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Valley People (September 6, 2023)


Born and raised in the Anderson Valley to Billy and Wanda Owens, ‘Mike’ died in his sleep last week at his Boonville home. He was 58, and a 1983 graduate of Anderson Valley High School. Mike was a skilled electrician, generous in lending his many friends and neighbors technical help with their building problems. Always a popular presence in the Boonville community, he is survived by his parents, a son, Jesse, and three younger brothers, Bobby, Ricky and J.D. 


I'm trying to keep friends, family and folks about as informed as I can. I'm pretty sure you all know Scott caught the cancer. Esophageal cancer. Stage 3. He completed 6 weeks of chemo and radiation. With some difficulty, no surprise, mostly with his nutrition via a feeding tube. He had stomach problems and infection. And poor gut health so has been in the hospital for the last 4 weeks. 

He is home now!

Sleeping on a borrowed neck pillow (thank the heavens for well-traveled sisters).

A visit to his primary doctor made some adjustments to medication. He slept a whole lot today. 

He will see the oncologist on Friday, so hopefully his ongoing treatment plan will be clear.

We had the head nod acknowledgement that this is far from over. 

He's going to keep on keeping on, and I am going to keep on caring. 

We have had amazingly comforting calls and correspondence. Tons of support. Oodles of love. And I thank you all! Each and every one. 

Just this evening a dear friend called out of the blue. We haven’t seen each other in a bit, it was a very welcome surprise. Made my heart warm. She said she wasn't sure she should. But she did. And it was really welcome. And very sweet. People ask, what can we do? Dudes, I have no fucking idea. We have never done this before! I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO! We feel your love and intention. Keep on loving' and living. 

Thank you. 

Don't hesitate to reach out. If I'm overwhelmed, I'll call you later. But really, please know, we're not avoiding you. Just walking in unknown.

ANN SIRI: My worst garden ever! Weather was wrong all the way. Mid-summer it killed all the honey bees. The bumblers had to big a job to get everything done. Then the voles absolutely took over. But, what did o.k. is happening all at once. Day before yesterday bush to jar blue berry huckleberry jam 10 jars. Yesterday, 20 jars prunes and 20 jars of prune jam tree to jar, and 7 jars of apple sauce. Today one small job in the shop, fire wood, and cook down pears for pear sauce. Oh, don't forget the horses somewhere in there. Getting tired all ready. This is going to be a big work week as well as canning.

THE NEXT BIG BOONVILLE General Knowledge and Trivia Quiz at Lauren’s at The Buckhorn is on next Thursday, September 7th. Hope to see you there. Cheers, Steve Sparks, The Quizmaster.

THE AV PANTHER SOCCER TEAM defeated Mendocino 2-1. Season record is now 5-1. 

COACH TOOHEY on Saturday's away game at Tomales: 

“It went well, it did, but it didn't start well.

We had some major ball security issues in the first half with some bad snaps, and the players were a little gobsmacked initially by the increase in physicality Tomales offered over the teams we faced in the scrimmage last weekend. We found ourselves in a 30-0 hole in the first half.

However, our center Dominic Sanchez, who had been struggling with slippery hands, adjusted his grip and technique and we made some personnel adjustments to get more movement on some specific blocks and we came out in the third with three straight scores. That brought the game within striking distance. We got a stop and it looked like we were on our way for a fourth score when a handoff was mishandled and turned over to Tomales who turned it into points. 

We traded another touchdown with them, and we also managed a field goal in the fourth. The players really responded well for their first game and we ended up outscoring Tomales 29-14 in the second half, the final score being 44-29. We were very competitive through the third and most of the fourth. 

Kicker Ivan Camarillo hit two extra points and a 30 yard field goal.

QB Jack Spacek had a lot of big runs and two touchdowns and first year running back Eric Perez scored two on the ground as well.

We have some defensive discipline issues to work through and we have to clean up our run blocking technique, but we have a pretty solid foundation moving forward. 

We head up to Laytonville this coming Friday night, the game is at 6.”

Fleet-footed running back, Eric Perez, rips a big gain for the AV Panthers at Tomales.

JUST BEFORE NOON on Monday, August 28, local firefighters were dispatched to a reported forklift fire on Highway 253 not far up from the corners, the junction of Highway 128 and 253. Dubbed the “soda fire,” the fire was extinguished by responding crews before it had spread much into nearby grass and before it reached a nearby fuel tank. 

SOME OF YOU old timers may remember the old wives way of discovering which mushrooms were safe to eat and which would kill you. Take a batch of suspect fungi and stew it with a silver coin. If the fungi are dangerously inedible the coin will turn black. I’d check with a mycologist, though, even if I could find a coin with some real silver in it. 

The late Donna Michelle of Boonville (when she was a Playboy model). (via Steve Derwinski)

Margaret Pickens adds that Donna “was Wayne Ahrens’ former girlfriend before Wayne became my beloved husband.”

I'M ALWAYS suspicious of the arrests of women for domestic violence. I know, I know, There are violent women out there, but in many of the cases I have direct knowledge of, the woman was sorely provoked, and these days, days of male wuss-wamps, a “man” will call 911 because a woman hit him. If she charges at you with a machete, well, your call for cops is justified. But a slap, a couple of punches?

A FEMALE FRIEND of mine was arrested for slapping her boyfriend a couple of times after the couple, who'd been drinking, had forgotten what the slaps were about and had gone to bed, but not before the man had called for deputies to restrain his sig other. The couple was asleep when the cops arrived a couple of hours after the 911 call to haul the woman over the hill on a charge of domestic violence! Which was dismissed as the bogus charge it was.

THE WORST DOMESTIC VI ever reported in the county involved a guy rigged up in full traction, totally immobilized in a hospital bed after a motorcycle accident with a full leg cast. The pregnant love of his life arrives for a visit. They argue. She tells him that his best friend got her pregnant. He gets upset and starts to yell at her. She grabs his crutches from the wall and starts banging on his cast. Then she grabs his bed pan and dumps it on him.

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