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Election Update (Local Races)

Mendocino County Election Results, Select Local Races, updated June 20, 2022

County Superintendent of Schools

  • Michelle Hutchins 3,880 (45.09%)
  • Nicole Glentzer 4,725 (54.91%)

Supervisor, 3rd District

  • John Haschak 1331 (72.81%)
  • Clay Romero 497 (27.19%)

Supervisor, 5th District

  • John Redding 341 (21.33%)
  • Ted Williams 1,258 (78.67%)


  • Matthew C. Kendall 6,663 (88.84%)
  • Trent James 837 (11.16%)

Anderson Valley Unified School District - Measure M

  • Yes 345 (70.99%)
  • No 141 (29.01%)

Unofficial Results; All Precincts Reporting; 9,776 of 52,602 Registered Voters (18.58%)


  1. John Sakowicz June 20, 2022

    I don’t get it. Trent James has 4,330 Youtube subscribers, and Trent’s Youtube video about Mendo’s chomo, Bailey Comer, alone gets 16,052 views, but Trent only gets 837 votes.

    Go figure.

    • FarmerGirl June 20, 2022

      Mr. Sackowicz, the answer to this is simple. In the US We had the circus which was considered family entertainment. However we also had the sideshows. This was the secondary production.
      Some people who went to the circus also would swing by the sideshows. Many of the sideshows were off limits to women and children. However people still paid good money to see the bearded woman, the alligator skin boy, the monkey girl or some other anomaly.
      I think people had an urge to see these things out of a morbid curiosity.
      But at the end of the day it was just curiosity, not love or respect that drove this industry.
      Trent James became the sideshow in our county. People liked watching the tattooed man spew whatever half cooked ideas he had. The people who were already predisposed to hate the police had a platform to stand on and say “Look I was right all along!”
      When he decided to run for office he was asking people to move from morbid curiosity into Holy Matrimony. Face it, not many side show performers were asked for their hand in marriage.
      It was at that point people began asking him questions, real questions. They wanted to look behind the curtain. When we began looking we suddenly saw anyone who asked him hard questions were shocked by either his total lack of ability to answer or the fact that anyone who had a different view was shouted down by he and his croanies.
      Trent James was in Mendocino and was asked about the Sheriff’s Department Budget. His answer was he didn’t know anything about it and would need to get it through a public records request. At that point I simply left the meeting. I have seen the budget multiple times because it’s posted online. I quickly realized he was a sideshow act, not a real candidate.
      Later he and his friends began a smear campaign against a business who decided they didn’t want a side show in their building and asked he not perform there. This was their right. True to form, a Facebook post was sent out from the Trent camp asking people to boycott them. This only caused greater support for this business and less people to be impressed with the sideshow. Not to mention, he alienated everyone who supported that business the moment the Facebook boycott came out.
      Anyway, the sideshows started declining in the 1930s as people began seeing them as exploitative and lacking in dignity for the performers.
      Doctors also began to diagnose and treat some of the diseases that had caused the deformities. The final nail in the coffin was the rise of television, which allowed people to stay at home and watch other forms of “lowbrow” entertainment. Now we have the internet and that has degraded us even further.
      Lastly I would like to say anyone who would attach their horse to your cart is doomed from the beginning. Just saying I think he would have gone further without your support. Not trying to be cruel simply calling it as I see it.

      • Stephen Rosenthal June 20, 2022

        Brilliantly put. I like your style.

        One thing the wannabe sheriff accomplished was conning some gofundme suckers out of almost $3,000 for a “last minute round trip plane ticket”. I wonder how much he pocketed?

    • Stephen Rosenthal June 20, 2022

      Not hard to figure at all. 90% of the wannabe Sheriff’s YouTube viewers are likely not residents of Mendocino County and the majority of those that are are probably millennials. It is widely believed that they don’t vote, assuming they’re even registered at all. In other words, sanity, common sense and maturity prevailed – overwhelmingly.

      Matt Kendall – 4 more years!

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