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Valley People (April 13, 2022)

BOONVILLE’S WATER PROJECTS COMMITTEE, Anderson Valley Community Services District

Call To Order And Roll Call: Called to order by Valerie Hanelt at 10:30 am. Present, Kathleen McKenna, Joy Andrews, Val Hanelt, Kathleen McKenna, David Coleman, Jack Locey, Kim Bennett-Strong

Recognition Of Guests And Hearing Of Public: Guests Jim Lutticken, Janet Lombard, Zachary Rounds (State Water Recourses Control Board), Amy Little (District Water Board), and Morgan Baynham. 

Drinking Water Project: Engineer Jack Locey reported that the amendment for extra funding came through. He is working with the AV School District and developing the preliminary negotiation points for acquisition of the well and related water treatment components at the Elementary School and also for the well site at the northeast corner of the High School Campus. Also, his surveying team set up for the new layout at the Meadow Estates well field to accommodate the wishes of the Meadow Estate Water Board.

Clean Water (Waste) Project: Engineer Dave Coleman reported that the amendment for extra funding came through. He is making plans to do the soils investigations at the Valley Views (Boonville) site and explained the issue about using soil samples to determine the depth of the water table as it doesn’t look as if we will have enough rain to observe it through rainfall. We are setting up an on-site meeting with the parcel owner to get permission for the tests and to discuss the project. 

Chair Val Hanelt explained the steps in the water projects process. Both the projects are working on finishing acquiring the components. After that is settled, the engineers can develop rate studies for the CSD to consider. Once the CSD has approved what the rates will be, the CSD can appeal to LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Commission) to be approved to be a water district. We can also begin our public outreach as we will know the answer to the question most people ask, “How much will the rates be?” Kim Bennett-Strong will be more involved during this process.

Val Hanelt also explained that the District will be reaching out to Meadow Estates parcel owners to see if there is any interest in being part of the Wastewater project. 

THAT GRUELING 73.4 mile race  a weekend ago started from AV High School, west over to the coast via Manchester Road, and back to the Boonville Brewery by Fish Rock Road, was won by Sandy Floren of Berkeley who managed the feat in 3 hours 47 minutes and 56 seconds. First in the women’s division was Moriah Wilson of San Francisco who was right behind Floren most of the way, finishing in a time of 4:17:24.

270 CYCLISTS participated. Race organizer Carlos Perez of Bike Monkey Productions promised that funds raised by the event will go towards kick-starting the Anderson Valley High School Bicycle Club and other good things for AV Unified.

PENNYROYAL FARM IS HIRING! We are seeking a tasting room assistant manager and sales associates who are friendly, outgoing professionals excited to share our estate wines and farmstead cheeses. Sales or hospitality experience is ideal and must be age 21+. Email resume to or mail PO Box 47, Philo CA 95466.

LAUREN’S AT THE BUCKHORN: “We have been working tirelessly to make this happen for months! Wow, we cannot wait to start this new adventure! We are thrilled to announce we will be starting Boonville’s first craft distillery this year…and reinstating the community’s one bar. New exciting times, mixed with our love of tradition.”

CAMP NAVARRO is ready to open for a new exciting season! Camp Navarro is seeking Housekeepers, Line Cook, Prep Cook, Dishwasher, Banquet Servers, Banquet Bartenders and Event attendants to join the team at its 200-acre event center and venue. Full Time and Part Time seasonal positions available All open positions include competitive compensation, and the opportunity to cater to a diverse range of events, including festivals, weddings, and corporate groups while working with the team to create truly unique events in a stunning location! Join us in the redwoods! Follow the link to submit your application:

ANDERSON VALLEY RENTAL: Anderson Valley beautiful location, private, 500 sq.ft single wide totally renovated, very clean. Deck, garden, bedroom, complete bathroom with tub and shower, living room, full kitchen, sunny. Close to store and post office, lots of hiking. One person, cat ok. $1200/mo plus $1500 security deposit. PG&E and propane extra. Employment and landlord references. Long term rental-minimum 1 year lease, no dogs. Available May 1st. Call 707 895-2291.

NOISY, LOW-FLYING HELICOPTER over Boonville last Thursday morning was, take your pick: a PG&E line-check; a private party out of Willits; a police agency.

NEED A SKILLED HAND for maintenance/yard, electrical stuff or a master at vehicle repair? Call Boonville local J.R. 415-531-1859. Affordable!

RICH FARLEY: I'm available for mobile service. 30+ years as an automotive tech/ mechanic. Give me a call for an appointment or any questions you might have. 707 684 0701 or 707 489 5951.

BILL KIMBERLIN: Three oranges is a ten coin jackpot. In 1958 that would have bought you breakfast, lunch, and a tank of gas. Today's value would be about $25 dollars. I found this at an Estate Sale.

PHIL THOMAS on why school construction is expensive: Since an earthquake in Long Beach in 1933, the State of California has increasing dictated the standards to be used for state school construction. The Field Act mandates school construction/remodeling must be approved by the State Office of Architecture. The State Code and School construction laws dictate how much a project will cost. If a district uses State money to complete any job then all the details of the job must be approved and meet State Standards. Example: say you can replace a door and its hardware for $1000. But following the applicable laws/process in a school, it is easily 4x that much. The kicker for the school district is the Prevailing Wage Rule which applies to all school funded work that is not routine. Any construction /remodeling paid with the State money at a school must have the project approved by the State Office of Architecture and be paid at the Prevailing Wage Rates. This causes what you and I might think of as an easy inexpensive project to be more complicated and more expensive. We may not like the laws but we must abide by them (especially if we need the State or Bond money to pay it.)


I'm putting this out into the universe and praying to the gods and goddesses to hear my call in my quest to reside in my trailer or other possibilities on somebody's property who seeks assistance or caretaking:

I am the person you seek to caretake or be a caregiver on your property. I have a network of helpers to accomplish any task. I'm enthusiastic and hope to find paid or I'll pay rent for a healthy, happy and peaceful environment. I have many references and a wealth of knowledge which spans numerous subjects. If you are remotely interested please call Terese at 391-7327 to arrange for a meeting or to discuss it further. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Make it a great day!

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