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Off the Record (July 27, 2022)

ROBBIE WYRE: “Very timely article (Jim Shields/water regs). Right now the board of supervisors and some other interested parties are working on groundwater protection for Mendocino County. I/we have been pushing this for over a year from our Round Valley county water dist. If we don’t get this passed in our county before the state takes the lead we will be at the mercy of legislators in Sacto. And we will have to deal with their bureaucracy every time we want to make a local adjustment to our ground water policy. If you don’t think this is important just look at the lawsuit the Coast Keepers Alliance brought against Sonoma county this time last year! It is all about over drafting groundwater in the Russian river area in Sonoma county and the next obvious step is a lawsuit in Mendo county if we don’t get our act together and pass groundwater protection and controls based on science and not sidestep the equal requirements for hydrologic study for all commercial wells preexisting and/or new. If we only require hydrologic study for new wells we will fall victim to what happened in Siskiyou county and lose the same kind of law case they did in 2018 that has set the precedent for the case in Sonoma County!”

OLD TIMERS WILL REMEMBER when the All-Star game between the National and American leagues was a real contest with real arguments among fans and players alike about which league was better. No more, and with the expansion of the major leagues from 8 teams each to 15 teams each, well, the talent pool has been seriously diluted. Not to sound too much like an embittered geezer, but the only baseball I see these days is an occasional newsclip of gym muscles hitting home runs. Ho bleeping hum. (One caveat; I still like to watch major league shortstops do their thing. I'd pay my way into the ballpark just to watch Brandon Crawford field bp ground balls. Amazing athlete, always exciting. 

SACRAMENTO has overtaken San Francisco as homeless champ. The state capitol has more than 5,000 homeless inside the city limits. That's slightly more lost souls than the 4,400 homeless in San Francisco. But the numbers become more startling considering that only 525,000 people live in Sacramento while San Francisco's population is 874,000. Sacramento has 952 homeless per 100,000 citizens, the city that knows how, 503 per 100,000.

TODD LUKES: “Everyone waxing poetic about an antiquated failing dam system that really does nothing to support Sonoma or Mendocino other than a few wineries is tiring. Can’t eat wine, but you can sure eat salmon and steelhead. Not to mention a lot more commercial fishermen would be employed by having a healthy fishery rather than a couple of rich winery owners mowing down the oak woodlands to squeeze out a few more grapes.

End the damn dams and let the river flow. Get over your addiction to water that should never have flowed as abundantly as it is.

Just cause some white guy walked around putting paper signs on a tree way back when doesn’t make it right nor something that should be sustained. We should really be seeking to end most river diversions and restore our native fisheries rather than pipe water to wasteful projects. That doesn’t just end with the Eel, but the Klamath, the Delta, and on and on.”

BETSY CAWN: “Removal of Scott Dam at Lake Pillsbury will NOT repair all the downstream damage in the Eel River Basin that has been created over the decades, including the dumping of railroad construction waste into the channels. Preservation of the dam will sustain the exquisite wildlife preserve that is surrounded by USFS lands and private investors, including the Mendocino Land Trust, and the National Monument (Snow Mountain / Berryessa Wilderness) that is critical for the protection of headwaters that serve three (and sometimes four) counties west of Lake, at not a penny of profit for the use of the county to protect and manage its critical watershed. Regardless of the sentimental references to restoring the salmon, the projects needed to do that are the responsibility of the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board, and the counties participating in the Eel-Russian River Commission. You would destroy the immediate surroundings of the headwaters upon which ALL of the users depend, while doing nothing to force Mendocino County to establish responsible water management programs?”

THE KEY WITNESS against defrocked Ukiah policeman, Kevin Murray, was never publicly identified. She was described only as “a prostitute” from, it was believed, “the Sacramento area.” She had reported that Murray, in uniform, had forced her, at gunpoint, to fellate him. The City of Ukiah arranged to pay her nearly a quarter of a million dollars, prior to Murray's trial, on the apparent assumption the City might have to pay her a lot more if she pursued her claim. The alleged prostitute has since disappeared, hence the disappearance of felony charges against Murray who awaits sentencing on misdemeanors.

WHERE O WHERE did the crimson lady go? Which crimson lady are we talking about? In Mendocino County? How many professionally crimson ladies could we be talking about? We’re specifically talking about the professionally purple one who complained about former Ukiah policeman Kevin Murray right down to a detailed description of his reproductive organ, which promptly won her her biggest payday ever (presumably), a gift of public money from the City of Ukiah to the tune of a quarter mil or so.

(I REMEMBER when Bill Clinton was threatened by Monica Lewinsky that she could and would describe his repro device if she had to, causing much speculation on how the courts would go about getting the president of the United States to submit to a short arm inspection. Similarly, I wonder how the Superior Court of Mendocino County would go about getting Murray to self-incriminate? Murray’s defense? If a lady is in the penis business, so to speak, how can she be sure that Murray’s errant organ was the uninvited one?) 

OF COURSE the other prostitute, er, her attorney, undoubtedly took a big whack of that lavish Ukiah payoff after threatening the City to pay now or pay a lot more if we drag you into court, assuming of course we can find Seldom Seen Sage Sangiacomo, Ukiah’s phantom manager, to subpoena him. Ukiah paid up, and paid up long before the sordid case against Murray was heard. (Nostalgics will remember when public officials were as careful with public money as if it were their own, but Ukiah (and the Mendo supervisors) pay out big sums of your money all the time without so much as a backward glance. 

DA EYSTER told us that the felony case against Murray collapsed because after she got her money, the Jezebel of Motel 6, disappeared. But we’re also told she’s living in Arizona and still in the penis stress relief business, and if there are people who know where she is how about a subpoena, given that all this was billed as a major felony case? 

JOSEPH TURRI on Ukiah’s continuing failure to explain their abrupt firing of Police Chief Noble Waidelich:

“If the City had solid grounds to fire the “Chief” why has it taken so long for the City and our overpaid City Manager to share the “policy violations” they claim were enough to warrant the police chief’s abrupt termination over 4 weeks ago?

And if the City did have the ‘goods’ on the Chief why did he keep moving up the ladder?

Sounds like this could end up costing the City even more attorney fees and settlements as did the Sewer District debacle and other missteps by our illustrious City Leaders.

Ridiculous, so MUCH money spent for City Leadership and so little in return….

When does this madness stop?”

RE EXORBITANT fuel costs, Americanos should know that the conservative government of the UK has slapped a 25% windfall tax on Brit oil companies. Why not here? Because… Because oil companies own Congress, or most of it anyway.

A READER WRITES: “Don't know if you've been out on the Fort Bragg headlands lately, but the stench from the sewage plant is so bad the California Coastal Commission had to cancel their walking tour of the area last week on account of the smell!”

WHOA! THAT BAD? I asked a Fort Bragger for comment: “I have smelled the odor while out on the trail but it certainly wasn't a gagging smell. Not pleasant, yes, but I have smelled worse driving by dairies in the valley. I have never smelled it from my home and I'm in town.” 

A READER COMMENTS re Biden and Trump's functioning: “Personally I don’t think either guy was/is senile. Trump is mad like a rabid animal. Biden has been gaffe-prone for decades. They both have problems, but neither one is really showing signs of the deep cognitive decline you see in, for example, Senator Feinstein. Anyway, I came across this newsletter today and found it interesting. It’s from an Atlantic writer and it concerns the way conservative media magnifies and distorts President Biden’s gaffes.”

TRUMP'S unfit in many ways but he doesn't seem cognitively impaired, just a blustery ignoramus magically thrust into the top spot for four disastrous years by the many millions of similarly handicapped citizens.

BIDEN? Seems to me he's way past mere gaffes, and it is true 

that the fascists doctor his occasional appearances to make him seem even more out of it than he is. But I'd say, and trying hard to be objective here because I've always thought Biden was a contemptible, grasping hack of a professional officeholder but only a different kind of contemptible disaster than Trump.

I'M FOUR YEARS OLDER than Biden and much less impaired, but impaired nevertheless in, so far, insignificant ways — poor vision, poor hearing, poor short-term memory, some arthritis — but I'm confident I could face down the media jackals without cue cards and teleprompters, which Biden can't do. And he's president and I'm only marginally in charge of my Boonville acre. Given the rolling, unaddressed catastrophes loose in our probably doomed land, Biden's obvious unfitness only adds to the prevalent anxiety that no one's in charge and the tottering figure in the White House is making everything worse, faster.


Fort Bragg city staff recommending implementation of water conservation restrictions beginning next week 

The City was fortunate to receive late rains this past spring extending our need to require water conservation restrictions, however, as current water supply conditions are beginning to show the effects of a third year of drought, City staff is recommending that the City Council take action during the next Council meeting of Monday, July 25, 2022, to declare a Stage 1 Water Alert and implement Stage 1 Water Conservation Restrictions targeting a citywide reduction of at least five to ten percent (5%-10%) of Seasonal Water Demand. If approved, such restrictions apply to all persons using or consuming water both inside and outside the City and within the water service area and regardless of whether any person using water has a contract for water service within the City immediately. 

Stage 1 Water Restrictions include: wasteful use of water, limiting landscape irrigation to Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 12am to 9am and 6pm to 11:59 pm. No free flowing use for landscape watering, vehicle and equipment washing, ponds, and evaporative coolers without the use of an automatic shut-off device on any hose or filling apparatus while in use. Restaurants shall serve water only upon specific request. All pools, spas and ornamental fountains/ponds shall be equipped with a recirculation pump and shall be constructed to be leak proof. Hotels, motels and other commercial lodging establishments shall offer patrons the option to forego the daily laundering of towels, sheets and linens. Residents and business owners shall repair all water leaks as soon as feasibly possible, but no later than five days after notification by the City or discovery by the owner. 

It's important to remember that now is the time to start planning ways to save our water and reduce the need of future water emergency measures. 

Questions and concerns regarding water usage and conservation measures can be directed to or by calling the Department of Public Works at (707) 961-2823, Ext. 131. Additional information and water conservation guidance is available on the City’s Water Conservation webpage. 

SHARON GARCIA WRITES (re Fort Bragg’s planned stage one water restrictions)

“People need better solutions than hauling expensive truckloads of water that’s taken from places that can’t really spare it. Rain water capture for watering yard and landscaping is such a simple and inexpensive solution. We have capture and storage and we move water in and out of storage with a sump pump and gravity feed. We don’t have lawn to water but we live on an acre and have a large vegetable garden as well as landscaping that gets watered, by hand, once a week and usually with rain water. I usually only water plants that are first season and most of our landscaping is native and or drought tolerant. Drip irrigation uses way more water than gardens need here on the coast. Also everything is heavily mulched with rice straw but leaf litter and grass clippings work well too. We also use gray water whenever possible.”

FROM JUSTINE FREDERIKSEN’S report on the Ukiah City Council’s discussion about hiring a new Police Chief: “Council member Mari Rodin then made her case, describing her experience working with Mendocino County social services programs to not only write grants, but to help write the county’s strategic plan for addressing homelessness.”

IF THERE’S A BETTER REASON NOT to appoint Rodin to a Police Chief hiring committee, we don’t know what it would be. Do you get the logic here? Ms. Rodin wrote some non-law enforcement touchy-feely grants and then helped create a big part of the problem by making the Ukiah area into a grotesque 33-agency multi-million dollar homeless magnet — and, according to Ms. Rodin, that’s what makes her an expert in Ukiah policing! And then to pile insult on top of insult, the rest of the City Council agrees with her! (Mark Scaramella)

“THERE AIN’T NO CLEAN WAY to make hundred million bucks. Maybe the head man thinks his hands are clean but somewhere along the line guys got pushed to the wall, nice little businesses got the ground cut from under them and had to sell out for nickels, decent people lost their jobs, stocks got rigged on the market, proxies got bought up like a pennyweight of gold, and the five percenters and the big law firms got paid hundred-grand fees for beating some law the people wanted but the rich guys didn’t, on account of it cut into their profits. Big money is big power and big power gets used to wrong. It’s the system. Maybe it’s best we can get, but it still ain’t any Ivory Soap deal.”

“You sound like a red,” I said, just to needle him.

“I wouldn’t know,” he said contemptuously. “I ain’t been investigated yet.”

— Raymond Chandler, The Long Goodbye

JUST IN: YOSEMITE GOES UP! A fast-moving brush fire near Yosemite National Park exploded in size Saturday into one of California's largest wildfires of the year, prompting evacuation orders for thousands of people and shutting off power to more than 2,000 homes and businesses. The Oak Fire started Friday afternoon southwest of the park near the town of Midpines in Mariposa County and by Saturday morning had rapidly grown to 10.2 square miles, according to the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, or CalFire. “Fire activity is extreme,” Cal Fire said in a situation report on Saturday, noting that the wildfire is at zero percent containment. “Explosive fire behavior is challenging firefighters.”  And still is uncontained as we go to press a week later.

OUR NERVOUS TIMES has the paranoids on perpetual red alert. Biden's “highly contagious strain of COVID-19” is seen by the P's as the first step in his removal by the Democrats who will then install a more plausible and reliable imperialist. The prob would be that plausible Democrats are awfully scarce. Bernie's out because he scares the oligarchy that runs the country, and Newsom seems the very portrait of privilege. Elizabeth Warren would be ok and is pretty good on most issues, but the only Democrat who appeals to me is John Fetterman who's more in the long-gone Democrat mold of looking out for the working-class over the 500-foot yacht class.

THE CONSTANT reference to “our democracy” in the Trump Is Bad hearings begs the question of whose democracy is Liz Cheney talking about? Look at us here in Mendo and the Northcoast, snug in our gerrymandered Congressional district where all seats at the state level and above are occupied by people selected in a by-invitation-only secret process. We have some say in who sits on school boards and as supervisor, but beyond the purely local level we have zero say in who will represent us in Sacramento and Washington. Had any of you ever heard of McGuire, Wood and Huffman before their press releases began to appear in what's left of the local media? (Except this one, of course. I'm proud to say the mighty ava never hears from any of these wanks.)

BETTER LEAVE IT AT HOME: The San Francisco Police Department issued a warning to the public on Friday stating that thieves are targeting individuals wearing luxury watches such as Rolexes valued at tens of thousands of dollars.

The department said it's investigating more than two dozen high-end watch thefts that have occurred since the start of 2022. Robert Rueca, a spokesperson for the department, said the lowest valued watch in these recent robberies was $10,000.

Police did not provide details on the incidents, but said they occurred in “high-traffic, popular destination spots in the city.” 

A WILLITS READER WRITES: “Measure B Projects – The Psychiatric Health Facility at Whitmore Lane site is in design with the initial demolition project due to be out to bid in early 2023, with new construction bidding by the end of that year. ”

What’s the hurry Measure B?

Six months or more for the demo bids? Then a year and a half, at least until the bidding process for the PHF gets started? That’s as insane as some of the patients who could occupy the place.

Get off the F**king stick, Measure B. It’s construction work, not spaceship building.

At this pace, inflation and other issues will eventually eliminate any possibility of there ever being a PHF.

But maybe that’s the plan. The government worms will grub around and get it all for themselves while the sick get screwed…again.

Shame on you Measure B.

MARK SCARAMELLA RESPONDS: Laz is right about the shameful timing of this project. In fact, it could easily take longer as discoveries are made during demolition and the usual onerous requirements are imposed. Cost increases could also delay things. But 1. The PHF, even if it’s built someday, won’t do anything for the people Measure B was sold as helping since the same “severely mentally ill” (i.e., reimbursables) will be housed there as the ones now being shipped elsewhere. That’s good for the few families involved, but not much else. 2. The Measure B committee has no say in this, even if they wanted to. The PHF process has been taken over by Dr. Jenine Miller and her staff (a takeover engineered by former CEO Angelo). With the tacit approval of the Supervisors who accept it all without question or criticism. Recall that the simple Crisis Van staffing was approved and funded by the Measure B committee in 2019, a vote which included a review of status “in six months” which never occurred because, according to their short-lived Project Manager, was not needed because nothing had been done and therefore nothing to review. That simple staffing of three people took three years to ramp up and only then because Sheriff Kendall personally intervened on his own. The Crisis Residential Treatment facility which they said was so important that they needed to overspend to get it built turns out to have “helped” only a few people as selected by the Schraeders. The PHF will be the same if it’s ever built. Measure B has been badly betrayed and nobody in Official Mendocino gives a damn.

MR. AND MRS. R.J. MURRAY stopped at the garage of James Maksente in Healdsburg on the first Sunday of June 1926 to purchase a pair of tires for their automobile, telling Mr. Maksente that they were bound for home in Fort Bragg and the old casings would not hold out for the length of the trip. Mrs. Murray carried a giggly, blue-eyed, six-month-old baby boy in her arms. While her husband was attempting to conclude a transaction with Maksente it became clear that the Murrays lacked the needed funds.

The transaction that took place in the ensuing minutes forms the opening of "The Tire Baby" chapter in my book, Mendocino History Exposed.

This and twenty-one other previously untold tales of forgotten lore that make up the contents of Mendocino History Exposed are available at Gallery Bookshop in Mendocino. Call them at 707-937-2665 or place an order through their easy to navigate website,

(Malcolm Macdonald)

THE DOG DAYS OF SUMMER used to be July and August. Now that they're year-round, government at all levels endlessly discusses half-measures of water conservation, my favorite being the locally heralded 500,000 gallon storage arrangement for the “village” of Mendocino, a place to stop for an ice cream cone on your way to Fort Bragg, still a coherent seaside town with miles of ocean trail, an interesting harbor, reasonably-priced restaurants, and four places to buy the Boonville weekly.

SUPERVISOR Williams and State Senator McGuire exchanged mutual congratulations for arranging that $5 million “Emergency Water Storage Project” that will kick in five years from now. Way to emergency, boys.

A SHERIFF'S PRESS RELEASE described a raid on a Laytonville trailer compound apparently presided over by Brett Richard Tucker, a man “known to law enforcement.” Deputies confiscated 104 tabs of LSD, 30.8 gross field weight of heroin, 7.1 GFW of methamphetamine, 5.9 GFW of psilocybin mushrooms and no less than 20 fentanyl pills Tucker had cannily concealed in a fake Doctor Pepper can. Also discovered were many pounds of marijuana and 21 guns, including several ghost guns and a silencer. Bail was set as $25,000.

$25,000? For large quantities of hard drugs and a small arsenal of illegal weapons? Just sayin', but there's something to be said for the IRA's approach to undesirables operating in neighborhoods they controlled: the first visit is a warning; second visit a bullet to one or both kneecaps; third visit immediate family makes funeral arrangements. Low bail, as in this case, is a green light to bad people that they can continue to deal death without serious consequences. And because Mendocino County has more than its share of bad people dealing death potions, death potions are readily available in every community in the county.

RITA LAVENDUSKEY, Fort Bragg, was arrested recently for “secretly recording someone without their consent with intent to arouse.”

UH, “AROUSE”? Boss, we're gonna need some clarification here. From what we can gather, the charge is related to varieties of voyeurism expedited technologically by the ever larger international pervert community — those lonely legions addicted to pornography and its many offshoots. What Rita was up to specifically is not known. 

“DIMINISHED SPACE with increase of occupants! Incontinent spawning of more and more bellies to feed with continually less, shrinkage of rivers and seas, polluted, sea ferns, amoebic life dying, the huge submarine disaster of oxygen-maker the plankton perishing in fouled oceans. And hands of infants suckling will turn to claws at the dry breasts of their mothers, no cross on the door to spare death by famine. And still the great churches called faiths approve no limit of increase, twist the cross to a cabalistic emblem like the swastika, east, west, in all lands. Nothing is sanctioned but the sanctity of the mercifully unborn to enter the world of reason where to live is to clutch and claw for a while and to die with hands empty as hearts. Oh, withering world, I cannot push thee far enough away from me!” 

— Tennessee Williams, 1975 

JEFF BLANKFORT: Another experience in Amman in 1970 is worth retelling and may help to explain my feelings about Israel and Israelis. I was invited to stay overnight at Schneller Camp, which housed refugees from 1967, by a young guard at the PLO HQ who shared a small metal hut there with a few other young refugees. There was no room for furniture, just for the stack of their thin mattresses which they stretched out on the floor at night before going to sleep.

Before turning in, they would get into pajamas and have a smoke, squatting outside in the night. When my host took off his shirt to put on his pajama top I noticed that his upper body, back and chest, was covered with small scars. When I asked what they were he explained that when he was 17, the Israelis had arrested him, and believing that he was fedayeen, a resistance, fighter, they wanted him to inform on his comrades.

Since he was not fedayeen, he had nothing to tell them which they finally came to believe, but not before they had repeatedly pressed burning cigarettes against his chest and back and broken both of his arms by pressing them backwards at his elbows. He then became a fedayeen.

That was 44 years ago, but I knew then that there was little difference between Nazi Germany and Zionist Israel, a feeling that would only be re-enforced by later experiences in Lebanon, the West Bank, and Gaza.

There is, however, one significant difference. There was a civilized Germany both before and after WW2. Naziism was an aberration. Israel and Zionism are inseparable. There can be no Israel without Zionism, thus, to be an anti-Zionist, one MUST be anti-Israel. That's a point that needs to made over and over.


[1] Indeed, the majority of people are so soft these days, they cannot take a joke, a veiled insult, or a bit of sweat breaking upon their brow. I have one of those “mummy” sleeping bags that is good to like 30 below, so I have nothing to fear. The only things I worry about is the safety and comfort of my dog at home while I am away at work, and keeping my water pipes from freezing and bursting. 

One winter I had the air in my house so cold that a slight sheet of ice formed on the water in my toilet bowls! That I when I knew to turn the heat up a few extra degrees.

[2] The mistake Kunstler makes in his on-line pieces is he doesn’t have Mendocino Solar or Advance Power do his solar system. Mendocino Solar did ours about ten years ago and it has been trouble free. We put in more than we use and electrons we feed into the grid are welcomed by those people over in the valley running their air conditioning. It has been a long time since California had a brown out. Our electric bill was high since our rental is also on our meter and I am in the habit of running power tools and space heaters. I figure we are saving somewhere about $150/mon. We also bought a Chevy Bolt and since the solar covers the charging we are saving big time by cruising on by those gas stations. -Somewhere around $3-400 a month.

After the tax write offs and the mark down from Platinum Chevrolet we paid about $23,000 for the new Bolt in 2018. Sonoma Clean Power gave us a free charger. The car has been trouble free and is an absolute pleasure to drive. The eventual big cost of an electric car is when the batteries need replacing. We had no problems with the batteries, but there must have been a problem somewhere because after 3.5 years of owning the car, Chevrolet replaced our batteries. We now get more miles per charge and we could easily round trip Santa Rosa from Little River before.

So at a savings of about $500/mon or $6,000/year we will cover the cost of the panels, car, and insurance in 10 years. Since the panels are supposed to last 25 years it is easy to see that our ever increasing savings will also cover the cost of replacing the solar system and car. And we are not polluting.

Somehow I also suspect that Kunstler has not had my power outage experience of waiting in line to fill up a 5 gallon gas can (not cheap these days), transporting this highly explosive liquid home to fill the generator tank, starting the generator (if you left old gas in then it won’t start, and then putting up with that smell and noise for hours on end.

One bonus worth mentioning is that if the power is out during the day we can plug our refrigerator, freezer, computer, or other appliances into the inverter and run them off of the panels. Go solar! (Donald Cruser)

[3] The problem is not an armed right wing and a listless left. The problem is a clueless yet merciless upper class and a totally fractured and disorganized lower class. There is barely a hair of difference between Trump, Biden, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan. The elections are clearly fake, the democracy is certainly phony and the real question is When Will The System Finally Fail? Biden and company seem to be rushing to make sure it happens this November.

[4] So much of what ails us comes from increasing complexity in nearly all we do from one day to the next. Increasing complexity with diminishing returns; or even negative returns. I don’t think anybody actually knows what’s going on, especially our parade of performing puppets in the White House. So, there’s just no fix to any of this, short of collapse and a new and simpler structure we can all navigate. Simplicity, common sense, and justice for all.

[51] LEAVING OUT… AN ON-LINE COMMENT: The reporting on transients and their impact on the general community has been horrible. Often crucial facts, like the billions of taxpayer funding or complete failure to actually reduce the homeless population in any significant way, are ignored and completely omitted. There is no balanced reporting like using crime statistics or interviewing residents/ business owners or showing how many refusals of service there are in an encampment or how much money (from COVID, from disability, from social security) a “homeless” person already receives. Reporters rarely cite statistics regarding addiction, mental illness and former incarceration, which are the leading drivers of homelessness. Instead, they seem to see the homeless person as the only person in the community, as if homeless people have zero impact on the people and environment which surround them.

[6] “I came home late in the evening and found my sister, who was drinking alcohol & was drunk & her heavily drunk boyfriend who was throwing up in my bathroom,” he wrote. Asking where his kids were, his sister, in her drunken state, did not know. Thankfully, he found them outside digging in the yard, but as for his sister, he decided to kick her and her boyfriend out of the house and fire her on the spot. 

His sister criticized him, saying he was overacting because she had only a little to drink.

His parents got involved too, and said he was overreacting and being inconsiderate and tried to reassure him that nothing wrong happened, but he retorted, saying that wasn’t the point.

This is a subreddit post. Do people have to ask the internet if they were right for firing the sister/babysitter? Are grandparents sane if they think it’s okay for their daughter to drink and babysit their grandchildren? To quote Barry McGuire “And you don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction?”

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