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Never Schiff

Left out of last week’s piece about Barbara Lee’s run for the US Senate was some background on Rep. Adam Schiff, the “centrist” bore the Democratic National Committee intends to foist on us when Dianne Feinstein departs. (They wouldn’t let us have Bernie Sanders in 2016, even though he was beating Trump by almost 20% in the polls while Hillary and The Donald were neck-and-neck.) Schiff is a company man and the company is the DNC.

In 2014 Nancy Pelosi appointed Schiff to the seven-member House Select Committee on Benghazi, a position that required total devotion to Secretary of State Clinton and the CIA. The committee was supposed to investigate the attack on the US consulate in September 2012 that left Ambassador Chris Stevens and another diplomat dead. In reality the attack grew out of a protest on 9/11 by the locals against the US presence in Benghazi, which included the largest CIA station in North Africa at a site one mile from the consulate. Tortures were conducted there. Everybody knew. Their protest march turned violent.

The DNC immediately pushed an alternative reality. Chris Stevens hadn’t been dead for 48 hours when Sen. Dianne Feinstein told CNN that a terrorist group linked to Al Qaeda had done the deed. She added, “The weapons were somewhat sophisticated, and they blew a big hole in the building and started a big fire.”

The truth about Benghazi was blurted out in late October by Paula Broadwell, General David Petraeus’s mistress. Barack Obama had appointed Petraeus to run the CIA and Broadwell was plugging her book about him, “All In.” (Insert your own comment here.) She was speaking at a University of Denver alumni symposium with proceeds going to a program to help wounded veterans hone their physical fitness. At the time, in addition to almost 7,000 deaths, some 45,000 US Americans had been wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan —”amputees, multiple amputees,” Broadwell reminded the Denver alums— and 450,000 troops had returned with post-traumatic stress, brain damage, and other disorders not readily apparent.

Broadwell’s revelation came in response to a question from the audience concerning Benghazi: “I don’t know if a lot you have heard this,” she confided, “but The CIA annex had actually taken a couple of Libyan militia members prisoner and they think that the attack on the consulate was an effort to get those prisoners back. That’s still being vetted.”

The truth about Benghazi –that Libyans were enraged by the CIA’s presence– would be thoroughly covered up by Adam Schiff and his cronies on the Select Committee. They deemed it ”likely” that an “Al Qaeda spinoff” had organized the attack, and called for ”better security for US diplomatic facilities.” The State Department then hired more mercenaries from Blackwater to protect their buildings and personnel in Libya.

Today it’s page-one news that both Donald Trump and Joe Biden took highly classified documents home with them. Does anybody remember that Barack Obama’s CIA chief gave his girlfriend access to his emails? This aspect of the story, like the cause of the attack on the consulate in Benghazi, has been erased from our collective memory.

Sex is always a useful distraction when the political truth is deemed unpalatable by the corporate media. The Benghazi coverage devolved into a cat fight between Paula and a woman from Tampa named Jill Kelley. Paula had warned Jill in an email not to fondle Petraeus under the table, or else... Jill went to the FBI and accused Paula of “threatening and stalking” her. Paula turned her computer over to the FBI and they found numerous classified documents on it. Petraeus resigned on November 9. I think his wife stuck with him. Paula and her husband split the sheets.

Adam Schiff’s next foray into foreign policy was in support of the Saudi Air Force bombing of Yemen. He said, “The military action by Saudi Arabia and its partners was necessitated by the illegal action of the Houthi rebels and their Iranian backers. … But ultimately, a negotiated end to this crisis is the only way to restore order in Yemen and shrink the space for terrorism.”

The DNC man yearns for peace but votes for war.

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