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Off the Record (December 22, 2022)

DEPARTMENT OF UNINTENTIONAL HILARITY, This Headline: “Eyewitness Reported An X-Shaped UFO Flying Over Redwood Valley In Early October.”

“Eyewitness,” singular? How about the nabes, did they see it? Fact: There are high school kids all over the country getting their kicks doing UFO's with laser lights, but the unhappy fact is we're alone, tucked into a remote corner of our remote universe, barely a speck in the grand scheme of things. Unless creatures from billions of light years away have learned how to get around the immutable laws of physics, the intelligent beings who may be out there are certainly intelligent enough to stay the hell away from us.

TONY LINEGAR (former Mendo Ag Commissioner, former Sonoma County Ag Commissioner): I believe [Sonoma County Ag Commissioner] Andrew Smith will help get the Mendocino Ag Department back on track and will provide some much needed leadership and mentoring for the staff there.

MALCOLM MACDONALD: My collection of true-life tales from around the county, Mendocino History Exposed, is now available at The Book Juggler in Willits. If you want to get lost in a book store, this is the place for you. Walk in at 182 S. Main Street in Willits only a mile or so south from the culminating events of Chapter X, "The Bridge," in Mendocino History Exposed. Check out the website at: or give them a call, 707-459-4075, to get hold of this great read for yourself or as a holiday gift for others.

DINING TIP. The Calpella Club, Calpella. I think I'd been there years go, but Wednesday's lunch with a friend at “the Club,” as old timers refer to it, was brand new to me. Friend said that when he was new to the County he'd been invited to “the Club,” and had a helluva time finding it in tiny Calpella because he thought he was being invited to a country club, wondering all the while why Ukiah would locate a country club in a little mill town five miles north of the County Courthouse.

THE CLUB is the real deal. Good solid gringo grub, and fast, pleasant service in a kind of a labyrinthine structure apparently erected before building codes, and mos def not a country club with a lotta noon time drunks walking around with their golf clubs telling each other dirty jokes. This club is a real place for real people — I'm probably the only unreal person to enjoy a lunch there since… Harry Merlo of L-P whose mill was right down the street.

WHEN I ARRIVED — early of course, punctuality being my sole remaining virtue — I sat down at a window table near the bar, assuming I had strode through the front door, unaware that the cognoscenti entered at the south door of what turned out to be a very busy establishment, chock full of elderly folks who've been patronizing “The Club” for many years, and lots of F-150 boys who looked like they did blue collar work. The front room where I had first seated myself, had been deserted except for three guys at the bar and two couples at a single table talking about their adventures at Eagle Lake.

BUT FRIEND SOON ARRIVED to steer me to a second room east of where I sat alone beating back a temptation to knock back a couple of Maker's to warm up for the holidays. Saved by the arrival of Friend. No sooner had I ordered a lunch I'd never heard of — a fried shrimp wrap with fries — than it arrived just as I settled in the busy east room. The wrap was great! I'll be back soon for another one at The Club. Maybe they'll even make me a member.

CASEY HARTLIP on The Club: I moved to the Ukiah area with my folks around 1972. In the Redwood Valley area there were generally two dinnertime dining options…. The Club and The Broiler Steak House commonly known as The Broiler to locals. The Broiler has been your meat & potatoes spot with their famous ice cold…..mostly iceberg salad. The house dressing which many prefer is a cross between French dressing and Velveeta…… I always liked the blue cheese. For many years The Broiler was considered the more upscale of the two as a dinner choice as The Club was known more for its dark and often rowdy bar scene. Something happened about 8-10 years ago. The Club did a remodel of their bar and bathrooms and greatly improved the food quality. At the same time The Broiler seemed to stay the same, however the steaks and potatoes seemed to get smaller. Given a choice I’d much prefer the have dinner at The Club.

FOR YOUR FRAUD FILES. Darryl Cherney has a GoFundMe page soliciting money from the duped and the unwitting for, get this, an archive of material from the Redwood Summer period. Any money collected from any of the scammers associated with those events goes straight into the pockets of a tiny group of self-mythologizing phonies, primary among them, Cherney.

HE AND THE LATE JUDI BARI raised a ton of money they said would go to plant trees if they won a pending libel action against the FBI. Bari was nearly killed and did indeed die from her injuries seven years later. Cherney was slightly injured. He's lived off the event ever since. 

THE Bari-Cherney lawyers got together with the fed lawyers to write a suit that excluded any mention of the bombing attack on Bari. I was declared “obsessed and deranged” — I'll cop to obsessed but I was insulted to be described as deranged, as both sides agreed not to call me or any of several named persons who would have testified that Bari's ex-husband did it, and that the libel suit was part of an ongoing scam-a-rama.) 

BARI-CHERNEY won the phony suit, and several million dollars in damages. Bari's share went to her bomber — Mike Sweeney — who functioned as trustee for the two already wealthy daughters they, perp and vic, had had together, and Cherney's million-plus of the proceeds bought him a dope farm near Garberville.

NOT A SINGLE TREE was ever planted on behalf of the martyred couple, all proceeds went to Bari-Cherney and their “movement” lawyers from a “movement” that has moved steadily backwards since 1968.

WITH THE COLLAPSE of the marijuana market, Cherney is out of money, and is again circulating among the credulous with his begging bowl. The ava maintains an archive of everything we could/can find related to the Bari Bombing. If you're skeptical of what I've said here please visit our archive on the case and report back. I'm eternally prepared to argue with anyone about it.

THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES has released 11,000 unredacted documents related to the assassination of President Kennedy, offering historians a fresh trove of details. The latest release came soon after Biden issued an executive order authorizing their publication, while still keeping thousands more documents from public view. “Pursuant to my direction, agencies have undertaken a comprehensive effort to review the full set of almost 16,000 records that had previously been released in redacted form and determined that more than 70% of those records may now be released in full,” said Biden. There's still a trove to come, but the entire trove will undoubtedly confirm that Lee Harvey Oswald, Kennedy's assassin, or one of them, was on the CIA’s payroll, hence the sensitivity over release of the “trove,” which will continue to be endlessly dribbled out until all the persons involved are dead. Wild as it is, a pretty good visual of the people and agencies involved in that sad event is Oliver Stone's movie, “JFK.”

A READER commented that he didn't give a hoot who killed Kennedy, but for the millions of us peeps shocked by the event and remain skeptical of the official version of who done it, the ongoing and highly suspicious drip-drip release of investigative papers held in secret since 1963 is big news. 

OUT OF PURE DESPERATION, I'd taken a job as a long-term substitute teacher at San Luis Obispo Junior High School as a hurry-up replacement for the regular teacher who'd wigged out one day, locking the door to her classroom from the inside, removing all her clothes and dancing nude on top of her desk as she swigged from a bottle of whiskey until the fire department beat down the door to rescue her. 

THE HARRIED school boss who'd hired me had memorably advised, “I don't care what you do in there, just keep them from roaming the halls.” “Them.” I've always laughed remembering that revelatory assessment of our nation's future. 

I HAD NO IDEA, and less interest in teaching, let alone six periods a day shut up in a room with out-of-control 9th graders, who had driven my predecessor crazy. I simply entertained the unruly little bastards as best I could, which turned out to be more than good enough for the boss man who wanted me to stay on. So there I was that day in November of '63 swapping witticisms with 14-year-olds when boss man came over the intercom to say that the president had been shot and school was suspended as of right now. 

AS A KENNEDY LIBERAL in those naive days, I was next to distraught, and hurried back to my tenement room to watch events on television, which I was doing the next day when Kennedy's alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, was shot by Jack Ruby in the basement of the Dallas Police Department. “No way,” I thought. Something is seriously wrong here. And veered terminally wrong beginning in '67.

THE NEW CEO, Darcy Antle, broke into tears when Dear Leader Angelo retired, leaving behind a combination of managerial chaos and fiscal time bombs as she departed for a lush retirement in San Diego. Antle had studied at the foot of the master. Re Molgaard, Antle got off this terse e-mail to Public Health staff: “There's been a change in leadership in your department. Anne Molgaard has retired from the County of Mendocino effective December 9, 2022” adding that the departed’s “access to all County facilities/offices is the same as afforded to the general public; please be sure to treat her with respect as you would the public during any future contact… Staff may not discuss confidential or work-related information with Ms. Molgaard, as you would refrain from the same with the general public.”

WORKING in the upper echelons of Mendocino County government as an “at will” employee is a little like being a member of Stalin's politburo. You can be fired at any time for any reason or no reason at all. The only diff between Uncle Joe's personnel practices and Mendo's is that he literally terminated ex-employees. With no explanation to the public, Mendo managers suddenly disappear, a number of them of reappearing in court brandishing winning wrongful termination suits that cost our broke-ass county a lot more money in lavish fees to outside legal sharks. A loyal soldier in the pins and needles offices of the, uh, temperamentally uneven regime of Carmel Angelo, Anne Molgaard is the latest member of the county politburo to disappear, her exit widely described as “abrupt.”

IS IT ANY WONDER that people don't want to work for Mendocino County, a jurisdiction dominated by howling incompetents at the power levers?

JULIE BEARDSLEY [SEIU Local 1021 Employees Union President] on the “abrupt” departure of Public Health Director Anne Molgaard: “I wish the County would stop these Stalin-esque disappearing of department heads, with the accompanying faux story about retiring. It’s incredibly destabilizing to the department, does not demonstrate transparency or honesty in government, and certainly doesn’t encourage talented managers to want to work for the County. I understand the CEO gets to choose her team, but isn’t there a better way to handle these situations rather than what feels like: a palace coup?”

Mr. Bixler


Mr. Bixler, 72, is a retired teacher and principal, who “identifies” as transgender. “She” was appointed to the Liberty School Board outside Phoenix in 2021 and wears “her” dead mother's dresses to school board meetings in memory of mom. 

I'VE IDENTIFIED for years as the centerfielder for the San Francisco Giants, making leaping, impossible catches that astound baseball fans everywhere, but when I showed up at the ballpark to ask Gabe Kapler for my uniform, he called the cops.

THOSE TWO ROGUE COPS outta Rohnert Park have been indicted by the Frisco-based federal court on numerous counts of, basically, highway robbery. The pair often lurked nights at Frog Woman Rock, formerly Squaw Rock, where they’d stop Southbound vehicles they suspected of transporting marijuana, then helping themselves to the dope and whatever cash their victims were carrying.

MENDO'S COP BASHERS claim several members of Mendo law enforcement were involved in these shakedowns and many others closer to home, although there is zero evidence that this is the case. The bashers are hoping that the two badged crooks from Rohnert Park will rat out Mendo law enforcement in return for reduced sentences. Wishful thinking on the basher's part, but there it is. 

PERMIT ME one caveat: I don't believe it is possible for two cops from a distant police force could hold up passing motorists in Mendocino County for several years without Mendo law enforcement knowing about it. Interestingly, one segment of the federal indictment cites an episode where a pair of CHP officers suddenly showed up as the two RP bandits were doing their thing, prompting the RP boys to partly log their take back in Rohnert Park as if it were a “legal” interdiction. 

FROM THE INDICTMENT. UH OH. “…AND OTHERS…” (Huffaker has already pled guilty.)

… 19. In furtherance of the conspiracy, and to carry out its objects, Huffaker, Tatum, and others committed or caused to be committed the following overt acts, among others, in the Northern District of California and elsewhere:

a. On or about December 5, 2017, Huffaker and another individual conducted a traffic stop on Victim 7 (E.F.) in the Northern District of California (the “December 5, 2017 stop”);

b. During the December 5, 2017 stop of Victim 7 (E.F.), Huffaker falsely claimed to be an ATF agent;

c. During the December 5, 2017 stop of Victim 7 (E.F.), Victim 7 did not consent to the seizure of three pounds of marijuana that he possessed;

d. During the December 5, 2017, stop of Victim 7 (E.F.) Huffaker seized those three pounds of marijuana while failing to provide a citation or any other documentation related to the stop that would allow Victim 7 (E.F.) to contest the seizure;

ESTHER MOBLEY of the Chron's hooch beat notes: “Winemakers in Bordeaux took to the streets in protest last week, calling for government aid amid worsening economic conditions for the region’s wine industry, reports Chris Mercer in Decanter. In particular, some vintners who are nearing retirement want subsidies to rip out their vineyards.”

CAN it happen here? O yea, in fact large sectors of the Mendo wine biz already enjoy lax enforcement of chemical spraying, and total exemption from the county's noise ordinance, cf. frost fans.

MIKE GENIELLA :In Mendocino County, the McFadden name is known for organic wine grapes, Blue Quail wines, herb products, and holiday bay wreaths, products from a Potter Valley agricultural showplace. Owner and entrepreneur Guinness McFadden is widely known in those circles. His eldest son, Guinness McFadden II, grew up on the farm but today he is making his own mark in the bluegrass country of Kentucky, where he and other family members own Blackwood Stables in Versailles, home of a Kentucky Derby winner. Young Guinness also is producing another winner: a fine barrel-strength toasted Kentucky bourbon. Happy holidays.

SUPERVISOR DAN GJERDE, 4TH DISTRICT: “The Board is currently a little split on whether or not Visit Mendocino should seek an increase in the Business Improvement District tax. In particular, the expansion of the tax to restaurants and tasting rooms is troubling. At the meeting, Supervisor John Haschak and I both cautioned the expansion of the tax, especially to restaurants, would not be welcomed. If given no alternative, city councils could decide it is time to end the Visit Mendocino tax in their cities, especially if the restaurant tax is pursued by Visit Mendocino.

Lodging operators generally support taxing their guests in order to fund tourism advertising. If the lodging operators think Visit Mendocino is providing a good value, that's fine with me. Taxing their guests is their decision. However, I no longer feel the County budget can place tourism advertising as a top priority for scarce County general fund dollars. In order to balance next year's budget, I believe the board will need to end the County's more than $600,000 annual subsidy of Visit Mendocino. Visit Mendocino can continue their work without sparsely-dispersed County tax dollars and without a tax at local restaurants. Tourism advertising can be funded by visiting lodging guests.” Translation: Visit Mendocino no longer has a blank check from Mendocino County taxpayers.

I FIND IT IMPOSSIBLE to sympathize with people who lost lots of money to that kid crypto hustler. The Democrats say they're going to return the millions in counterfeit dough funneled to them by Sam Bankman-Fried, son of Stanford faculty parents, raised royally but not adjusting well to his Bahamian jail cell. Ditto my lack of empathy for the people bilked by Bernie Madoff who never wondered how they managed to get the same 15 percent returns on their investments with Madoff. Bankman-Fried was widely touted as “the next George Soros,” a favorite target of the ignoratti who claim the old guy is plotting to take over the world's cheeseburgers.

ATTENTION WANDA TINASKY FANS. Wanda may or may not have been Thomas Pynchon, but if she wasn't, she sure went to a lot of trouble to insinuate herself as Pynchon, right down to her typewriter. Steve Howland notes that the Huntington Library will house the reclusive novelist's papers. Long-time ava readers will recall that we had been convinced that Wanda's wonderful letters-to-the-editor were the work of Pynchon when he was in and out of the Northcoast writing ‘Vineland,’ which was set on the Northcoast. We thought he was dashing off the Wanda letters as a kind of warm-up exercise before he got down to the task of serious lit. The late John Ross told me Pynchon had been renting a place in Trinidad, Humboldt County, in the late 1980s, but I never could find confirmation.

“The Huntington Library has acquired the archives of Pynchon a collection of typescripts and drafts of each of his novels, handwritten notes, correspondence with publishers and research which were prepared by his son, Jackson Pynchon, the museum announced on Wednesday. In all, 48 boxes packed with Pynchon’s writings will be archived and available to scholars at the library in San Marino by the end of 2023.”

CALLAHAN: There's an old saying that goes, essentially: If you ran into a jackass in the morning, you ran into a jackass. But if you run into jackasses all day - well, you're the jackass. No better summation exists for Harry & Meghan's epic Netflix rant, the second and final part — excuse me, “Volume II” — having dropped Thursday morning. For all the literal and metaphorical soft-focus treatment, the oh-so-casual selling of their new lifestyle, the kind of freedom that can only be found traipsing barefoot through Big Sur beaches or picking fruit from a lush private garden or owning a private stable flush with horses, there is no mistaking the truth: Harry and Meghan are two very angry people, the common denominator of their many woes. Not for nothing, but there's been no shortage of horrible stories about Harry and Meghan: The alleged “what Meghan wants, Meghan gets” tiara tantrum; the report that Meghan made a postpartum Kate cry; that both William and the Queen reportedly had words with the gruesome twosome over the way they talked to staff; and the high churn rate of those said to be fleeing H&M's employ, sometimes in tears. To anyone wondering if Harry and Meghan ever considered that maybe, just maybe, they are the problem, the answer is a resounding “no.”

ON ANOTHER of these eerily warm summer afternoons we've enjoyed this month, I looked out my office window to see a portly figure taking photographs of my yard, a bare expanse normally not of interest to even amateur aesthetes. I thought at first maybe a street person had wandered in but then, looking closer, accompanying the mystery shutterbug was a very attractive blonde woman. Caramba! It was Mendocino County's lead law enforcement officer, the District Attorney himself! I was still wondering how he'd managed to lure the blonde to accompany him when I remembered…

WHEN I REMEMBERED that back in September I'd written, “Mike Geniella does an excellent job deconstructing Kevin Murray's miraculous escape from the consequences of his felonious rampage as a Ukiah cop. The logistics of Murray's escape were clumsily orchestrated by the DA, who lied about the availability of witnesses, and Judge Moorman, who lied about the genesis of her contradictory decision to, in her words, not let Murray think he was getting ‘a slap on the wrist’ as she slapped him on the wrist for crimes that would get anybody else serious prison time.”

EYSTER had replied: “This is from the victim’s attorney not his client. We [Bailey — DA's investigator Kevin Bailey] — called the attorney who said she’d call with her contact info and the victim/witness never called. When Bailey called the “witness” she told him to “Stop calling me.” And refused to give her location. AVA was suckered. Hate it when you’re suckered and especially suckered by Geniella who has his own agenda.”

THE DA was now in person sitting in the murk of what passes for our office, his lovely consort demurely looking on, announcing that I had called him a liar. I instantly tried to lay off “liar” on my colleague, The Major. “I wouldn't have put it that starkly, Mr. DA.” But The Major promptly denied writing it.

I'VE NEVER hesitated to take responsibility for my more inflammatory prose, but I honestly couldn't recall calling the DA a “liar.” Turns out I had, but in verb form, not that grammatical quibbling would get me off the hook. Eyster, I should say, was the perfect gentleman, but telling me in person I'd libeled him. Until the Murray matter, and even more recently the Waidelich matter, we've been on civil terms, and I think he's been a good DA, especially in that he makes reasonable charging decisions, unlike many Maga-oriented prosecutors in this state.

SO I'LL APOLOGIZE for “Liar,” but with this caveat: The woman witness, an alleged prostitute based in Sacramento, had said she was willing and even eager to testify against Murray early in the process but finally told investigator Bailey that it had dragged on so long she was no longer available, a fact confirmed by her attorney.

THE WAIDILICH CASE? He's accused of sexually assaulting an ex-girlfriend, an assault allegedly occurring while the defrocked Ukiah Police chief was in uniform. (Jeez. The guy's so overcome by sudden lust he rushes over to Jezebel's house and attacks her? Kinda reminiscent of that famous episode in Contra Costa County of two prosecutors, an older man and a much younger woman, whose lunch hour tryst involved ice cubes and ice picks! Kraft-Ebbing, white courtesy telephone, please.) Anyway, the Noble Waidelich case is a he-said, she-said matter, and why in hell it's taking months to resolve with a lot of back and forth with the State Attorney's Office is ridiculous, and particularly unfair to the former Chief who has lost his job over it. Why doesn't the DA just drop it for lack of credible evidence?

RE GENIELLA'S “AGENDA,” there isn't one. His reporting on the two police cases has been scrupulously accurate and fair.


Appreciate the Editor’s comments re DA Dave, and my coverage of the two police misconduct cases his office has handled this year. I have no agenda, not now nor when I spent 10 years as the DA’s part-time public information officer attempting to publicly explain the DA’s policies and actions. I quit in November 2021. I have a lifelong interest as a journalist and citizen in bringing clarity to issues then, and now. In that vein, perhaps DA Dave can explain why he did not personally prosecute the Murray case, the one that led to the decision to drop sexual assault allegations made by TWO women against the disgraced police officer. In the background were the claims of a third woman, a former police trainee under Murray’s supervision when he was a sergeant with the Ukiah Police Department. The truth of the matter is that the Sacramento woman mentioned was prepared to testify until the much-delayed case was postponed for a third time.

Who knows the real facts behind the sexual assault allegations against former Ukiah Police Chief Noble Waidelich. DA Dave has had six months to offer up any information to the public but has chosen to whine in the background, and refuse to answer detailed and repeated questions put to him and his staff. We only learned the true scope of the allegation against Waidelich from the state AG’s Office after months of silence on the DA’s part. Yes, it is time for the DA to set the record straight. Sexual assault allegations are serious. Mr. Waidelich deserves to be publicly cleared if the evidence does not warrant prosecution. It is DA Dave who is dodging the public’s right to know what is going on with a case involving a former top law enforcement officer in the county.

By the way, what is DA Dave doing with a third police misconduct case turned over to his office for charging several weeks ago? More ‘he said, she said.’?


[1] “Vox populi, Vox dei”. The voice of the people is the voice of God. Thus does Loki (Elon) mock us. But what he himself believes, who can say? Not that in any case! 

My point? You don’t have to believe in democracy to not want these monsters to rule the Earth. Part of doing that is to stifle all other voices but their own. So Elon Loki opposes them because – well maybe because he just hates assholes. What are you against? What have you got? It could be as simple as that. But that, even if a bit twisted, is a desire for freedom. Not unmixed with license of course. We were once better than that, but no longer. Once upon a time, he would have no moral message for us, but he does now, alas.

[2] I find the expression “gay mafia” a clunker. Like adding the Yeti or UFO’s to a well-reasoned argument. You lose focus. You open yourself to easy flak. 

Not saying Yetis, UFO’s or gay mafias exist, or don’t. Mafias do exist. Most garden variety homosexuals wouldn’t know where to sign up to a gay one. 

There are other ways to describe the encouragement of depraved views by elites, maybe. Decadence? A jaded society harder and harder to shock? Setting up scapegoats? Wars on reality, biology, virtue signaling, Luciferian pride?

And homosexual people are not the tiny minority. We all know some, maybe in our own family or circle of friends. 10-20% may have that natural inclination.

As long as they sate it with other consenting adults, and not in our faces, I don’t see a problem with it, and I don’t automatically associate depravity and sin with gays. 

Most gays are normal people, except maybe for bad taste in clothes and music and in men, terrible haircuts in women, but what do I know… I’m a straight middle aged married man with grown children.

I do associate depravity with pedophiles, most transsexuals, and those who bring perversion and scandal to young children and society at large, like crazed activist teachers, or that ghastly nuclear waste manager, or the so called “admiral”. Not the same thing.

[3] THE EMERALD CUP, two on-line comments:

(a) I’m speaking as a FORMER EC JUDGE

“Hip hop, some reggae” is EXACTLY why I no longer go to the EC. 

Grass Roots? NO, it’s a youth oriented commercial profit making event run by a bird brain founder who is clueless, (he had plants growing within sight of Hwy 101 years ago, and they wondered why they got ripped off). 

Blake’s vision is impaired by dollar signs in his eyes. He pleads personal poverty yet somehow lays his hands on a stack of cash to produce the EC. 

Most of us who were at Area 101 in the beginning & successive years are elderly & just can’t relate to the EC anymore.

Although car parking at Area 101 is totally fucked, we were surrounded by OUR community, not a bunch of young strangers with fucking hip hop & fucking reggae music assaulting our ears.

The EC started as a great idea, and it WAS a growers event. It was still a decent event when moved to the Mateel, but the event lost its soul & morphed into something unrecognizable when it moved to Santa Rosa.

Now it’s a large consumer event leaning towards SoCal pot consumers. It now seems like a cross between a circus & and big sales event with boring speakers blah blah blah.

A LOT of money changes hands at EC… does it make a PROFIT or is Blake running a 501 C 3 non profit. I’m sure the cost to rent the Sonoma County Fairgrounds IS huge. Was money made from the vendors & was money made from corporate sponsors? What about admission fees for attendees? 

I think the EC has outlived its purpose.

And with market prices such as they are these days, can SMALL mom & pop growers living on social security even afford the entry fees?

The worse the EC event is, the more incentive we remaining small mom & pop growers have to go back underground, and have our own back porch bud ‘contests’ with a circle of friends, like we’ve been doing all along… no trophy needed.

(b) I’m going to add a slightly different perspective on the original Area 101 Emerald Cup. Most everybody I knew up Spy Rock/Bell Springs were bummed at Tim Blake for blowing up publicly what we were all doing secretly. I still think he accelerated the demise of our scene by pushing the public envelope. It happens- somebody new comes into town and thinks it’s cool to tell the world how cool it is and they imagine themselves a “pot activist” or a “freedom bringer”. LOL! No, they just make a name for themselves by exposing all their neighbors…Tim Blake also pushed the virtues of “legalization” after he personally spoke with Governor Newsom. He told everybody it was going to be great and we’d finally won! We will be “free” and “safe”. LOL! Then after it passed the Cannabis Control Board went behind closed doors and rejected the 1 acre limit, opening it up for Newsom’s fat friends to blow up mega-grows. Tim Blake was shocked! The Governor had lied to his face!! LOfrigginL! Yeah Tim- that’s how they do you. That’s how they’ve been doing us forever. Please put down the joint, bro….So here we are now- The Emerald Cup is held in Los Angeles, this poser fest is held in Santa Rosa and the CannaCon is held in Vegas. Humboldt is nowhere, as is Mendocino. Congratulations everybody on selling it all out for whatever you could personally get…that’s some real community spirit right there. LOL!

[4] Half of Twitter is appalled that Musk is even attempting to allow free speech (which is now universally termed “hate speech” if it isn’t in the NYT) on the platform.

“We need that regulation for our safety!”

“Govern me harder, Daddy!”

The other half finds the whole thing hilarious. Really an interesting dichotomy in the country right now. The strangest part to me is that some of the supposed smartest among us are the least mentally malleable when it comes to forming their own actual opinion.

Overnight, the name Musk has become synonymous with Trump in a large part of my peer circle. No matter what the story is about him, he’s an alt-right, racist, homophobic POS now. I have no expectation that these folks will ever change that stance, until the NYT tells them to. Or until their cush jobs dwindle and they have worry for things the real world historically poses as a problem to humanity.

[5] It’s not about the truth. It’s about the public’s acceptance of the lies.

Kennedy and King murders


911 and Iraq

Voter fraud

Etc, Etc

As long as most Americans have fast food, an iPhone, and multiple distractions they don’t give a rats ass for the truth. They just shrug and go on with their lives, kinda like we thought the Russians did in the previous century.


(a) So the supposed #1 crop in the county and all the money dumped into it to “manage” isn’t even on the [Mendo ag] report. How?

(b) Because more than half of it was unreported income and therefore not reported to anybody but the growers buried barrels and safe deposit boxes. Timber owners who log pay yield taxes on the volume harvested reported quarterly. And that is why nobody should have any sympathy for whining growers complaining about permitting fees. They all know deep down inside that they are finally having to pony up taxes never paid for decades through permit fees today. The government is stupid but they are also vindictive so for all the growers still not reporting income, why do you think they hired 87k more IRS agents? Duh. Good luck with that, justice served, everybody will pay their fair share, one way or another.

[7] I can bear witness, I’ve seen it myself as a little kid, 17¢ a gallon during local ‘Gas Wars’, a station on every corner, Esso vs Sunoco vs Shell vs Texaco, my father filling up for $2, real, pure LEADED gasoline that didn’t gum up the works and gave your Ford flathead V8 engine maximum burnout power. What’s more, the attendant came out wearing a peaked cap and overalls sporting the company logo, pumped your gas, checked your oil –“You’re down a quart” — washed your windshield, and measured the air pressure in your tires. An ice cold coke in the machine out front cost you 10¢.

[8] ON-LINE COMMENT re the bear hit on the Willits Grade: "What a beautiful bear, cut down by humans." At least his four paws were not cut off yet. Up here where I live, the paws are gone within a half an hour of the roadkill. Nothing more disgusting than seeing a bear's body desecrated with no paws left. Real manly hunters there, straight outta Mad Max roadkill scavenging.

[9] Neanderthals? Scientists have been spending years rooting around in debris left at ancient caveman sites, including Neanderthals. One thing they did notice is that no remains or any other evidence of wolf/dogs were found at Neanderthal sites, apparently this subspecies of human never used dogs for hunting game. Homo sapiens sites have lots of evidence of dogs being around in those settlements. Some scientists speculate that homo sapiens survived because they teamed up with domesticated dogs and thus canines and humans became very successful in hunting. Neanderthals may have vanished because they had no hunting dogs. If true, it’s amazing that humans are so unthankful for help in surviving. Instead, we treat canines as dogs. We kill dogs and still abuse them, and consider them our inferiors. In terms of sheer character and loyalty, dogs are way ahead of humans.

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