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Mendocino County Today: September 21, 2012

KYM KEMP ( REPORTS: Only in Humboldt (or possibly Mendocino) would a county sheriff support a Public Service Announcement (PSA) that teaches marijuana growers safe hiring practices. Just this last week, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department as well as the Garberville/Redway Area Chamber of Commerce

have jointly issued hiring guidelines for the illegal marijuana industry that provides much of the county’s economic backbone.

The above Public Service Announcement is circulating in the Southern Humboldt Area. “It’s your business. Treat it like one,” proclaims the ad which appears in a local paper as well as on the Chamber’s Facebook page.” The PSA warns “all home business owners” that they “may be in danger” and announces that “the majority of home invasions in Southern Humboldt are committed by persons or acquaintances of past “traveling” workers.” Then it offers several simple tips:

DO NOT hire anyone that you do not know or trust. Hire locals. Ask for ID, take down phone numbers and permanent address information. Check references.

According to Lt. Steve Knight, who admitted frankly that he never thought that in all his years of law enforcement he would ever be having this conversation, “The Sheriff’s office doesn’t want to see anyone hurt or ripped off… Our standpoint is that marijuana is illegal but we surely don’t want people hurt…. People aren’t replaceable. Things are…. We wish people did not cultivate. They do. Next, we don’t want anyone to get hurt [or] become crime victims.

COMMENT OF THE DAY from “Ben” of Garberville: A few evenings ago, I drove through Garberville and saw at least 60 backpacker travelers wandering through town. Last year, a friend came up on the Amtrak bus from Berkeley. He had to wait 45 minutes at the bus stop for his ride to show up. As he stood there, three different pickups stopped and asked if he was looking for work. Think about it… The travelers are here because there is demand and money. Word gets around. Growers are desperate for help. Every year we are amazed at the new folks in town. You would think we might get used to it.

THE LAST REAL DEMOCRAT? “Here's what pulls me into this race. There are two visions for America and how to build that future. The Republicans have made their vision clear. They have said, ‘I got mine. The rest of you are on your own.’ … They said, ‘What we want to do is just cut taxes again for those who've already made it, leave more money for those who've already got it, cut regulations for those who are out there and building those successful businesses.’ What they say, in effect, is if you leave lots of money with the wealthiest and most powerful, the rest of you will be able to feed off the scraps. That's their vision for how to build the future. That's not our vision. It's the wrong vision for America.” (—Elizabeth Warren)

PERV OF THE WEEK. On September 19, 2012, at approximately 11:48pm Mendocino County Sheriffs Deputies were dispatched to a possible prowler/trespass incident located in the 2400 Block of Mill Creek Road outside of Ukiah. Deputies responded and contacted a 29 year old adult female and her nine year old daughter at the residence. Deputies learned that on that same day at approximately 11:30pm a Mr. Patrick Obrien, 27, who was not known to the victims, was observed peeking through the kitchen window inside the residence. They further observed that the suspect had attempted to open up the bathroom window. The victims told the suspect to leave and then called 911. The deputies then attempted to locate the suspect in the area. Approximately 30 minutes later, deputies received information that the suspect had entered into the yard of a 67 year old neighboring adult female which activated her security system. The 67 year old woman looked out her window and observed the suspect standing outside her window. She then telephoned 911. Deputies quickly arrived at her residence, at which time Sergeant Mike Dygert located the suspect in close proximity to the 67 year old woman’s front door. The suspect was arrested for trespass and transported back to the Sheriff’s office. Once at the Sheriff’s office, the suspect was interviewed. The suspect advised that he was walking on Mill Creek Road when he observed a large television illuminating from the living room window. The suspect advised he was able to hear the sound of several female voices that emanated from within the residence. He advised he became sexually excited and walked to the rear of the residence at which time he peeked through the window in an attempt to view the females. It was at this time that he was observed and then confronted by the 29 year old woman who told him to leave. The suspect was then booked into the Mendocino County Jail on charges of trespassing, prowling and peeking into windows. His bail was set at $15,000. (— Sheriff’s Office Press Release)

A READER WRITES: The local fair people need to take a new look at their rodeo. I know it’s a traveling show over which they may not have much control, but there are some things they could do that would upgrade it and increase attendance: First, they have to hold the calf-roping on dirt, not on grass. It’s almost impossible to lasso a calf’s rear legs on grass because the rope won’t get flat on the ground, then bounce up into the legs of the calf. Also, they have to encourage the ropers to double loop the pommel to secure the rope (I know, I know, they might lose a thumb, but training — training!) Otherwise, the calf just wonders off, trailing the rope that came off the unsecured pummel. Second, they should just give up on the Brahma bull riding. Nobody stays on for more than two seconds. Pathetic. The barrel racing is still fine, but that’s for the cowgirls, not the cowboys. Clearly, the rodeo is there primarily to sell beer to the rodeo fans. So, the rodeo organizers should include some amusing, hopefully locally produced, events to replace the Brahma bull riding, like wild cow milking and a greased pig contest for the kids. And surely, there are some Mexican rodeo features that can and should be added (but not steer tailing, that’s just cruel). Consider some entertaining Charreada events like Cala de Caballo and my favorite, El Paso de la Muerte. And music! Charreada music! Then they need to promote it better so that more than just the usual beer drinkers will show up.


  1. Michael September 21, 2012

    Maybe the “all home business owners” ad would pull better with a few more exclamation points.

  2. wineguy September 21, 2012

    Animal abuse to the max is this so called ‘rodeo’…anyone who would torture unwilling animals to be roped slammed to the ground, ridden and abused…what is good about any of this? Abuse! and of course the beasts get killed, gutted, butchered and eaten by the crowd…how pathetic is this? Plenty of beer! and pretend cowboy fantasies galore…think about it and put an end to it…long past its purpose in the 1800’s…

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