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Valley People (February 8, 2023)

REPORT ON BOONVILLE’S DRINKING WATER PROJECT (from January Water Projects Committee Meeting minutes): 

JACK LOCEY (Brelje and Race engineer) continues to work on negotiations [with water source property owners]. In January Jack will present the status of all negotiations to the AVCSD board in a closed session. During the same meeting, in an open session, Jack will make a presentation to the board of the rate options and how they can be structured. It is necessary to have a structure that the board supports before community outreach. Based on the community survey about participation that is being sent out in February, Jack will be about to approximate rates based on the level of participation.

JACK EXPLAINED that there will be three wells on the airstrip – 5’ into the airport space from the Airport Rd side and about 250-300’ apart in order not to have influence on each other. The wells be in vaults approved by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and will be flush with the ground. They can withstand anything that rolls over them, although they will be placed well out of normal traffic and where there is little chance of contact.

LIKE ALL NEW WELLS, the airstrip wells would need to be dug to have an accurate idea of their production.

Jack explained that there will be 3 treatment centers (mid Boonville, Meadow Estates, and the Elementary School). Each will be treating for the aggregate of minerals in the separate areas and will add chlorine at those treatment points.

Jack responded to the question about the number of private wells in the system and he thinks we will have 4-6 including the Clinic.

DISCUSSION about coordination with the CEQA and LAFCO processes. LAFCO (approval of AVCSD as a Water District) must wait until we decided on the rates which is dependent on the survey followed by the final letter going out. Jack explained that the CEQA process is totally separate and will also require public noticing and a public meeting.

REPORT ON CLEAN WATER (WASTE) PROJECT: Dave Coleman (engineer for Brelje and Race) was unable to attend but Jack Locey reports that he is working on setting up soils testing with a subcontractor. Jack explained that monitoring wells will be going in at the treatment plant site at Valley Views on Highway 128 in Boonville.

RENEE LEE: Hello Valley Peeps: I am looking to spruce up the walls at AV Senior Center. ISO of pictures of Valley landscapes, landmarks etc. that you would like to share. Please send me your pics (preferably digital) and I will enlarge/reprint/frame. Of course I will give photo credits. PM and I will give the email address to send to. Christy? Jacob Hernandez? Thanks you!


Coming to the Mendocino County Fairgrounds

Annual Beer Fest -Saturday- April 29, 2023

Camping available at the fairgrounds! 

This is a 21 and over ONLY Event 

No Reservations, first come first serve

Cost – Cash Only: $25 per night, per person 

Campers, Trailers & RV’s - $70 per night, includes 2 people

For Beer Fest information go to

THE ANDERSON VALLEY VARIETY SHOW is in May this year! You have time to work on your act - please contact Captain Rainbow for more info and/or to get your slot in the show: 707-472-9189


This Sunday, February 12, at The Av Grange 8:30-11:00… We'll be flippin' the flapjacks and so much more. Along with the usual eggs, bacon, coffee, juice and all the fixins it's a special weekend. Warm up for Superbowl of course, and a birthday of one of our favorite "will play for pancakes" musicians that very same day. Not to forget Valentine’s Day Tuesday the 14th. We don't mind if you get all lovey dovey a little early, so come on down and share the love.

FORMER SUPERINTENDENT HUTCHINS: Tune in at 7PM on the 4th Thursday every month for Inside Education. Join host, Michelle Hutchins, former County Superintendent of schools, as she answers questions on; Student mental health, Talking to children about climate change, and Improving the adult and student experience in schools. KZYX-Mendocino Public Broadcasting Stream or tune in to 88.1 Fort Bragg, 90.7 Philo, or 91.5 Ukiah and Willits.

ROBBIE LANE: Local contractor with Class B license, over 40 years of experience in all phases of building. 15 of those years spent doing remodels, additions, remediation, and compliance work right here in Anderson Valley. If I haven’t worked for you, you probably know someone that I have! Spring is on its way. Good time to start a project… Rates and referrals on request.

SAFFRON FRASER: So. I took a run to Ukiah to bring someone to outpatient care. While there I stocked up on ginger tea and vitamin c, a few groceries. Went to Costco, they're pretty unpredictable about what they stock...So, I thought I'd hit up the grocery outlet. I'm bummed with the new "Whole Foods" Grocery Outlet. Pretty spendy. Annnyway, at this point I was Hangry. And just wanted to get home. But decided to drive through at Taco Bell. I have not done that in ages. Two crispy tacos and an iced tea. And for some reason, I asked, last minute, for a bean and cheese burrito. As I was exiting, there was a dude sitting on the curb. I'd say homeless, or a bum. But I think that's not P C. The folks on the street are now "unhoused" apparently. But, I digress. I quickly rolled down my window, and said hey dude, do you want a burrito? He looked up. And smiled real big. And jumped up, and said Yes! Thank you so much! Genuinely glad to get a buck sixty nine burrito. Now I know why I ordered it. And, I felt my irritation with my shopping experience fade while I was glad to share a bit of food.

LOCAL GARDEN STARTS from Natural Products of Boonville. I will be growing garden starts for direct sales to locals again this year. I also have small quantities of some not-commercially available seed potatoes. I grew them organically, but they are not certified. I plan to post a list of cultivars and availability next week. I already know there’s enough Ozette (sometimes available commercially) & Gunter Blue for me to sell up to a few pounds of each. Also some Criolla rosada and Skagit Valley Gold that are ready to plant now since they both have very short dormancy periods and many have already chitted. Both are early producing “Papa amarilla’ types. Between their short season and very short dormancy it’s possible to do at least 2, if not 3 successive crops per year locally with both them. I’ll also have seed tubers of several Ulluco and Oca root cultivars. Because neither crop begins to set tubers until days are down to 12 or so hours late in September, they are only suitable for gardeners who have a long fall with late frost - like mid-November or later. This year I learned they can be kept going longer using row covers to improve the yield. Both are crops developed in South America many centuries ago, along with potatoes. Due to their cultural limitations they’ve never become popular in the USA - although Oca is grown commercially in New Zealand. Anyone with interest in garden starts or seed tubers should email me at

FOLLOWING up on an intriguing rumor that ‘The Land’ was about to host the homeless, I wondered if ‘The Land’ was ‘The Land’ as I dimly recalled a property thus designated in Albion. Checking with Supervisor Williams who promptly clarified that there was ‘The Lord's Land on Navarro Ridge,’ a Christian retreat, and there was ‘The Land’ at the west end of Ray's Road, Philo. I can easily imagine Christians trying to help the homeless, but the Philo ‘Land’ seems much more representative of contemporary narcissism, up-market division, than a likely charitable operation: “Sophisticated stays nestled in nature, farm-to-table food, 162 acres to explore, new yoga studio, and a world-class caring staff. The Land is the ultimate place to re-boot, connect, and create.”

‘SOPHISTICATED STAYS’ include a ‘world-class caring staff.’ In Philo? Wow!

ELIZABETH JENSEN: Any local climbers interested in helping to bring climbing boulders to our local park? Any local geology enthusiasts familiar with what local rocks are great for climbing?

FLAG FOOTBALL GREENLIGHTED FOR HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS. Girls flag football became California’s newest sanctioned high school sport on Friday. The California Interscholastic Federation’s Federated Council approved the proposal 146-0 and play will begin this fall, one year from when the Southern Section launched the initiative.

BILL KIMBERLIN: I am going to be giving a talk on March 19th at the Anderson Valley Historical Society. It should be an interesting presentation. This image is from "Raiders of the Lost Ark." The Nazi melting sequence. How did they do that?

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