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Mendocino County Today: April 2, 2013

Zanders, March 2013, In Rocky Horror Show, May 2011
Zanders, March 2013, In Rocky Horror Show, May 2011

AARON HARDING ZANDERS, 32, of Ukiah, was arrested Saturday on charges that he tried to kill his mother. Mom called police at 3:55 p.m. to report that her adult son was trying to kill her, according to the UPD. She said she'd locked herself in the bathroom, but that her son had broken through the bathroom of the home in the 300 block of Cooper Lane door and had hit her head against the floor. Mr. Zanders was previously arrested in Willits for battery back in May of 2011. On his Facebook page, Mr. Z expresses contempt for mental health counseling, likes Marilyn Manson, says his mom gave him a bum Tuna recipe, changes his look a lot, has had a couple of civil suits filed against him (right after the May 2011 arrest in Willits), and generally presents as an uneven-type dude with Mommy issues. Zanders was booked at the Mendocino County Jail, where he was still in custody Monday morning under $300,000 bail.


THE BROOKTRAILS COMMUNITY SERVICES DISTRICT board voted 5-0 to endorse the Willits Bypass Tuesday evening, the same day the Board of Supes took up the issue to also, on a 3-2 vote, support the Bypass. In contrast to the packed house at the Board of Supes earlier in the day, not a single member of the public spoke to the issue at the Brooktrails meeting.



TONY ORTH has been on the Brooktrails board for twenty-five years. Orth has been Brooktrails representative to the Willits Bypass Project Development Team for at least half that quarter century. As a member of the "PDT," as the insiders call the Project Development Team, and purporting to speak for the public, Orth always steered the conversation away from a Highway 20 interchange and in favor of a northern interchange, which is seen as an integral part of the drive for a Brooktrails Second Access to the splendors northeast of Willits.

THE WILLITS CITY COUNCIL and much of the Willits business community, also collaborated in an effort to shut down discussion of a Highway. 20 interchange off the Bypass to guarantee that Fort Bragg-bound traffic to and from the Mendocino Coast would continue to pass through the gauntlet of gas stations, motels and fast food restaurants that characterize the Willits “Miracle Mile.” (And if the south Willits commercial strip is a miracle then Sam Walton and Ronald McDonald are Jesus and Mary.)


PhilDow1PHIL DOW, Executive Director of the Mendocino Council of Governments (MCOG), which is the local transportation and funding agency for the County, with representatives drawn from the County and all four of the County's incorporated cities, was the only member of the public to speak in support of the Bypass. Dow says the Bypass has been the top priority of MCOG for thirty years. Which means that Dow, who has been the Executive Director of MCOG for more than 30 years, has spent most of his life working on what he calls his “career project.” Which means if the Bypass is derailed he will have been spinning his wheels for the last 30 years, not that Dow's career disappointment would ever elicit so much as a croc tear from Boonville.


AND HERE'S the Bypass rub: Every affected agency has signed off on the thing for many years, whatever version of it was proposed by Caltrans.


MANY OF THE BYPASS opponents spoke with great eloquence, knowledge, and logic as to the folly of the final Caltrans Bypass plan, but there was also an air of menace in the room as emotions ran high, with several speakers moved to tears and others bristling with anger. Most of the crowd appeared to be peaceful but things could have turned ugly when Naomi Wagner, a holdover from the Judi Bari Cult of the Redwood Summer period and still active in the ongoing effort by the Cult to block resolution of the “mystery” of the Bari Bombing, at one point walked all around the room seemingly psyching herself up before she finally arrived at the speaker's podium where she held up her cell phone as it emitted squawking noises. Wagner then screamed, “They're cutting the trees now!” Wagner's nutty performance was cut short when she left the board chambers and returned to the Bypass site where she was promptly arrested for trespassing.


DA Eyster
DA Eyster

DISTRICT ATTORNEY DAVE EYSTER has declined to file charges against anyone arrested at the Bypass protests thus far, including Tara Dragani who was arrested twice, the second time being charged for assault on a peace officer. She allegedly bit a CHP officer as they attempted to subdue her when she did a screaming-meemie act. How long will Eyster play catch-and-release with repeat arrestees?


THE INTERCHANGEABLE DEFENDERS OF LITTLE LAKE VALLEY and Earth First! announced the beginning of an Action Camp for Saturday March 29 with an all-day training on Sunday. The purpose of the training is to instruct people in the methods of non-violent civil disobedience like tree-sits and gate blockades. Look for more Earth First! style demos in the Little Lake Valley soon. The announcement of the Action Camp was carried on the Save Little Lake Valley website, although SLLV disclaimed any connection. In reality, the groups are the same people by different names, with one group focused on education and outreach and eligible for tax deductible donations (with no public accounting ever, of course: these crooks are still dunning the unwary for Headwaters!), and another group focused on various conspiracies to commit non-violent civil disobedience in response to a “higher law.” We're talking a core group of maybe 25 people — max — as the more serious opponents, the core people who have fought the Bypass for years struggle to prevent their effort from being demeaned by crackpots and exhibitionists.


BUT CALTRANS and the CHP could be in for a very long four years if things drift inconclusively along, giving professional protesters of the Wagner type plenty of time to drift in from other areas of the state and the country. The strong CHP presence, estimated at 50-60 people at peak demos, surely comes with a hefty price tag, but it will come out of the CHP budget, not Caltrans.


MEANWHILE, State Senator Noreen Evans, who emboldened the protestors by being the first ranking official to question the wisdom of the Bypass, is scheduled to meet with Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty on April 2 and the next court hearing on the lawsuit to stop the bypass is scheduled for June 7. Work should have been delayed at least until the lawsuit is resolved, but…


SAVE LITTLE LAKE VALLEY also plans a “Warbler Support Bike Ride” for April 6 from Redwood Valley to the Warbler tree sit over 14 miles of Highway 101, including some pretty steep climbs. The riders are encouraged to attach signs to their backs and bikes to alert passing motorists to their cause. One bike on the Willits grade is a rare sight. A semi-organized mob of bikes with signs and banners is not particularly wise on that hazardous stretch of 101.


Audet & Jordan
Audet & Jordan

PIXIE UPDATE: Jacqueline Audet, aka Pixie, aka Goldilocks, is headed to the east coast and won't be back until fall, according to a reader who chatted with Ms. Audet as she was hitchhiking out of Ukiah with her four- footed dog and a pair of two-footed road dogs — Mr. Donald Jordan who has joined Pixie in the booking logs a number of times — and an equivalently disheveled younger man. Their itinerary, they say, is to head south for a while before heading for the east coast where Pixie intends to visit her family, which she hasn't seen for several years. (We're pretty sure she's from the Lake Shasta area but have been unable to find anyone who can confirm.)

WE WORRY about Goldie here at the AVA. Odds are that most jurisdictions along the way, on the off chance Miss Locks and Friends actually get underway — we're not talking long-term planners here — are not likely to be as indulgent as Mendoland, where many former hippies and hip-symps comprise a majority. But times are a lot tougher now and east of I-5 authorities are much less indulgent of aberrant behavior than the Left Coast tends to be.

MS. AUDET, who may or may not have a future, drifts aimlessly from one urban fringe parking lot to another — she's been spotted at supermarket and shopping center parking lots in Ukiah, Fort Bragg Garberville/Redway, and Ashland — and from one fringe cluster of drop-fall drunks to another. The only constants in Pixie's young life seem to be her dog, her booze and, lately, Mr. Jordan. Prior to the encounter with Pixie and her friends on the southbound 101 on-ramp, our informant spotted Pixie at the Ukiah Wal-Mart parking lot, knocking back shots of communal vodka straight from a big plastic bottle.

FOR THOSE WHO QUESTION the attention we devote to the doomed Ms. Audet, now 22, we do it because to us she symbolizes everything that has gone terribly wrong with the country, so terribly wrong that short of revolution it can't be fixed. Here we have a vulnerable young woman — we became aware of her via the booking logs when she was 19 — drinking herself to a premature grave while we all look on.


FORT BRAGG began a program last year called “Handouts Aren't Helping,” which offers posters to business owners in an effort to remind people that if they really want to help the homeless donations to local organizations that provide food, housing, counseling, and other services are a better bet than placing cash directly into the hands of dope heads and drunks. Donations to a local organization are also more likely to benefit needy local people than handing cash to “travelers” just passing through or hoping to catch on with the marijuana trade. We understand Willits, another community beset by drug and alcohol-fueled transients, is also adopting the “Handouts Aren't Helping” campaign, an effort that ought to be adopted countywide. Operations like Hospitality House and Love In Action in Fort Bragg, Willits Community Services and Our Daily Bread in Willits, and Plowshares, Ford Street Project and the Community Center in Ukiah, and the local food bank, are always much in need of donations and volunteers. And they do so on the proverbial shoestring and with minimal administrative overhead.


SheriffRiveroLAKE COUNTY SHERIFF FRANK RIVERO has responded to the allegations contained in the recall petition recently filed against him. Rivero, according to a story in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, says the recall petition is “based solely on inaccuracies and mistruths” and “unjustly nullifies the will of the people and your vote to end corruption.” Rivero contends that he is the target of a “good old boys” network that is out to thwart his efforts to root out corruption. Rivero is particularly incensed at Lake County District Attorney Don Anderson who recently issued a report that concluded Rivero lied to investigators in discussing a case where Rivero fired a shot (and missed) at a retreating suspect armed with a can of pepper spray. Rivero says Anderson's report is “politically motivated, violates due process and has serious negative implications for law enforcement.”

DA Don Anderson
DA Don Anderson

RIVERO PAID FOR HIS OWN REPORT back in 2011 when he was being investigated by the District Attorney. Not surprisingly, the report commissioned by Rivero claimed to have uncovered wrongdoing by DA Anderson and his investigators. Rivero's supporters have published the report online and say they will ask the state attorney general and the FBI to investigate. Rivero and Anderson both ran for election in 2010 as outsiders, but Rivero has since repeatedly accused the DA of corruption. Anderson professes to be honored to be among the long list of public officials that Rivero calls corrupt. Anderson told the PD: “I want to know what his definition of 'corrupt' is. Everyone who disagrees with him is corrupt.”

RIVERO, who once tried to bar the Hell's Angels from entering Lake County, says in his response to the recall petition that he is combatting drug and street crime and paints a flattering picture of his administration: “Under my leadership, the Sheriff's Office has assembled a professional and senior staff equal to any in the United States. My administration performs at the highest level of ethics and accountability.” Now that Rivero has issued a response, the recall proponents can begin collecting the 7,000+ signatures of registered voters that are needed to put the recall on the ballot.


Willits Weekly sponsor flyer-1WILLITS WEEKLY IS READY TO GO.  We have assembled a great crew; we have a print quote from a high-quality color web press; and for the last six weeks, we have been giving the community a taste of our news and feature coverage on our Willits Weekly Facebook page, www.Facebook/ (you don’t need to have a Facebook account to enjoy our stories or our readers’ comments).

If you haven’t heard about Willits Weekly yet, it is a new locally owned and operated newspaper planned by a group of newspaper veterans with experience reporting the news in Willits. We have received a huge outpouring of support for our idea – and for the coverage we’re doing on our Facebook page – and now we are asking for community sponsors to help launch the print version of our “community-supported newspaper.”

Willits Weekly will be distributed for free at local businesses every Thursday. We’re planning our first edition in April.

You can pick up Willits Weekly for free, but if you like it, chip in to help pay the bills. Any level of support is highly appreciated.

Check out the attached Community Sponsor flyer for details; we have also included our Ad Rates flyer.

Checks can be made out to “Willits Weekly” and sent to P.O. Box 1698, Willits 95490. Our “under construction” web site also has a PayPal button for those who prefer to show their support with an online contribution.

Thank you,

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Willits Weekly sponsor flyer-2========================================================

ON-LINE COMMENT OF THE DAY: I would suggest that what is going on in Europe is not "an accident waiting to happen." I believe it is the logical outcome of a Financialized system that is based on infinite growth of resources, energy, markets and money. That is, when the finite nature of all of these things is revealed, the one thing that can be made infinite (money) will be made infinite, and then everything else will be manipulated and distorted in predictable ways. From a sufficiently distant perspective, one can watch the system devour itself, as we are seeing. It's been a clear progression from the repeal of Glass-Steagall and the adoption of the Commodities Modernization Act of 2000, the Bankruptcy bill of 2005; the serial and metastasizing bubbles; the collapse of Lehman and Bear Stearns; Iceland and Greece; the collapse of MF Global and the fact that Jon Corzine isn't in jail (talk about a dog that didn't bark in the night!); now Cyprus and potentially Slovenia. What do we suppose might be the ultimate prize as the abstract financial system eats itself? And once the prize is won, why would the losers continue to participate in the system, submitting meekly to abstract shackles?



Cinco de Mayo2013========================================================

ALBION COMMUNITY AWARENESS NETWORK PRESENTS: A COMMUNITY MEETING On the J Road Timber Harvest Plan THURSDAY APRIL 11, 7 PM NEW ALBION SCHOOL 30500 Albion Ridge Rd. 3.5 Mile Marker Mendocino Redwood Company has submitted a Timber Harvest Plan on 586 acres in the lower Albion River. Representatives from MRC and community members who have been working on this issue will be in attendance. Details of the plan will be talked about and community members will have opportunity to ask questions and express concerns. Further topics of discussion may also include the Habitat Conservation Plan proposal that will guide land use for the next 80 years on MRC property, and the ongoing use of herbicides and tanoak elimination. Please join us for this important gathering Information 937-4295



An Outpouring of Love and Support for Bradley Manning to Receive the Nobel Peace Prize

By Norman Solomon

BradleyManningDuring the last week of March, more than 30,000 people signed a petition urging the Norwegian Nobel Committee to award the Nobel Peace Prize to Bradley Manning. While the numbers continue to mount on the petition website, so do the comments from individual signers.

Thousands have already written personal notes to explain their support for the petition. I hope the Nobel committee reads the comments carefully when the petition arrives in Oslo later this spring.

As a U.S. Army private -- seeing massive evidence of official deception, human rights abuses and flagrant killing of civilians -- Bradley Manning did not just follow orders. Instead, he became a whistleblower, supplying vast troves of documents to WikiLeaks, exposing duplicity that had enormous impacts from Iraq and Afghanistan to Egypt and Tunisia.

Manning, now 25 years old, could be in prison for the rest of his life. But while the U.S. government tries to crush him, it’s clear that many Americans love him -- and would be thrilled to see him win the Nobel Peace Prize. The following samples of comments from petition signers begin to explain why:

“Bradley Manning knowingly risked his freedom in order to bring the true facts of war to the public. The courage and insight of such a young person is worthy of the highest recognition.”

Sheila C., Kings Park, NY

“Manning is a U.S. political prisoner being persecuted for blowing the whistle on war crimes by the powerful, including his own corrupt government. He should be given the Nobel Peace Prize.”

Ruth K., Greenbelt, MD

“If you are looking to regain your reputation after giving the award to a warmongering president, I can think of no more important or honorable figure than this political prisoner.”

Catherine C., Santa Monica, CA

“This poor, incredibly brave person has been scapegoated nearly to death for his extraordinary heroism in revealing just a bit of the truth behind the ideological gloss of war and politics. Please give him the support and recognition he deserves -- you may save his life and you will certainly support a higher consciousness in many if you do so.”

Cathy C., Boulder, CO

“Wall Street bankers who looted our nations go scot free. Petro chemical companies who poison millions go free. A young man who releases truth in a democracy is terrorized endlessly by his government. We must stand up for truth tellers.”

W.D., Overland Park, KS

“Manning has done more for peace in our time than any other individual. He risked his freedom to inform the world of war crimes and other wrongdoing by his country.”

William P., Prescott Valley, AZ

“He has done more than anyone to challenge the hubris of a government’s foreign policy that is based on belligerence and aggression.”

Myles H., Baltimore, MD

“Please give the peace prize to those who truly merit it, like Manning, not to politicians who further militarism and war.”

Albert R., Naperville, IL

“The Norwegian Nobel Committee will need courage even to consider awarding Bradley Manning the Peace Prize.”

Robert B., Honolulu, HI

“It’s about TRUTH!”

Mary P., Center Moriches, NY

“Bradley Manning is a hero in the deepest and truest meaning of that word.”

Jennifer A., Dickson, TN

“This young man risked everything to reveal war crimes being committed by his government.”

Joanne H., Columbia, MD

“I feel Manning was acting in the spirit of the Nuremberg trials in taking individual responsibility for illegal activities that he was witnessing.”

Nick W., Point Reyes, CA

“I’ve personally been inspired by Bradley Manning’s courage and moral dignity. His actions and character give me hope that the world can be a safer and more just place for everyone.”

Brock D., Pittsburgh, PA

“The modern version of Daniel Ellsberg deserves the honor his efforts warrant!”

Doug W., Reno, NV

“Information is the lifeblood of democracy. Bradley Manning is a patriot and a hero.”

William C., Sherman Oaks, CA

“People who expose atrocities for the sake of humanity deserve to be publicly honored.”

Veda S., Camano Island, WA

“Giving Bradley the peace prize would send a strong message against the kind of secrecy that is associated with violence that Gandhi spoke so strongly about.”

Leo S., Chesterfield, NH

“He is definitely deserving! He did an extremely courageous thing. It’s wrong that he is detained and tortured. Awarding him this prize is the least we can do.”

Patricia M., Denver, CO

“As clear a choice as Jesus Christ.  (And I’m not religious.)”

Kenneth K., Highland Park, IL

“This man is a hero for exposing the evil practices of our Government. We’re guaranteed a transparent Government, but what we get is shadowy deals, evil bargains, and more. We need to get back to basic principles of doing what’s right.”

Raymond P., Cathedral City, CA

“What an appropriate and great idea the Nobel Peace Prize for Bradley Manning!”

Lesley S., Santa Monica, CA

“Bradley Manning’s ‘crime’ was to bring the truth out into the open, to shine a light on evil policies our government wants to hide. He is a hero, and should be rewarded for his integrity.”

Patricia F., Ashburnham, MA

“The people of the United States and the world should be grateful to Bradley Manning for exposing the folly of U.S. wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has made a great sacrifice for peace.”

Laurence R., Highland Park, NJ

“I believe him to be one of the heroes of this country. Unfortunately The Media is owned by vested interests in this country, so the rank and file Americans only believe what they are told to believe, so because he and Julian Assange embarrassed the powers that be his heroics will never be widely known or appreciated.”

Thomas C., Albuquerque, NM

“Bringing covert actions and diplomatic operations out into the open helps make all governments and corporations better actors on the world stage.”

Greg C., Austin, TX

“You might also request President Obama to return his.”

Reginald S., San Francisco, CA

“One person deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize is Bradley Manning for bravery despite the risk to his personal safety. The criminals go unpunished, while the messenger is condemned.”

Helga G., St. Louis, MO

“This young man has put his entire future on the line to bring us information that he felt every American should be aware of. We have treated him terribly. If we cannot get the information that is concerning the behavior of our country, we are dooming our democracy to failure. Protect this young man for his courage and award him the Nobel.”

Laurie B., North Hollywood, CA

“You gave the prize to Barack Obama hoping for peace which was not delivered. Manning has ALREADY delivered. And is very much in need of international support.”

Peter B., Brooklyn, NY

“And free him too.”

Keith P., Boulder, CO

“Just as Daniel Ellsberg’s release of the Pentagon Papers exposed much of the ugly truth about the conflict in Vietnam, Manning has spoken truth to power and the masses. We can argue about justifications for military intervention more appropriately when some of the less savory realities are known.”

Edward & Pamela B., Baton Rouge, LA

“As a Sgt USMC Vietnam 1966/67, I urge you to not only award Bradley Manning the Nobel Peace Prize, but to rescind President Obama’s award.”

Robert B., Orange, TX

“We should have a law against criminalizing whistleblowers. The government will continue to make stupid mistakes and the citizens have a right to know the truth.”

Sylvia D., Tulsa, OK

“Thanks Bradley. The truth will make us free.”

Blase B., Los Angeles, CA

“Bradley’s in prison while those responsible for these heinous acts of cowardice are free. It’s so easy to condone war when isolated from reality.”

Daria R., San Jose, CA

“He acted out of social consciousness. His actions were not treasonous and he was not aiding the enemy. It has been criminal how he has been treated since his arrest.”

Gregg D., Chattanooga, TN

“If anyone ever really earned the peace price, it is Bradley Manning.  Please give the world a favor by electing him for this award.”

Liza F., Chapel Hill, NC

“Bradley Manning is the bravest, strongest and most righteous man in our military today. His treatment by our ‘government’ has been nothing less than criminal. This needs to be brought to the attention of everyone on Earth.”

Susan W., Pilot Hill, CA

“Someone in my family died on 9/11. How do we address the underlying causes that might drive someone to commit an act of terrorism in the first place? Might the information allegedly leaked by Manning galvanize people to hold their political leaders more accountable? And so we might be able to enact meaningful changes in the realm of foreign policy? Our current policies will only end in more blowback. Thank you, Bradley Manning.”

Rick C., New Milford, NJ

“Indeed, this young man DOES walk in the shoes of Dr. King.”

A.J. A., Potsdam, NY

“Bradley Manning knew what he was risking in taking his stand against the U.S. government and it was an act of inspiring selflessness. Please recognize his willingness to stand up against what has become a monstrous self preserving beast of a government.”

Robert B., Charlotte, NC

“Bradley Manning is a hero willing to put his life on the line to speak out about war crimes that are not acceptable in a civilized world.”

Linda L., Trinidad, CA

“This man has sacrificed a great deal for all of us who believe in honest government and genuine democracy.”

Kaye F., Longmont, CO

“Let's walk the walk!”

Richard R., Albuquerque, NM

“My beloved country, the USA, is spending too much money and lives on militarism. We have invaded other countries on the basis of lies. I believe this young man will be seen as a hero some day. That he is in prison says much about the USA and its military.”

Marcie B., Flagstaff, AZ

“It is the hawks who are threatened by Manning and want to nip this kind of behavior in the bud.”

Shelley D., Issaquah, WA

“Wow, what it would do for the world to honor someone who actually acted for peace with courage and self-less-ness. Having that reference would give enormous hope for people around the world and for humankind!”

Connie S., Santa Barbara, CA

“This is a wonderful idea! Bradley Manning certainly deserves it, and if he receives it, it would have to shame the U.S. government into releasing him.”

Rose B., Austin, TX

“Rarely have I felt so strongly about a Nobel nominee's qualification for the honor. PFC Manning has given a significant part of his life, night and day, to bring truth to light and reduce human suffering. History will judge him a hero. History starts here, now.”

John K., Laurel, MD

“Bradley Manning is a hero of the people. He should be freed and given the Nobel Peace Prize AND a ticker-tape parade in NYC.”

Leonard M., San Marcos, CA

“Give peace and Bradley Manning a chance.”

Martha L., Dixon, CA

“I am Proud of Bradley Manning and how he took action to expose the treachery of my government to stop it. Bradley Manning deserves the Nobel Peace Prize along with Julian Assange!”

L. L., San Diego, CA

“Bravery and altruism are what stands between us and the power and greed of unscrupulous might which has no conscience.”

Caroline T., Ann Arbor, MI

“Bring the trial into the light of day. Don’t let Manning be ‘disappeared.’ This is America.”

Jeffrey G., San Carlos, CA

“Bradley is a political prisoner in our country that preaches freedom and democracy on the outside but does so many illegal things behind our backs without transparency!”

Steve & Sharon B., Oxnard, CA

“Bradley Manning has done more than anyone in the world to let all people know the deplorable state of U.S. militarism.”

Gail O., Portland, OR

“In 2001, the world began a steep descent into terrible, ethical unknown. We are now in free fall, thanks to the unbridled and abetted preemptive strikes on two countries Afghanistan and Iraq. The most pressing issues on the planet -- inequality and climate collapse -- have effectively been negated and conflict is escalating daily based on new and old rivalries throughout the world. Soon, much of the world’s species will inevitably be condemned [to] death-struggles over food, water, air and brute force. Bradley Manning will go down -- if we live to write the history of the world in 2200 -- as one of great souls of our age. He deserves recognition now by all those concerned with the crises we now face and must solve together as a planet and a human society.”

Ari M., Lennox, MA

“Peace is unattainable without sacrificial lambs, apparently.”

William T., Ellicott City, MD

“No peace possible without freedom of information!”

John K., Elizabeth, CO

“Let this kid go. As a Vietnam vet I say put Cheney, Rumsfeld and Bush in jail. They actually got people killed -- for nothing. And I mean nothing.”

Ken L., Pinehurst, NC

“I thought we would learn from Vietnam, but we did not.  Exporting war for profit has to end, and Manning's courage must not be forgotten.”

Roger S., York, PA

“The public has a right to information. That is the basis of democracy. Bradley Manning has the courage to give us the truth. I cannot think of a more deserving individual.”

Trish S., Sparks, NV

“The selection of Bradley Manning would put ‘Peace’ back into the Nobel Peace Prize.”

Gail H., Mesa, AZ

“Although I’m an Obama supporter, I’m ashamed that he is still allowing the military to persecute Bradley Manning.”

Cathy L., Grayling, MI

“He deserves it. Obama did not, though I supported it at the time.”

Burton C., New Castle, NH

“He is a hero to the whole world!”

Phoebe S., Berkeley, CA

“Manning is a sterling example of the power of one individual sacrificing himself for the good of humanity.”

Encke K., New York, NY

“The media silence is deafening.”

Daniel S., Manchester, NH

“He did break the law but he's serving time for that. Sometimes to serve the greater good laws need to be broken.”

Rachel D., Seattle, WA

“He has done so much to expose the criminal behavior of some leaders of the American empire.”

Frederick C., Montclair, NJ

“Whistleblowers are the true heroes! And he really needs this.”

Carol Anne F., Berkeley, CA

“Give the Nobel Peace Prize to a true hero of the human race, a man who transcends borders and has placed his own self a distant second to the needs of others. Brad Manning is a great human being. Give him the Nobel, please!”

Eric W., Austin, TX

“According to U.S. military brass, it is ok to commit war crimes but it is not ok to expose them. Giving Bradley Manning the Nobel Peace Prize will give hope to millions of peace loving people around the world. Please consider it.”

Ali M., Princeton, NJ

“I suppose this enters me into a database somewhere, but this man deserves our thanks for revealing the lurid backstory of diplomacy and the hypocrisy of our ‘leaders’ (and I use that term loosely). This country needs the truth.”

Arthur G., Chamblee, GA

“Those who blow the whistle on the evil actions of government need to be applauded and rewarded, not imprisoned.”

Kenneth E., Ormond Beach, FL

“This is a moral imperative. Bradley Manning has already spent too much time incarcerated for supporting our right to know how our leaders betrayed us with war for profit. Do the right thing!”

Josephine P., Brooklyn, NY

“Bradley Manning has endured terrible conditions in a U.S. military prison because he thinks that citizens of a democracy should know what their government and military are doing in their names; that transparency rather than secrecy nurtures democracy and peace.”

Edith M., Milwaukee, WI

“Bradley Manning has been jailed and tortured. He has been denied his constitutional rights. He has sacrificed himself to prove war crimes and to help bring peace to Iraq. He is the Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King of this century. He should be awarded The Noble Peace Prize.”

Deb B., Pittsburgh, PA

“With all due respect, try giving the Peace Prize to a REAL champion of peace, for a change.”

Lionel S., Pahoa, HI

To read more comments from supporters of a Nobel Peace Prize for Bradley Manning, or to join them in signing the petition urging the Norwegian Nobel Committee to award him the prize, click here.

(Norman Solomon is co-founder of and founding director of the Institute for Public Accuracy. His books include "War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death.")


  1. Mike Jamieson April 2, 2013

    This modern day worship of Bradley Manning brings back fond memories of my Mom and Dad’s worship of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, deemed to be heroes in their eyes. Solomon says that millions of Americans love him. No they don’t! (Please take a look at the results for Jill Stein, Roseanne Barr, Rocky Anderson and total them up.) The few hundred thousand who DO worship him don’t “love” him as Norman says, they “love” the hero picture they’ve manufactured in their mind’s eye.

    In fact there is a young person actually more “deserving”. She was wounded by a gun shot to her head (in Pakistan) and is now attending school in England.

  2. Jane April 2, 2013

    I am very saddened to see that you have sensationalized the story of Ari Zanders. Although what happened with his mother is a horrible circumstance; I feel it must be said that Ari is a good person who happens to suffer from Mental illness. Ari has family, friends and a community that love and support him very much. We are all saddened by what happened, and hope that he receives the help that he needs! The posts that are on his facebook are not a reflection of who the real Ari is. I know that you don’t know him, and so it is easy to poke fun because it isn’t personal. But reading the advertiser today made my stomach wrench because it is very personal for some of us. This circumstance has taught me a great lesson that all should know. Compassion.

  3. April 2, 2013

    Bradley Manning should get bail first, then the Peace Prize.
    He could get Obama’s since he isn’t using it.
    Jim Armstrong

  4. Brooke Acker August 18, 2013

    I am a little irritated that my photo was used in this article without my permission.

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