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Rep. Huffman in Fort Bragg

Our United States Congressman Jared Huffman plans to attend the Fort Bragg rally today to show his support for abortion rights (barring any travel issues). He represents us in District 2 in the US House of Representatives. The rally starts 5pm in front of Town Hall in Fort Bragg.  Pass it on...

As of now there is not a PA system solidly set up. We had an offer but that person is not available and I've never used such a system and don't think I have time to logistically pick it up and all of that—but I know he would like to briefly speak. Is anyone available to bring a small portable PA system? If so you can call me at 707-502-8196. I would love to know.

Thank you for taking time to read this, and join today if you are so moved.

Jez Anderson, Albion

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