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COVID Vaccines for Toddlers Gets Approval

Last week, the FDA granted approval for use of both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in children as young as 6 months old through the Emergency Use Authorization process.  Previously, the vaccines were approved for use down to age 5 for Pfizer and age 6 for Moderna.  There are approximately 23 million children in the US who are in the age group of 6 months to 6 years.  This approval is based on clinical trials done by both pharmaceutical companies that look at potential side effects and the effectiveness of the vaccine. Both studies were part of ongoing research that has already led to the approval of those vaccines in older children.

The Pfizer study involved 4,500 children up to age 12, of whom 1,678 were under age 5.  The Moderna study involved 11,700 children in the same age range with 6,700 being under the age of 6.  Both studies showed benefit in preventing symptomatic illness from COVID in fully vaccinated children.  The Pfizer vaccine, which involves a total of three shots, was 80% effective in preventing illness, while the Moderna vaccine, which uses only two shots, was about 50% effective.  This is for any illness from COVID.  We should keep in mind that it is unusual for a small child to become seriously ill with COVID.

Neither vaccine was associated with any serious side effects.  The majority of children had no discernible side effects.  For those who did, the side effects were what we would expect, namely fever, irritableness, and achiness.  One potential, serious side effect that both studies looked for but did not find was myocarditis/pericarditis.  It is an inflammation involving the heart muscle or the membrane the encloses the heart.  This was of importance because a few  cases of this have been reported in young men in their early 20’s following the Moderna vaccine.  It is considered a serious but rare complication that typically resolves without problems.  There were no cases of myocarditis or pericarditis identified in either the Pfizer or Moderna clinical trials in children.

This week, the CDC followed up the FDA approval with a statement recommending that all children in this age group receive one or the other of the two vaccines.  The Pfizer is given as two doses given three weeks apart followed by a third dose two months later.  The Moderna is given as just two doses spaced 28 days apart.  While some parents are eager to have their children fully vaccinated, others are hesitant or oppose vaccination outright.  Only 29% of kids aged 5 to 12 are fully vaccinated despite approval from the FDA since November.  It will be interesting to see if the rate of vaccinations for toddlers is any different.  The vaccines are expected to become available in another two weeks or so.

A valid question remains: how crucial is it for children in this lowest age group to get vaccinated against COVID?  We know that the vast majority of serious illness and death from COVID has been in adults over the age of 65 with very few serious illnesses and death in young children.  The current US COVID deaths for children less than age 4 totals 476 since the start of the pandemic.  Compare this to the over 1 million deaths in US adults.  While any death of a child is tragic and should be prevented, this age group is at significantly less risk even without a COVID vaccination.  Also, to further put this in perspective, during that same two-year period of the pandemic there were a total of 54,579 deaths from all causes in children aged 4 or less.  During that time, the five leading causes of death in these young children were, in descending order, accidental injuries, birth defects, drowning, cancer, and homicide.  At the other end of the age spectrum, during the past two years COVID ranks 3rd behind heart disease and cancer as the leading cause of death in the US for people ages 65 to 84. 

Dr. Chris Robshaw, our local pediatrician who practices at Mendocino Coast Clinics in Ft. Bragg had this to say, “Little kids rarely get really sick with COVID.  The reason we are recommending vaccination of little kids is so that they don’t act as vectors to spread it to others.  Preschools and daycares can be ways that COVID is brought into the home and given to grandparents who then could get really sick.”

As with so many decisions we must make in life, it comes down to how averse we are individually to risk and what our perceptions of those risks are. These risks are then weighed against the benefits, real or perceived.  

Miller Report for the Week of June 20th, 2022; by William Miller, MD

For a look at the history of vaccination starting back to China in the 1500’s, check out the two-part Miler Report series “To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate?” for March 29th, 2021, and April 5th, 2021.  The November 23rd, 2021, Miller Report may also be of interest as it looked at safety and benefit of the vaccines in the related age group of 5 to 11. You can access these online at, where you can also find all of my previous articles.

Dr. Miller is a practicing hospitalist and the Chief of Staff at Adventist Health Mendocino Coast hospital in Ft. Bragg, California.  The views shared in this weekly column are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the publisher or of Adventist Health.


  1. Charles Hamilton June 22, 2022

    Why risk your child’s well being ? The data coming from morticians whom aren’t scared to speak clearly shows ,across this nation, that many vaccinated person’s whom died have foreign DNA growing in their vascular
    System. Killing the host with alien organisms, remarkably similar, blood clots, some five and six inches long.
    The sad, current state of health care in this country, seems more concerned with adhering to dogma handed down from on high; than they are with their patients. Whatever happened to do no harm.
    I wouldn’t let one of these ghouls touch my child, they’re better off taking homeopathic medications than listening to these doctors whom have decrease the population agendas. Like the WHO, Fauci, Gates,Ted Turner (CNN), and the board that in the end, and from the beginning own patents on these “vaccines”, for lack of a better word, and they created the virus. All with intent to profit from this planned attack on the people.

    • Rick Swanson June 22, 2022

      Right On !

    • Stephen Rosenthal June 22, 2022

      There are many inanities posted in the AVA’s (and other media’s) comment section, but you, sir, have achieved Hall of Fame status. I nearly choked with laughter when I read your sentence about morticians finding foreign DNA growing in corpses. The depth of your ignorance is unfathomable.

      • Charles Hamilton June 22, 2022

        Well Stephen, I just finished 12 years in prison. For pot. In there, a smart ass like yourself would be on a stretcher bound for a doctor for making this an insult. The last person, man, I punched in the face received 66 stitches and a nasty scar to boot, for LIFE. I am a black belt since 1974, and at 68 years old still throw liver busting kicks at over sixty miles an hour. Back in the day when men were really men, you would extend to me a courtesy, I may not deserve, just because it was the right thing to do. Now that we’ve progressed to the state where you, and those like you, sit behind a computer screen and spew hatred to someone they don’t know, like a coward would, instigate a violent reaction with your vile whit: and when the offended party seems satisfaction from you, you hide behind cops. We, in prison, have a name for those, punks.

        • Stephen Rosenthal June 22, 2022

          I’m shaking in my boots, tough guy. I’ve never been in prison and have no intention of ever doing something that would put me there. Just to set the record straight, I’m not “spewing hatred”. I’m contradicting the completely false narrative which you posted. Frankly I’m surprised and disappointed the AVA allowed your comment.

          And just so you know, I’m not a fan of, and don’t necessarily trust, Big Pharma either.

          • Charles Hamilton June 22, 2022

            I am now, and always have been capable of violence. As are many others. All I m saying is don’t fire up another man’s boiler if you don’t like heat. Secondly, Stephen, how many of YOUR children did you offer up as guinea pigs? Why would you insist on allowing someone you don’t know to inject YOUR child with any unknown substance? Lastly, forever, cause I m through with you, are you aware that in Utah federal court there’s a multi billion dollar case, filed, against Fauci,Pfizer, Moderna for committing acts of domestic terrorism. Also I read Pfizer vaccine report of documented side effects, most of the thousands of adverse reactions defeat my ability to spell correctly. There were 800 who couldn’t finish the regimen due to severe injuries and deaths caused by the same vaccines you now propose that children take.A full eight pages single spaced list of adverse reactions. They were sued to force release.

        • Chuck Dunbar June 22, 2022

          Mr. Hamilton, if you just got of prison (what was your offense?), perhaps you are on parole and have a parole officer. If you have such a supervisor, I doubt that he would approve bragging about your violence in the past, and your barely veiled threats to Mr. Rosenthal. DId you learn nothing in prison? And it’s hard to believe you will last long in the free world if this is how you typically relate to others. Peace to you, though, and I hope you can remain in society peacefully and enjoy your freedom.

          • Marmon June 22, 2022


            Watch out Charles Hamilton, here comes another one. He’s probably has already called the cops and reported you.


            • Charles Hamilton June 22, 2022

              I plead the first amendment, and the freedom of speech will not be abridged

            • Charles Hamilton June 22, 2022

              But you’re right. He made derogatory statements like the level of my ignorance is unfathomable, and then says he wasn’t spewing hatred but was contradicting false
              Something or other. I recognize passive aggressiveness on it’s face and confronted him about his remarks in another setting, of which I’m accustomed, would get such a person assaulted in the worst way imaginable. A fact, not a boast. Oh well, wasting breath .

            • Charles Hamilton June 22, 2022

              I’m in Florida no worries Gavin newsome isn’t thought of well here

            • Chuck Dunbar June 22, 2022

              James, a disappointing comment again–nuance is beyond you. I was not, out to report this Florida guy to anybody. I was offering him some straight feedback about what works out well in the community and what will get him back into trouble and maybe prison. And bragging about fucking some guy up badly in the past, and in doing so making veiled threats that he might do the same to a commenter here, is out on the margins and headed toward no good end. It indicates a guy with a troubled mind-set, ready to take on the world if someone crosses him, as will surely happen out in the real world.
              It’s the same kind of advice you might offer a friend who just got out of prison after years there. “Tone it down, buddy– don’t egg-on somebody into a fight, keep your eyes on the prize–staying out of trouble and prison.”

              • Charles Hamilton June 22, 2022

                Relax, I’m not offended, or angry, I just checked a smartass for speaking to a man as if he were a fellow punk. He changed his tune pretty quick, went from insults to negotiate. Or do you see his comment about my level of ignorance is unfathomable, he almost choked laughing, and how I took the award for inane comments. Never offering a counter argument cross examine anything I said just vile whitted hate, yeah I will always check cyber asses whom are not real men but boys with big mouths and NO balls. Be glad to punch him in the mouth for what he said.unprovoked. It’s weird to me how ambivalent to violence most Americans are, the nation who achieved whatever you do achieve through war, which is sanctioned violence, or enjoy “peace” while police perpetrate violence daily and security is assured by seven fleets. No worries I’m glad Stephen does not go to prison for if he did with his mouth he’ll be somebody’s girlfriend.

                • Chuck Dunbar June 22, 2022

                  My advice to you remains the same.

                  And in sincerity, I’ll add a bit more: find a job if you don’t have one; do something productive and help others when you can; stay off the internet as it’s a damn cesspool; find good, loyal friends to be with who don’t use; ignore and walk away from dudes who are stupid and want to drag you down; walk or run or hike every day; listen to music that makes you feel good; make amends to those you’ve harmed, if you have not done so; do all you do with a good heart; find real joy in your new freedom.

    • George Hollister June 22, 2022

      It seems that anytime one has a bacterial infection, there will be foreign DNA, from that bacteria, in their blood. Vaccine, or no vaccine.

      A conspiracy? Not likely, because conspiracies generally are discovered. Is there is a legitimate concern about the credibility of the federal government? Of course, in all matters. The fact that Fauci lies as a matter of standard operating procedure, and is not bothered by this, supports the concern. So using good judgment is critical. What I have heard, from diverse sources, is children have very low risk of having Covid symptoms, so why bother to vaccinate them? The federal government, and vaccine makers have not explained this. There might be children who are immunocompromised that should get a vaccine, but from what I have heard and read most children would not benefit from a Covid vaccine.

      At this point I am seeing many fully vaccinated people with Covid. So what does that tell us? I was reading something, from a credible source, a few months ago, that at least 3/4s of the US population has had Covid, and immunity from having the disease is better in people who have been infected than those who have not been infected but are fully vaccinated.

      • Charles Hamilton June 22, 2022

        Wow, a decent respectful attempt at dialogue. A lost art I’m afraid. You speak, write, with REASON. Why vaccinate at all if in two years of pandemic there’s only been 16 deaths in that age group. The data is perverted by a 100k$ incentive to list cause of death as COVID, as opposed to zero money for deaths due to other causes. The morticians I wrote of aren’t newbies, rather have performed many autopsies and exclaim , I’ve never seen anything like it ever before the vaccine was administered. They were commenting to one another, not seeking fame but rather, some other opinions amongst colleagues. In my, uneducated, view we’re witnessing the perpetrator, FAUCI , controlling the crime scene. When California s own Dr. Kary Mullis, the NOBEL PRIZE WINNER, say that Fauci is an idiot, and is always wrong, refused to debate Mullis for years, also saying that PCR test do not make diagnosis, due to the real possibility of false positives increases exponentially depending on how they’re conducted and different interpreting of their data. Mullis invented PCR testing and for that received the prize mentioned. RIP Kary

  2. Stephen Rosenthal June 22, 2022

    Just so there’s no further misunderstanding: morticians do not perform autopsies. Autopsies are performed by pathologists, medical doctors who have received at least four years of post medical school specialty training in the diagnosis of diseases by the examination of body fluids and tissues. Autopsies are performed for a variety of reasons, including: to determine the cause of death and to ascertain whether clinical diagnoses are correct.

  3. Charles Hamilton June 22, 2022

    Good advice, I LL try, can’t promise anything, crazy times and all. But I do the music thing religious ly. Love Jesus, but don’t always act like it. Have many flaws but being cowardly isn’t one of them. Thanks for the concern if it’s genuine you’re a better man than I.

  4. Charles Hamilton June 23, 2022

    If anyone wants to see the reports from different sources that morticians are finding blood clots in the veins of the dead VACCINE recipients some a foot long, please contact at this site and send me a forwarding link I LL send three sets of photos of the organisms that have been removed. Morticians are finding them bc the embalming fluid is encountering obstructions, pathologist whom are not afraid of losing their licenses are speaking up, unlike your California doctors who WILL lose their licenses if they speak out about these vaccines. They say, they’ve never seen anything like it. Their words not mine. An 400 percent uptick in deaths across a wide spectrum of medical causes, according to life insurance companies. Run down and stick that needle in your child’s arm now, you who have the herd mentality.

  5. Charles Hamilton June 24, 2022

    Please allow me to quote, word for word, the speech by Henry Kissinger before the W.H.O. council on Eugenics from Feb. 25, 2009; ” Once the herd (us) accepts mandatory vaccinations it’s game over. They will accept anything, forcible blood or organ donations ” for the greater good “. We can genetically modify them and sterilize them ” for the greater good “. Control SHEEP minds and you control the herd. Vaccine makers stand to make billions.
    And many of you here, in this room are investors. It’s a big win win. We thin out the herd and the herd pays us for the extermination service”.
    That was just over a decade ago, and now they want to mandate vaccines? For your child? It’s on you, parents, you. I hope you follow a more loving shepherd than this condescending heartless and oh so genetically flawed worm of a human, Kissinger. May he die soon.

  6. Chuck Dunbar June 24, 2022

    Hello Charles in Florida. Have a question for you. There’s that old saying, “write what you know about, what all young and old authors are told. You have had the experience of being in prison, an “honor” many of us have not had. I don’t mean to be trite, it must have been a hard, hard place to be.
    Here’s my question: Would you consider writing about this experience, in small pieces, to inform us all of what being in prison is really like. Many possible topics:

    The worst things you dealt with
    The ways you found to cope and stay sane
    Buddies who helped you out
    What you learned there
    What’s it like to emerge into the free world after years in prison

    Many other ways to go in such a task, and you know better than I. But if you put time and thought into such writing, I think many folks would benefit from your insights. And it might help you leave some of the bad stuff and memories behind….

    Best wishes, free man, Charles.

    • Maxine June 24, 2022

      An “honor”? Give me a break!

      • Chuck Dunbar June 24, 2022

        Said in jest only –that’s why the quotation marks were there

  7. Charles Hamilton June 24, 2022

    Look I am out of state and cannot personally verify what I found on the internet but you can. In Sonoma county California, your neighbor to the south. There is a case filed and pending it’s case no.220125009, a Michelle Ford, whom persuaded the sheriff there to look into the Vaccines, doctors are going to be charged with any harm they cause by administering these injections, supposedly they’ve confiscated the vaccine vials as evidence in a criminal matter, and have secured these sealed vials complete with chain of custody of the evidence to have it examined for toxicity and or foreign, non human DNA. This is big, real big. Perhaps prior to injecting your child you should call the sheriff down there and see what he has to say, don’t take my word for it I am an ex con . Im told by some among you that my level of ignorance is “unfathomable”. I may not be some sterling character, I admit it, but before I let any s.o.b. in a lab coat inject my child, whom fortunately are grown, I’d make damn sure that I investigated this matter. Secondly, I would inform these doctors that if you give my child something that harms him or her; I’ll sue you , the clinic, or hospital you work for and I’ll press criminal charges against you for causing said harm. As a father I would also inform said doctor that after I finish taking all you own in court I will send some special friends of mine to pay you a visit you won’t like I assure you. This is not a game. This is life and death.

  8. Charles Hamilton June 28, 2022

    Correction, I wrote of a sheriff that initiated an investigation into the Vaccines. Well, when I tried to speak to them about it and these blood worms being discovered.
    Well, they disavow any such thing.
    Too bad our sheriff’s aren’t more into these deaths. Similarities point to correlations, connections and common causation. How could you explain a worm like organisms, never seen before 2021, by any mortician any where in any body ever; suddenly appearing in 65 percent of one group of corpses, and not at all in the other group?
    Guess what determined which group the morticians identified as group a and group b. One is, was vaccinated. The one with the worms, vaccinated. Sixty five percent has them. But not before 2021.
    I wonder if the DNA of these things is a match with some corpse elsewhere. How can that be explained. We need to dose a horse or two and see what happens.
    The non vaccinated , none, no worms go figure, or attempt to murder.?? There is no statute of limitations on murder. Cause of death would look like and include heart attack and most coroner’s without seeing the foot long worm in the aorta or carotid arteries, would rule natural causes.

    But, after embalming a two foot long organism is pulled from his vascular system, you coroner’s may concede common cause of death, by bio engineered by person’s intent on reducing the world population by mass murder., By vaccine contaminated with the cells of this killer worm.
    A bio weapon. A parasite that blocks blood flow.

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