores are allowed and go on with your life because we the people of Fort Bragg want this and need this. If you agree, share this post or make your own post to show support for the grocery outlet coming to Fort Bragg. I've had enough!


After winning out over rival cities for designation as the county seat, Ukiah built its first courthouse, a simple two-story brick building, in 1860. As the county prospered, officials commissioned a much grander building with two-story columns and a dome. Among the court's more dramatic trials was one in 1905 during which a man brought before the court on an insanity charge apparently was not searched and fatally shot the sheriff. The courthouse was demolished in 1950 to make way for a more modern building. Courtesy, Callie Coombs, Mendocino County Museum


Woman Selling Barbie Dolls Behind The Fort Bragg Safeway


[1] “The wicked will answer.”

Maybe, but what will be the question?

“Sir, would you like another bottle of Chianti, another lobster, and a bowl of 10-count shrimp?”

(The wicked): “Yeah…”

Well if we’re having Chianti, I’ll have the liver with a side of fava beans.

[2] From my own circle, I’d estimate that America is still working very, very well for about ten percent of the country. 25 percent, almost there and trying/dreaming of the lake house…someday. The rest are utterly defeated and hopeless, maybe pretending that they’re enjoying their run on this earth. In many cases, the defeated are fully at fault for their own situation, but I would say in more cases, it’s just the luck of the draw. Oh, you’re talented? Too bad, you should’ve made X decision instead of Y back twenty years ago, Ya dumbass.

That’s the way it’s viewed by the folks I know who are too comfortable. And they’re good people, too. Just not capable of seeing the picture that so many others see, through the nature of comfort. Very similar to a couple getting fat when they feel secure that the other will never leave them.

The powers know this full well, and realize that only a shock to the system will make these people fall in line. They’ve tried it many different ways, to varying success. They’ve had time to do their homework, after all.

Once the mortgage payment is in jeopardy and little Billy realizes Dad isn’t really all that he thought, all bets are off and people will get angry. After all, they deserve everything they ever dreamed of, right? And not those other people. They should learn to code, naturally.

Well, those other people are pissed off. Popcorn, please.

[3] The average human has to be conditioned to pull the trigger; it is not a natural response to easily kill another human.

The average human is also traumatized by doing this.

Makes me wonder about the 15 black kids that stomped another child to death in Las Vegas.

How is it no one stepped in and stopped this?

By all accounts the child they murdered was a good kid it would appear our society is churning out psychopaths all over the place.

I was sitting in a restaurant watching the boob tube wafting for a table and a mix of videos came on of people doing stupid stunts and messing up came on the majority of them the people bounced up no worse for the wear but a few of them looked like they really hurt and all I could do was cringe.

The kind of cringe that makes you knees or some other body part feel funny.

The weirdest part everyone around me was laughing.

All I could think of was this is not a scripted episode of the three stooges this is real people getting hurt there is nothing funny about this.

Another odd reality adjustment was the scene in Pulp Fiction where one of the characters accidently blows a black kid's head off in the back of the car and everyone laughed.

I again cringed; there was NOTHING funny about this.

Give me a stupid Mel Brooks movie and I laugh all day long.

Young Frankenstein

Blazing Saddles

Some Benny Hill please.

A side of Cheech and Chong.

Airplane 1, not Airplane 2!

[4] Are you prepared?

10 Common Ways People Will Die In The First Month If There Were An Extended Catastrophe

1. The lack of water or even safe water to drink

2. Starving to death

3. Your medication runs out

4. People will die because they’re out of shape

5. Individuals will die due to trauma, small injuries or simply get sick

6. Lack of sanitation

7. You die when looters come for your stuff

8. You aren’t prepared for reality

9. You freeze to death

10. You give up

[5] Let it be heard and known by those who love Truth and Justice – Israel will prevail no matter how many come against it. The God of Israel, Jesus Christ, is their Savior and is with them against the blasphemer and imposter prophet Muhammad. He will free the Muslims from their delusion and the Jews from their blindness to His identity, just as He did with Saul of Tarsus. This is Reality and our only hope.

[6] The conflict is a deliberate instigation for reaction to a construct. Extremist Jews say all non Jews must kneel at their feet or die, as do the extremist Muslims, so, who’s side are we to be on? Every criticism of either side is hate speech, an implicit threat of extermination justifying the extermination of the other.

Leave me out.

Any observation from a short distance would reveal that globalist elite unwed to any race, religion or nationality, want us to kill each other…the ultimate solution for all the long emergencies.

Why play along?

Why advance their agenda?

The Muslim population dominates the planet.

A Jewish cabal dominates every seat of financial power.

What is left for the rest of us but to sacrifice for one side or the other?

[7] I was in the driveway yesterday, enjoying the last of the warm fall weather, doing a little project working off the tailgate of my truck when I heard the door to the house open and my wife enter the garage. I was thinking uh oh, what now? I could hear her moving stuff around & I could see her gathering cans of WD40, which she threw into the trash. What the hell are you doing? “Why do you need so many of these? This garage needs to be cleared out!” I didn’t argue, just fetched the cans after she went in.

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