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Valley People (April 12, 2023)

BILL HOLCOMB PRESENTS “Anderson Valley Memories” on April 16, the second AV Historical Society Valley Chat

Meet us in the Rose Room just next to the Little Red Schoolhouse Museum on Anderson Valley Way on Sunday, April 16, when longtime Valley resident, and everybody’s pal, Bill Holcomb, presents “Anderson Valley Memories.” Doors open at 3:30 pm for socializing, snacks and drinks, and Bill’s storytelling commences at 4:00pm. 


We have chicks that are waiting for you! Frizzle Cochins - 3 weeks old $6.99. Lavender Orpington - 2 weeks old $7.99. Salmon Faverolle - 2 weeks old $5.99. And Cornish Meat Birds! Cornish Meat Birds are 50% Off - $2.00!

MIKE KOEPF NOTES: “Albion River Inn. Yes, taken over by ‘Soul Community Planet.’ That should have awoken you from your news slumber. SCP are changing the name of the iconic Albion River Inn to Mendocino Coast Lodge. How original. Also, on their first day, they fired everyone in the kitchen and cleaning who did not have ‘documentation’ i.e. the Mexicans. The Chef was also fired, and the wine steward of long standing left in disgust.”

IN OTHER NEWS more less affecting the Anderson Valley, the property at the Navarro River end of Ray’s Road began life as a wholesome summer camp  run by the Newman family, then morphed into a kind of high end collective of no particular ideology calling itself Shenoa, then came Mr. Skoll, the e-Bay tycoon, and today, under various names, an outfit selling orgasm tune-ups to well-heeled narcissists and free- range pervs, as  the Eros Monastery.

“The Eros Monastery is the home of the art and craft of Eros. It is a place of restoration, growth, and deep practice. Come study and experience life as a practitioner through a curated program that includes daily meditation, reading of the Eros Sutras, yoga, optional Orgasmic Meditation, and selfless service. The Eros Monastery restores us to our essential selves.”


Indian Creek Park is the only park in the County Parks system that allows overnight camping. It is a popular retreat for many – visitors from all over the country have enjoyed this quiet “getaway” spot only 20 miles from the Pacific Ocean. Besides the roomy campsites, Indian Creek Park offers running water, picnic tables, clean restrooms, campfire pits, and BBQ grills.

Indian Creek Campground’s 10 sites are open currently on a “first-come first-serve” basis.

Campground rates are $25.00 per night, this fee includes 1 vehicle. For any additional vehicles there is a $2.00 fee.

Indian Creek Park is located one-half mile southeast of Philo on Highway 128 (8950 CA-128 Philo, CA 95466). It is beautifully situated in a grove of large old-growth redwoods on the south bank of Indian Creek, near its junction with the Navarro River. 

For more information, please visit

You can reach the General Services Agency – Parks Reservations by phone at (707) 234-2875 or by email at

GRIEF SUPPORT GROUP Starting April 2023 Have you experienced the loss of a spouse, family member, or friend and need some help understanding and dealing with your grief?

You are invited to attend monthly meetings to share and reflect upon your loss in a confidential and supportive setting.

There will be an informational meeting on Thursday, April 20, 2023 from 4:30 to 6:00 pm. We will meet at the Anderson Valley Health Center in the conference room located on the east side of the center. There is no charge for this group.

Masks are mandatory.

Please contact Susan Bridge-Mount, at (707) 895-9291 if you desire more information.

MET A FRIEND for an early lunch in Mendocino last week, a $35 lunch consisting of one simple entree, one cup of coffee, one muffin. I ask you…

LOCAL SEED POTATOES from Natural Products of Boonville: As time goes by there will be fewer seed potatoes available from me… only the ones that I can store until June/July to be planted for a fall-maturing crop. The short-dormancy delicious varieties are getting planted as time and weather permit. I forgot to mention I also have 1 to 3 pounds of ‘Red Eye Russet’ seed potatoes. It’s a new, yet-to-be-released-commercially smooth-skinned oval potato with red spots here and there. Dense, with high solids, so good for french fries, baking, salads, etc.. It stores well - unlike most of the delicious diploid types I grow; which can be difficult to locate for planting due to their short dormancy periods. Geoffrey Pomeroy,

BOONVILLE GENERAL STORE: We are looking for a person who wants to join the General Store team in the cashier position. Willing to work, be bilingual, able to work Monday to Friday and every weekend. No experience necessary.

THE FRESNEL LENS at Point Cabrillo is still paused at this time! We are in communication with the Coast Guard, while our motor is being repaired. We look forward to the day when our lens is back in action, shining its light to sea as it was designed to do!

For now, there is a curtain hanging in the lantern room window, in order to protect the lens from the sun on these bright days of Spring. The three ton lens has been lifted off of the ball bearings, to ensure that they stay in perfect condition. 

Once that motor is re-installed, we plan on holding a re-lighting ceremony to celebrate the lens being put back in action. Stay tuned on social media for more updates! 


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