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Supervisors Agenda Notes

Employees Union Accepts One-Time Payment

According to a “side letter agreement” proposed for Supervisors approval on Tuesday, Dec. 6, the remaining bargaining units with open expired contracts, including the 700-member (approx) Service Employees International, have agreed to accept a one-time $3,000 payment of American Rescue Act funds for full-time employees ($1500 for part-time). 

Meanwhile, contract negotiations will continue. The one-time payment will go to SEIU members as well as members of the Management Association, Department Heads, Probation and Public attorneys. The Law Enforcement bargaining unit had previously accepted the ARPA payment.

Presumably, the future of contract/salary negotiations will be discussed on Tuesday, because the one-time payment will do nothing to address the union’s complaints about low wages and related long-term vacancies and job stress.

* * *

This Tuesday the Board conducted a “budget workshop” based on a presentation prepared by CEO Darcie Antle. Among the budget assumptions are a 3% across the board budget reduction target for all departments based on reduced cannabis tax receipts and anticipated reduced sales tax revenues (which are also partly affected by reduced cannabis retail sales). 

However, there are a number of enumerated unknowns including the still-not-closed books from last fiscal year, the rising facility and operating costs of the new jail expansion, and various pending capital and facilities projects, computer upgrades, 

Although it is the largest segment of the General Fund budget, there’s no mention of law enforcement or overtime in patrol or jail budgets in the presentation.

* * *

On the Consent Calendar is a “retroactive” allocation of “First Amendment to Agreement No. BOS-19-271 with Nacht and Lewis for Predesign, Design, and Construction Support Services for Crisis Residential Treatment, Crisis Stabilization Unit, and Psychiatric Health Facility(ies) in the Amount of $0 for a Total of $3,357,568, Effective December 18, 2019, Through a New End Date of June 30, 2026 (Original End Date of June 30, 2022).” 

Translation: Mendo simply rubberstamps whatever former CEO Carmel Angelo’s pet contractor Nacht & Lewis wants in their ongoing sole source blank draw on Measure B funds, siphoning off millions of facilities and services dollars for gold-plated, grotesquely overdesigned, overmanaged and overpriced “predesign, design and construction support services” in whatever amounts they choose to spend.

* * *

Supervisor Mulheren (commenting on a motivational speaker’s tiktok remarks on facebook): “I’ve been sitting on a post about the County Culture while I work through my own emotions. I really like what he has to say. Venting is normal, but be careful that you aren’t taking it too far. Positivity breeds positivity.”

Another Informative Post from Supervisor Mulheren on her “Supervisors” facebook page: “Catching up on the recent Planning Commission meeting re Short Term Rentals that has sparked a lot of calls, emails and meeting requests. Reviewing economic studies and still sending out those Christmas cards. Happy rainy Thursday. Stay warm and cozy.”

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